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Long Chocolate Poems

Long Chocolate Poems. Below are the most popular long Chocolate by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Chocolate poems by poem length and keyword.

After All is Said and Done
I wrote this random rap song just yesterday! Have a blast, reading it! :D
"We shall all be like magnets,
Connecting to God's Laws in perfect symmetry 
We shall all shine as the sun,
Glorifying the son of...

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Categories: chocolate, anxiety, deep, depression, desire, emotions, encouraging, hope,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member The Story of My Life
I want to tell you the story of my life.  I was born in a barn at dawn.  There
were eight of us but I was the only one with spots.  I was...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, cat, life,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Of Winks and Wings - Part 2
     "Oh, indeed she was, young man ... I mean Greg. It IS Greg, if I recall correctly?"
     "Yes. Or you can call me True Friend if...

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Categories: chocolate, autumn, life, lost love, nature, soulmate,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Small Bouquet Of My Word Groupings

you were an infant
i would sing a song i created for you

'there's a baby in my arms
there's a baby in the mirror
but honey 
there's not really two
the child in the mirror
is only 
an image 

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Categories: chocolate, appreciation, celebration, childhood, daughter, encouraging, faith, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Story About Santa Contest
Sponsor: Carol Eastman

Long before Christmas had become a jolly folklore,
I met a grandfatherly man...
He was clean shaven, tiny and crabby,
And always wore a floppy black suit, his name was Mr. Atnas.

See, I was at such...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, christmas, joy, nature,
Form: Free verse

We Are Freedom Destiny
One step closer to you
I want to fly into your arms,
My freedom park
My daytime lark 
You're my freedom destiny 
Even when times get scary 
You give me childlike cheer 
Instead of gullible, childish fear

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Categories: chocolate, deep, depression, desire,
Form: Lyric
Marat and Charlotte 2
Act 2. A dark, empty stage.

(standing up)

It's all a blur. It’s all a little dizzy. 
I just have dreamed a scary dream as if 
two vagabond philosophers robbed me
and killed. I must admit it's a...

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Categories: chocolate, death, love,
Form: Blank verse
The Easter Egg Hunt
I don't know how it started

But it's an annual event

But I don't think that an egg hunt

Is the best way to present

The story of our saviour

Chocolate eggs you go and find

I don't think that's the...

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Categories: candy, chocolate, easter, family, funny, garden, spring,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Unquotable quotes: Fat People - XXIX
Unquotable quotes: Fat People – XXIX

(I know this piece sounds mean and cruel but as every single parent must have experienced, this is also the expression of utter exasperation, and perhaps there’s also the slightest...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, chocolate, depression, health, humor, hyperbole, natural
Form: Epigram
The Nifty Town 1
I knew that  I had to go somewhere but I did not know where 
I knew I had to go somewhere that was not  very far from here
So I  put on my...

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Categories: chocolate, adventure, angel, business, celebration, character, confusion, culture,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member PART ONE - A Gunshot Wound to the Heat - A short story from my memoir

From a two-room schoolhouse high on a hill over the Fundy Bay, I sat at an old wooden desk daydreaming. The ink stains and etchings which were dug deep into...

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Categories: chocolate, nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
Am I Turning into a Lizard Serial Killer
Hmmm, where do I start? With deep sighs, I am sighing right now.
I just finished burying 2 lizards, and my heart is heavy...

Let me back up a bit...bear with me if I might turn out...

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Categories: chocolate, angst, animal, how i feel, sad, sorry,
Form: Narrative
From Sunday School to Monday Morning
Once again I tip the scale
And mutter, whoever invented it was a man from hell.
It was not a woman who created weights for size
For women can look past the outer shell
And search deep for what...

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Categories: chocolate, art, history, love,
Form: Ballad
The Raisin in the Box of Chocolates
"I agree," Bayard murmured while looking at the few people walking I across the street. Summer was over and the boy was beginning to get frustrated at the sight of girls wrapped in blankets of...

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Categories: chocolate, cheer up, deep, inspirational, metaphor, truth, uplifting,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member PART TWO- Gunshot Wound to the Heart- a short story from my Memoir - A journey of Roses and Thorns
It was a hot summer day.  Harry had stopped by Grandma's house and offered to take the two little girls down to the store and treat them to an ice-cream cone.  Grandma, thinking...

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Categories: chocolate, nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
Till I'm Gone
When I'm gone...
You're gonna miss me over my dead body 
When I'm gone...
Till I'm gone...bye-bye, love...I guess I was your nobody and love everybody, but me...
When I finally belong 
You're gonna depart from me
When I...

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Categories: chocolate, deep,
Form: Lyric
Nigerian Independence Celebration
As October 1 approaches, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY……………………
I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but cannot feed myself.
So I spend $1 billion to import rice and another $2 billion on milk.
I produce...

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Categories: chocolate, celebration, freedom,
Form: Alliteration
Seasonal Walks in the Park
 baseball, bird, change, childhood, games, holiday, lost,

“Seasonal Walks in the Park!”

A walk in the park after a springtime morning rainfall 
Is to hear the droplets fall from bent branches overhead
That can shock and moisten...

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Categories: chocolate, baseball, bird, change, childhood, games, holiday, lost,
Form: Free verse
By the Numbers

Everybody love to say they’re number one,
but it takes two
to make beautiful music, 
so we’re told
Pitch perfect
That one favorite song two lovers have,
it never gets old
After ninety nine repeats, 
it sounds one zero zero multiple...

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Categories: chocolate, love, metaphor, romantic, word play,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Rouging of the Lamb B
My sweet mother of pearl
struck a ruby eyed reef 
then quickly sank into the deep,
just shy of the cay of life. 
Don't remember much about her,
those that did have long since blown away,
daddy never had...

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Categories: chocolate, childhood, pain,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member VALENTINE'S DAY
My friends have always hated Valentine's Day.
They ridiculed the pimply-faced boys
Whose hormone-infused offerings
Smell of Axe cologne and sweaty palms.

Greater the mocking of pubescent princesses
Who prance and twirl and collect tokens
From admirers like shells on a...

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Categories: chocolate, cinderella, february, heart, love, princess, true love,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Hope-and a father is could be
Hope and…a father is could be 

Against all odds and expectations
so many rules and norms and
clever theories society’s demands
cultures and conventions there is
no magic wand no miracle solution

I throw you high up in the air

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Categories: chocolate, childhood, fantasy, father daughter, father son,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Most Irish Fairy Tale - Merry Christmas to All
It is not just Santa Claus who we meet in cold December— 
There is “Carolina,” and she’s the beauty of a winter picture perfect 
With luscious long coal black curly hair far down on her...

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Categories: chocolate, beauty, children, christmas, love, snow,
Form: Narrative
Faux Things
It was 3AM.
I had too many cups of rum and I wanted to hear your voice
before I fell into a drunken stupor. 
You didn't answer my two FaceTime calls or texts so
it got my mind...

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© Pippi B.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chocolate, deep, heartbreak, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
steamy catching up
He said he was sorry, but she needed more than words. His eyes were still burning through hers and suddenly she felt a certain rush come over her body. Her knees turned to jelly and...

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Categories: chocolate, africa,
Form: I do not know?