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Long Cranium Poems

Long Cranium Poems. Below are the most popular long Cranium by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Cranium poems by poem length and keyword.

An Adverse World Uncurled
“I am NOT like my father!!!
You say that again, I’m going to kill you!”

I shrivel up in shame
For, I am not to blame
For the shenanigans you put me through so many times
Sometimes, I wish I...

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Categories: cranium, addiction, anger, angst,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Bone Idol
[First posted in 3 parts. Intended novel: time never allowed]

This,  Sir, is the prologue from before our tale begins
About the day our father did succumb to mortal sins
And left behind a man who would...

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Categories: cranium, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
Oh My Numb Cranium
Why did He let me break?
Was it for a future's sake?
How did you all get here?
Are we all lost in epic fear?

Keep pressing on, my dusked Dawn
We welcome the sun, that's what we look upon


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Categories: cranium, deep,
Form: Lyric
  I feel so damn trapped in rage 
Like a rainbow lion in a cage 
I feel so much pain in my brain
And it's driving me quite insane

Numb my solace shame
Get me feeling more...

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Categories: cranium, 11th grade, 3rd grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
The Inception: The Dark Side of Me
I’m broke without your love to repair me…

My young heart breaks into two and you push on the brakes…

Three strikez…you’re owt…. Get lost….that is my only plea

Our lives were at stake and we were taking...

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Categories: cranium, beauty, betrayal, how i feel, kiss, life,
Form: Free verse

Understand Where I Stood
Good boy gone bad enters the stage with a spotlight overhead, despite being misunderstood in my ghetto neighborhood

The lonely applause celebrates in my cracked, corrupted, and crazed cranium
I exaggerate too much and so too much,...

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Categories: cranium, anger, angst, anxiety, conflict, courage, dedication, deep,
Form: Free verse
I Can't Just Change Overnight part 2
I am appalled by the acts of atrocity in this world of eccentricity 
How can you handle the rebellious transgressions of all children, women and men?
I want to serve You, master, with all I got…

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Categories: cranium, angst, deep, depression, desire, devotion, faith, hope,
Form: Free verse
Fixated Freefall
Falling away,
Away from your embrace
Day by day,
Washing away my face
In the mirror before me...
I ran the race with determination and fury...
I took the correction that God had in mind for me all along...but yet, I...

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Categories: cranium, corruption, courage, , Lullaby,
Form: Free verse
Sought Deliverance
Listen to the encouragement in mind 
And the people say it for you to find 
Relief from the grief due to trials in its prime
You can be who you want to be, yes, this time…


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Categories: cranium, deep, desire, emotions, encouraging, pain, passion, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Hello, Brain Fog
I’m afraid, but with hope in mind – 
Help me out of my cell if you can be so kind
My mind has been in a brain fog lately…
But my writing skills haven’t faded frankly…
Well, I...

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Categories: cranium, angst, anxiety, deep, depression, hope,
Form: Free verse
Figuring Out
Warped up lies
Illuminated goodbyes
The reason I hear his cries
Hopefulness and its highs
Amid the optimism, hidden inside
Utopia and its understanding lifts me higher than high itself and ultimately wins the window of my heart's mind
Tribulation and...

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Categories: cranium, confusion, hope, joy, lonely, longing, peace, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Aphradere: Enlightening the Kindled Embers Within
Oh, I can faintly remember
Last years' frigid December

We were like burning embers,
Kindling our fires of kindness
We were swimming in errors
Don’t let hatred and angst harness
Inside you…
Yes, I do…
Love you unbearably and truly,
So don’t be such...

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Categories: cranium, angst, deep, endurance,
Form: Free verse
An Adverse World 7 Plus 7
Living disobediently and having damaging depression was my past
I was an alcoholic drug addict that wanted satisfaction to last
I’ve been constantly abused mentally, physically, emotionally and in all aspects of life as a whole
Will I...

