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Long Chocolate Poems

Long Chocolate Poems. Below are the most popular long Chocolate by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Chocolate poems by poem length and keyword.

Gluttonous connoisseur of ethnic culinary cuisines
Yours truly would never be confused for a gourmand, nevertheless I could enjoy experiencing taste testing select food samples if offered an opportunity of attending a fancy feast viz smörgåsbord, whereby oral indulgence would arouse,...

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Categories: chocolate, addiction, appreciation, birthday, blessing, chicago, dream, humorous,
Form: Rhyme

After All is Said and Done
I wrote this random rap song just yesterday! Have a blast, reading it! :D
"We shall all be like magnets,
Connecting to God's Laws in perfect symmetry 
We shall all shine as the sun,
Glorifying the son of...

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Categories: chocolate, anxiety, deep, depression, desire, emotions, encouraging, hope,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Saint Valentine's Day

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Categories: chocolate, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ice Cream Gran 5 - Turbo, We Have A Problem
It’s heading for our planet at ten thousand miles an hour
To stop it all the experts say we haven’t got the power
All the nukes in all the world won’t constitute a plan
So someone said, ‘All...

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Categories: chocolate, grandmother, hero, space,
Form: Rhyme
The Moon as a Metaphor for Your Mouth
The Moon as a Metaphor for Your Mouth
by Michael R. Burch

When I was closest to love, it did not seem
real at all, but a thing of such tenuous sweetness
it might dissolve in my mouth
like a...

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Categories: chocolate, candy, love, metaphor, moon, romantic love, sweet,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member Chapter 92 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: Family Festive Fountain Market Jamboree
Date:  January  2046

8:45 am  in the Damian Domaine 
Some are sleeping some are peeping
What are we eating? Said Molly to
Dolly. "What ever we can?" She replied 
While still sleepy eyed checking
Supplies. So...

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Categories: child, chocolate, confidence, family, father son,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member The Story of My Life
I want to tell you the story of my life.  I was born in a barn at dawn.  There
were eight of us but I was the only one with spots.  I was...

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Categories: chocolate, cat, life,
Form: Prose
One Day
One day not so long ago 
I walked
Never alone
For the world 
Is always my home

It was a late
Spring snow
Yet I felt
Invisible red roses
Offering sweetest perfume
To my nose and soul

There’s such warmth 
In snow-filled winter
No bitterness

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Categories: chocolate, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Of Winks and Wings - Part 2
     "Oh, indeed she was, young man ... I mean Greg. It IS Greg, if I recall correctly?"
     "Yes. Or you can call me True Friend if...

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Categories: chocolate, autumn, life, lost love, nature, soulmate,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Small Bouquet Of My Word Groupings

you were an infant
i would sing a song i created for you

'there's a baby in my arms
there's a baby in the mirror
but honey 
there's not really two
the child in the mirror
is only 
an image 

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Categories: chocolate, appreciation, celebration, childhood, daughter, encouraging, faith, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Landsbyen -Into the North- an epic poem 109-End
A babe born, in darkness braved
Bring love to the world if only for a day
No questions asked, nor answered, nor saved
Let peace abide in every child, we pray

As they stood watching their son, enthralled in...

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Categories: chocolate, christmas, fairy,
Form: Epic
Story About Santa Contest
Sponsor: Carol Eastman

Long before Christmas had become a jolly folklore,
I met a grandfatherly man...
He was clean shaven, tiny and crabby,
And always wore a floppy black suit, his name was Mr. Atnas.

See, I was at such...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, christmas, joy, nature,
Form: Free verse
We Are Freedom Destiny
One step closer to you
I want to fly into your arms,
My freedom park
My daytime lark 
You're my freedom destiny 
Even when times get scary 
You give me childlike cheer 
Instead of gullible, childish fear

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Categories: chocolate, deep, depression, desire,
Form: Lyric
Marat and Charlotte 2
Act 2. A dark, empty stage.

(standing up)

It's all a blur. It’s all a little dizzy. 
I just have dreamed a scary dream as if 
two vagabond philosophers robbed me
and killed. I must admit it's a...

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Categories: chocolate, death, love,
Form: Blank verse
The Easter Egg Hunt
I don't know how it started

But it's an annual event

But I don't think that an egg hunt

Is the best way to present

The story of our saviour

Chocolate eggs you go and find

I don't think that's the...

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Categories: candy, chocolate, easter, family, funny, garden, spring,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Just a tree - a Requiem
Someone who knows
Said You were an old ancient Tree,
But at the time, it didn’t really matter, 
Or seem important to me.
I knew You only for a very short time 
and just a little…
You see.
Your transparent...

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Categories: chocolate, conflict, earth, heartbroken, humanity, murder, natural disasters,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unquotable quotes: Fat People - XXIX
Unquotable quotes: Fat People – XXIX

(I know this piece sounds mean and cruel but as every single parent must have experienced, this is also the expression of utter exasperation, and perhaps there’s also the slightest...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, chocolate, depression, health, humor, hyperbole, natural
Form: Epigram
Premium Member IT'S A MAD WORLD- In a Lancashire Accent
IT’S A MAD WORLD In a Lancashire Accent.

I went to the Confectioners today, there was a long queue outside, a metre apart, and it had started to rain. 
The assistant behind the counter had shiny...

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Categories: chocolate, crazy, food, funny, hilarious, humor, humorous, life,
Form: Free verse
The Nifty Town 1
I knew that  I had to go somewhere but I did not know where 
I knew I had to go somewhere that was not  very far from here
So I  put on my...

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Categories: chocolate, adventure, angel, business, celebration, character, confusion, culture,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member PART ONE - A Gunshot Wound to the Heat - A short story from my memoir

From a two-room schoolhouse high on a hill over the Fundy Bay, I sat at an old wooden desk daydreaming. The ink stains and etchings which were dug deep into...

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Categories: chocolate, nostalgia,
Form: Prose
Dream state yields deep sleep personifications
Dream state yields deep sleep personifications

Upon lying supine - eye shutter lids
into the land of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod,
where the sandman beckons and bids
dead to the webbed wide world,
yours truly immune to wakefulness 
despite being...

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Categories: chocolate, 12th grade, 1st grade, adventure, animal, birthday,
Form: Rhyme
Am I Turning into a Lizard Serial Killer
Hmmm, where do I start? With deep sighs, I am sighing right now.
I just finished burying 2 lizards, and my heart is heavy...

Let me back up a bit...bear with me if I might turn out...

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Categories: chocolate, angst, animal, how i feel, sad, sorry,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Chapter 87 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY DJ DAMALI CJ: Trinidadian Vacation Relations
Date:  June  2045

Dolly asked rubbing Damian's 
Back  "My big bear, how are
We going to celebrate Joshua's 
Birthday? Hmm?"  Damian said,
"Maybe take him and the kids to
An amusement park."  
"Yeah okay,"...

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Categories: chocolate, allusion, business,
Form: Alliteration
From Sunday School to Monday Morning
Once again I tip the scale
And mutter, whoever invented it was a man from hell.
It was not a woman who created weights for size
For women can look past the outer shell
And search deep for what...

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Categories: chocolate, art, history, love,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member The Whippy-Dip - 2nd HALF Text plus FULL Audio w-Illustration
Here's the deal, folks...

This is, as indicated, the 2nd HALF of this fairly lengthy poem. Due to Poetry Soup's file-size limitations, this piece, like several of my story-pieces, had to be posted in 2 parts....

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Categories: chocolate, inspirational,
Form: Narrative