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A Small Bouquet Of My Word Groupings
you were an infant i would sing a song i created for you 'there's a baby in my arms there's a baby in the mirror but honey there's not really two the child in the mirror is only an image of you' in that same vein i write this _ you can't hide inside a mirror it wouldn't be good for your image if you see what i mean take a minute to reflect on that thought frame it as you will raise a glass to good cheers this isn't the time to crack or feel shattered no it is the exact reverse like skipping a rock across the smooth surface of a lake seven skips of good luck because you are the fairest of them all looking back at yourself keeping it compact as you duplicate your own words impossible to read from the other side this echo of your vision the epitome of a prototype replicates ditto who is the quintessential hero and who is the fake go through that rabbit hole -straight to wonderland bedazzle -radiate -glimmer -scintillate deflect the glare will define you you have not now or have ever been a duplicate you are and will always be the one and only - Oct 2 2017 - love above all else love - —?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— BONUS POEM But Tell Me Where Do The Children Play you can't lie your way to the truth what we teach our children should apply to us too you took a wrong turn check your moral compass the needle is spinning faster than a bottle in search of a kiss what would our mother think if she knew what you were up to you're changing everything she fought for in her life children mattered like the singing preacher asked such a long time ago '...where do the children play...' you can argue climate change but you can't deny the quality of the air your breathing when did we start bottling water just to take a drink the taps are bleeding led too late to fix the guts of generations who drank it with trust how do you look at a storm in the eye didn't you already prove your blind or do you keep yours closed so no one can look in look deep inside your heart '...tell me, where do the children play?…' Oct 2 2017- —?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— BONUS POEM THE SEQUEL Me? I Saw More. the clown danced like a marionette his painted face featured a grimace and and a tear me? i saw more i smiled no fear here a performer an amazing mime artist a procurer of pathos he was pulling a little red wagon with a large orange hard ball walking on the spot performing 'funny' me? i saw more we often have to carry more than we think we can handle our shoulders grow atlas carried the earth on his shoulder when we think we can do no more we do even more than we need to i saw more the power of one we don't need help we need initiative no brother or sister's need is less important than our own 'give and you shall receive' we are all more it takes a strong child to raise the values of a village i can't win unless we all win we have tried the blame game five thousand years later nothing we are being led by weak men want bigger and bigger guns at a time when we have enough weapons destroy the earth hundreds of times over money is has always been evil me? i see more i see you and you and you ghandi was right then ghandi is right now do you see Oct 2 2017- —?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— BONUS POEM THE SEQUEL TOO Firefly i am going to touch you like a firefly touches the dead of night lights the obscurity i want to illuminate the pitch dark of your perspective inject a bright glow of hope cleanse your thoughts of the negative did you argue today felt regret did the daily news invade your cheer turned your 'in the pink' to something 'blue' i am going to reignite your sense of calm wave a wand -make your heart smile warm your complexion to a glow spread your goodwill worldwide life i assure you isn't a rotting corpse you have the strength rise above the doom and gloom you are presently living the alternative is an untimely exit unnecessary i believe in laughter and i believe in unconditional love more i believe when your back is against the wall persistence will create a door a passageway out of the muck and mire no matter how thick the fog it only takes a breeze to clear a path one you can ride to your destination of choice Oct 2 2017- —?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— BONUS POEM THE REBOOT Colour Me Ill i tried to fly today nothing deep here this isn't that type of poem didn't go that well i fell flat on my fa fa fa face (pardon my stutter a temporary side effect of the fa fa fa fall) i wasn't writing any poetry at the hospital either all joking aside there was a lot of blood did you know that doctors have no sense of humour i was slurring anyways you gotta love that morphine they were cleaning up the blood i said thanks dr. acula not even a snicker and i'm not speaking of a chocolate bar wasn't even my joke stole it from Mitch Hedburg coincidentally the doctor left me in stitches the nurse said she was taking me for an X-ray i didn't really hear her but she was a knockout something ..x sounded go go good to me i was running in front of the wheelchair she was pushing i was excited we got somewhere she left you gotta love that morphine i must of impressed them they thought i was a model they took pictures of me Bi Bi Big pictures you should of seen the size of the negatives i ordered ten sets they pushed me outside and left pa pa par for this course suddenly my nurse date was back they always come back aanndd she's gone Oct. 2 2017-
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