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Just a Tree - a Requiem

Someone who knows Said You were an old ancient Tree, But at the time, it didn’t really matter, Or seem important to me. I knew You only for a very short time and just a little… You see. Your transparent light green baby hands Outside my window Waving And dancing, shaking and playing, Continuously. I loved to take refuge Under your Grandmothers arms, Especially in a Earth-quaking storm And would feel peaceful, safe and calm. I could sense a pulse, distant yet warm, And felt alive again when I was lost or drained. Under your branches, even enjoyed the music Of the cool rhythmic rain. Your strong-soft limbs stretched Ever grateful to the Sky, Even when wet or bitter cold You never seemed to complain, Or even ask why. One day came I back from work - shattered: You were suddenly gone! I wept like a child with a painful lump, In my throat and chest, And felt sick and battered, Because where You once proudly stood Is now, just a perfect, little stump. And cried: what have they done! And my neighbour simply laughed And said: “why the fuss and the worry”? But I wasn’t here to save You and feel ashamed Oh, I’m so sorry Because, I didn’t even know, your name. And I know these words won’t do You justice But I loved You - just the same. Even when before the night was done I’d see the tips of your branches gently, sway Welcoming me and the sun Heralding a new and undivulged day. I loved the morning sounds of the birds In your hands and fingers, Carefree, light and playful singers With their timeless song, And would continue to linger, In my bed for much too long. I know You bled, when lovers carved hearts And words on your soft wooden trunk. And Survived, poisonous exhaust fumes That corroded and stunk. But: The hottest Summer couldn’t melt You, The snow and ice couldn’t freeze You The fiercest storms couldn’t break You, (You would effortlessly, dance and bend). But then came the man – with his little electric saw And killed, and took away my nameless friend. I so wished I had time to know You more. Although You were supple, slender Like a Woman or a dancer, I felt your strength with my every breath, Your childlike spirit – free innocent, wild Is what caused your sudden death. Your leaves, for them Were simply a disturbance and a mess, Untidy, a nuisance An unnecessary stress. And as your feet needed to stretch and grow And made bulges in their perfect grey Car-park, It was clear: You had to go. They never saw any beauty In your rough Elephant skin And couldn’t sense your subtle, royal grace. You were just in the way - Right there… Unnecessary - and in the wrong place. And were never even aware What You did - that You cleaned our air! We take so much for granted And are too busy to care. They never noticed your fragrant blossoms In early Spring. Never saw You clothed and majestic in deep shades of green In Summer. Never saw the magnificent fire reds and orange In Autumn. And were never touched by your naked, vulnerable strength In Winter. I’m so happy that I met You Because my life felt stuck and bare, Though I didn’t get everything That You could share - Because I’m half asleep, in my head And didn’t quite believe, trust or dare. Yet, could still be deeply touched - Wow! I’m so grateful - even today. And with the Beetles, Ants, Birds and Squirrels… I miss You, even though, You feel far away. So many old trees and forests Are killed every day My heart sad, hopeless And I don’t know what to say To all the living beings and ancient tribes Who don’t understand Why their lives brutally destroyed And whose fate, is in our hands. Maybe we can blame the poor farmers Who just need more land? And shouldn’t Gen manipulated Soya Now be finally banned? We can’t seem to live Without petrol cars and diesel machines. And are addicted to our newspapers And glossy magazines. And our paper silky soft For our sensitive arses and noses. We dine at restaurants with throwaway napkins That have pictures of Posies And vases full, of synthetic Roses. And are we pampered and spoiled? Because we choose to eat Everything out of plastic And chocolate made with yummy, palm oil? How are we going to stop This suicidal destruction? How will we end This plague of corruption? Can’t we take a little discomfort Change and disruption? Are we still so asleep, numb and unaware? That we take so much for granted And just too busy – To feel, or care? Or do we have to wait Till the rivers are stinking and dry And we can’t breathe the air Or even see the sky? And the Wales and Dolphins Cry as they slowly die In garbage filled seas. And the cows, pigs and chickens, just machines In perfect. soulless, poisonous Factories. And our Earth is a desert - barren, lifeless No animals, birds, plants, flowers or Trees. © Sangeet Portals 2016

Copyright © | Year Posted 2021

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Date: 3/5/2022 12:47:00 PM
I felt like the weeping willow when they tore your most precious tree down. Wild with personification. Joyce Kilmer's Tree comes to mind. Lovely verse!
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Date: 2/26/2022 12:13:00 PM
Thank you for sharing this incomparable tour de for' and that blessed humility, imparted by Her majestic, 'royal graces'. You've not only named your nameless friend: of beauty's trance, in 'keeping us in bed too long', but awakened our spirit too; a clarion's blast to knock-away our slumber; a sure prophetic call! We Are the air, the Water, the Trees & every other living thing in this great web of life Oh, Foolish Man- will you strike your mother's heart and yet not bleed? Truth To Power Spoken
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Date: 2/26/2022 9:53:00 AM
What a beautiful tribute to a tree! I love trees and am saddened when they are cut down. I can't image earth with no trees!
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Date: 2/25/2022 6:52:00 PM
Simply Amazing
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Date: 2/25/2022 6:24:00 PM
Wonderfully expressed. I always feel the same grief when a tree has been cut down. All the little nuances you describe so well . the irreplaceable beauty. A real favorite for me. Best, SuZ
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Date: 2/25/2022 4:25:00 PM
I read this and felt like weeping. Great poem!
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Date: 2/12/2022 9:03:00 AM
Intelligent, imaginative, insightful , thought provoking!
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Date: 2/7/2022 10:45:00 AM
Nice, very nice.
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Date: 11/6/2021 10:48:00 AM
I absolutely adore this poem! It really spoke to me, such a lot of relatable feelings, the way you described the trees's "strong-soft limbs stretched ever grateful to the sky" and many other things you expressed made the tree seem so alive and joyous, and also, the way you were able to convey your sense of loss at people not appreciating what it contributed to their lives! It was so moving!
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Date: 10/20/2021 8:19:00 AM
Such wonderful personification, one of the most moving poems I've read in a long time, man has so much to answer for, adding this gem to my faves:-) hugs jan xx
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Book: Shattered Sighs