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Categories: cranium, angst, nature, passion,
Form: Free verse
Hands Down Unto the Floor
Opening the Drawer 
Letting out my there's-my-phone Roar

Destined to live life to the fullest
Relevant determination of the writer flows in my good blood
Envy not, competition - so be it
Amphibious animals corner me as if I'm...

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Categories: cranium, crazy, deep, depression, desire, emotions, encouraging, how
Form: Free verse
Traumotion - Trauma and Emotion
Sometimes, I feel like I have PTSD
Depression damages me in distress
I’m somewhat mad and sad and yet glad, but it’s not rad…
It feels bad…it’s the best thing I’ve always had…my dad…
Seems to go through so...

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Categories: cranium, abuse, angst, anxiety, emotions, faith, hurt, life,
Form: Free verse
Perseverance and Joy
Passion and compassion vibes flow
Let the flowers grow, you know?
Yes, you know...because it’s shown
In your oceanic’s like an ice cream with its favorite’s flavorful and all alone

Your voice is depicted in shimmering, scrumptious...

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Categories: cranium, longing,
Form: Rhyme
Always Wanting You
Dry as a desert and thirsty like a coyote…
Hunting for its prey with strength and envy
My coat of fur is shivering from the cold
My growl in the dead of night is so bold

I'm changing bit...

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Categories: cranium, angst, courage, emotions,
Form: Lyric
Crazy Me
I feel like hurting myself, I’m sorry, Lord
Don’t know why I feel the urge crawl into me
With crooked, malicious, wicked discord
I need scars of soaring, eager sympathy 
To be my shadow beneath me
I love the...

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Categories: cranium, angst, crazy, desire, endurance, psychological, strength, stress,
Form: Lyric
Goodbye, Brain Fog
I believe in You, despite the tough twists and turns…
But, this heart of mine – it burns…it churns…it learns…
To heal on its own through time, space and Your everything
Free verse helps me to let it...

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Categories: cranium, anger, angst, anxiety, deep, fear, hope, words,
Form: Free verse
Father God gives me satisfaction
I’m daydreaming inside my car...Looking out the window in a lackadaisical daze...
I’m wandering inside my weary head...longing to get godly praise in many ways
I’m whispering to myself that I need comfort as we go far...

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Categories: cranium, anxiety, courage, emotions, endurance, faith, hope, youth,
Form: Rhyme
I Ain't a Game to Play With - Chapter 1 - Betrayal Snipped Heart Strings
-	Written August 11, 2018

Exhausted, you're playing as a suicidal victim once more
Confusion sucked me dry all the more to the deep core
Thaw me like frozen ground beef…
Give me some microwaving relief

Hate the actions you make...

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Categories: cranium, love hurts, lust, men, moving on, strength,
Form: Free verse
I Had a Dream
It has been a really hot summer
Looking forward to a cold winter
The summer heat is slowly cooling off 
I think the wintry breeze had enough…

Been frozen in hellfire 
In my lonely, lustful desire
I'm so sorry...

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Categories: cranium, angst, emotions, endurance,
Form: Lyric
Fearful Distress More or Less
I’m facing way too much stress
I need some spiritual happiness
I’m embracing my true endeavors and my passions that make me feel blissful
I don’t need this greedy society bringing me down and making me feel stressful


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Categories: cranium, angst, depression, hope, how i feel, joy,
Form: Lyric
Leaving You
~***Part Two of Vanish Away the Anguish series…read Part One, Holding You, if you haven’t done so! Thanks***~

I’m not sad, okay? Would rather be smiling day to day
With gladness and happiness in addition 
To satisfaction...

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Categories: cranium, angst, anxiety, conflict, deep, emotions, how i
Form: Free verse
Racing Thoughts - All for Naught
My mind is as hollow as the dead of night
My spirit is dancing out of cheer and fright 
My soul is shattering because I’m too late
To talk about what’s on my mind these days– 

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Categories: cranium, angst, anxiety, deep, depression, grief, hope, love,
Form: Rhyme