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After All Is Said and Done

I wrote this random rap song just yesterday! Have a blast, reading it! :D "We shall all be like magnets, Connecting to God's Laws in perfect symmetry We shall all shine as the sun, Glorifying the son of God in perfection and ecstasy We shall all master the self, Harvesting God's enlightenment, taking wing of our destiny" - a preacher poet once said...I'm afraid he's sleeping in his holy bed (hahaha sorry lame anger I should provoke) {INTRO} love isn't a game of cheats and greets Beats me that you treat me like leftover beets - How discreet like hidden chocolate neat treats You deserve a punch in the face with a trace of these sick beats played in repeat...tap your feet to my feats I wear a grimace on my face Cuz I've been face to face with the disgrace before me - that's me I can't keep pace with your rapid race I just want you to abide by my side and subside from negativity {VERSE 1} Yes, you're going to go away You're going to go away No, you're going to go away You're going to run away Into the forest of lies... Into the wilderness of goodbye's... You were always on my mind like lullabies... I got betrayed by you many times and you drifted away from the path of peace...boy, how time flies... Now, I'm stand tall I'm stand tall Through it all... I got through it all Why so fixated on your free-fall? You must stand your ground like a fearless wall I know you've been tossed to and fro like a ball You're my favorite, flawless masterpiece and a mighty tease - oh please You're too entitled to your frowned-upon stubborn opinion You're remarkable, but judgmental - please don't hurt me again and put my whole life at ease Peeling you until you're gone Feeling me like a darksome sun Hmmmmm Ahhhhhhhh Oooooh ohhhhh Mmmmhmmm {PRE-CHORUS} Lifted higher by your sheltering Sun-ray Mmmhmm Ahhh ooh ohhh Fly away! Fly away, refrain from lingering around me...making me go insane Fear and hope rattles my bones this dismal day Ahhhh ohhhhh mmmhmm That moment! That moment between us was a sacred serenity - feeling a thousand tons of shame on my lamentable lane You make me smile... But, not in a million miles or so...oh oh... Will I love you for awhile All because I love you for eternity though Watchin' tv with my buddy My companion, my champion like somebody I used to know long ago, But forget it though - It's not important to the ears to hear Just hold my hand a while, my dear {DUET} Somethin' in me has died when I was on my bipolar ride so wide Cuz I'm missin' someone deep inside - I don't know why I cried The physical appearance can injure the soul in contrite We need to set our focus on the positive light, not in the negative night {CHORUS} doo (x10) Doo (x20) ...etc. Fly away from the demons that say you're not good enough... You didn't want my assistance - only my hesitance and my forgiveness After all is said and done, I gotta say that life has been so tough...on you and I and it hits us rough... It's none of my concern that you were deserted and were in distress and you're an awful mess I must address Yes, you're going to go away You're going to go away No, you're going to go away You're going to run away I'll give you half of my success progress So please don't weep, please don't leave in distress... You're here to express, Not to impress I love you... Yet, I don't too... More or less...(x2) Ooooh Ooooooh Ahhhhh Mmmmhmmmm {VERSE 2} This time, I've cried so many tears for so many years (I'm blind) Oh oh oh oh.... Yes, I tried to save you from the callous fears (in mind) Heal the scars, Countless like stars Defeated by you You and your bewildering ways... I let you go cuz I let you down when I went through those wretched days Bye, bye... Balloon I can't deny... We'll see each other soon In another maroon moon Peel away the pain of your radiantless rain You're perfectly not in tuned with my heart and there's no happiness to gain, save the pain of losing you in my thought train Next subject...don't hate, appreciate DAMN - Don't reject, accept me for who I am There's no logical reason to turn back to the past Let yourself look forward to the future so vast and oh so fast at last! Hmmmmm Ahhhhhhhh Oooooh ohhhhh Mmmmhmmm {PRE-CHORUS} {DUET} {CHORUS} doo (x10) Doo (x20) ...etc. Ahhhhh hmmmm Ooooh ohhhhhh Ehhhh mmmmmm {BRIDGE} *whisper* It just doesn't make sense I guess I'm gullible and dense...a rubbish, some kind of nonsense Fenced in my guilt and snowed under my envy My heart is bruised, my brain is abused, and you're accusing me... Of losing a grip on reality... Biting the bullet of regret... Thought upon the aftershocks of your heartless neglect... I bet you don't understand why I'm upset All because you won't listen and you stare vacantly at me as if I'm a worthless insect You affected me... You infected me... You directed me... In the wrong route that led to my fatality... My priceless fantasy pursues useless reality My heart is shattered like a mirror... I was your loyal keeper of your dreams, originated from heart and soul...not of error... This truth I cannot bear... This lie is treating us so unfair... Shards scattered on the floor As if he doesn't care anymore Anymore... Anymore... Let my wings of flight soar - I longed for this revelation in store and it's opened to me like an opportunity door... All along, I was wrong - you weren't that special someone that I adore; what was I waiting for? You departed from my arms... Sorry, our love lost value like unlucky charms (OUTRO) You ruined my self-esteem When I was living the dream I dream within a dream - at least, in my daydream and my nightdream I was riding clouds of gleam and steam and we, like bulbs, do beam I thought we were one supreme team... I hate me sometimes, my baby But I can change me, you see I love you - now it's time for me to shine Because, even though I can't change the things you do, you are fortunately mine "The breeze whips my curtains Grief sends me on a field trip to the warped-up road But there's no logical reason to turn back in the past Let yourself look forward to the future Let the dawn awaken Shun out the sadness that hangs on to you And let yourself grow and never look back At the warped-up road ~~~~ sway like the breeze at ease please...don't be that tease you were back then or I won't be infected by your delightful disease" - J W Earnings

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 9/25/2019 6:19:00 AM
My evangelical composer songstress mom--not rap, in her waning days, wouldst have enjoyed tis to tune, us together by her bedside--blessings ~ Aloha always William
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Date: 2/4/2016 3:04:00 PM
Wow! What a flame! I did enjoy your poetry lane. Peace and blessings brotha!
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Earnings Avatar
J.W. Earnings
Date: 2/5/2016 3:33:00 AM
Thank you! This one took lots of thought and preparation. Also, it was based off of my notes that I took from church. Thanks for the support!