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Long Bridal shower Poems

Long Bridal shower Poems. Below are the most popular long Bridal shower by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Bridal shower poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Chapter 64 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: the Family Seventeen- Vacation Xiv
Damian Stood with the front 
Door opened and said,  "Family! 
We will be leaving in fifteen 
Minutes. Do whatever you have
To before we hit the road. Use
The bathroom whatever! 
Come on!! HAKIM!! About 7

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Categories: bridal shower, business, chanukah, child, devotion, father
Form: Alliteration

Premium Member Chapter 44 -- Damian and the Boys Family News
That following month Damian 
Started spending more time with 
His sons.  He opened a new 
Billards hall in town. He made
The trip into town with two of
His sons, leaving the youngest,
Joshua Justin and Jordan...

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Categories: birth, bridal shower, child,
Form: Alliteration
Be Very Careful To Make a Woman Cry
Women are created in the image of God just as men are
Females are seen by Jesus as genuine persons
Not simply as the objects of male desire
Every family has disagreements, conflicts 
Some men   treat...

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Categories: beauty, blessing, bridal shower, family, lust, mothers
Form: Prose Poetry
Memorial Day May 29th, 2023
silently wailing analogy to Moby Dick 
regarding how yesterdays 
prurient laced introductions 
to rhyme in retrospect embarrassingly blows.

Herewith to enliven anecdote ever further,
I inject humorous tidbit
just gimme moment to unload and reach
into psychological metaphorical knapsack

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Categories: absence, america, angel, anger, beautiful, bridal shower,
Form: Free verse
Drain, drain, drain that is the name of the game
Drain drain , drain I have borne the pains and the shame
A burst of laughter is spilling all over the floor
And the arrrogant man is breaking...

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Categories: bridal shower, confidence, courage, destiny, environment, food, freedom, spiritual,
Form: Narrative

A Letter of a Sis
Dearest sister-in law, 
Today, I met the person,  
you tried in your match-making effort for me. 
He was quite a nice one! 
Although, it did not offer  
stemming much of other thoughts,...

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Categories: bridal shower, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Fat Man
I like to eat stuff
I'm not very buff
I think i'm pretty tough
My doctor says my health is pretty rough
My girlfriends name is muff
I hate her
She always calls me fat
Even though her face looks like a...

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© Trash Boat  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baseball, bridal shower, cat, chocolate,
Form: Free verse
Shijing Or Shi Jing Translations
The Shijing or Shi Jing or Shih-Ching (“Book of Songs” or “Book of Odes”) is the oldest Chinese poetry collection, with the poems included believed to date from around 1200 BC to 600 BC. According...

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Categories: bridal shower, engagement, family, happiness, home, house,
Form: Rhyme
Cat the Dog
Cat is a good old dog
But sometimes he cases my hogs
Cat has been around for a long time
I miss the days when he was in his prime
He used to kill squirels and sometimes my cats

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© Trash Boat  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bridal shower, death, dog, humor, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Dreams Part 1
liquid currency of purchasing. 
Selling us your wares as we wade in your maelstrom pool.
Accentuating my cares.
Weave for me-from your electric spool.
Your hourglass adbdomain spin(e)-dling, fondling, sifting, and gonduling me to my destination azul.


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Categories: beach, beautiful, bridal shower, butterfly, caregiving, color,
Form: Rhyme
What Do You See
Separation rules the nation it seems
Our race decrease the identity that cannot be redeemed

Yes we have amicable lives whom still believe in MLK's dream
The steam from our hatred of deceit and misfortune 
Has brought our...

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Categories: africa, america, angel, basketball, betrayal, bridal shower,
Form: Suzette Prime
Hey My Honeybunch, You Let My First Wedding Anniversary Unforgettable
Guys I would like to share my FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY

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© Madhavi Sp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anniversary, bridal shower, care, caregiving, character, emotions,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Wedding Things
We need the help to convey
Our causes to masses of
Marriage is a community
Affair which means
People's throughout the
Church needs to know
What to say 
When people are looking for
Help in coming together
People respond others
In many different ways...

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Categories: bridal shower, education, engagement, song, sound, wedding,
Form: Ballad
Lover and Them
the heavy voiced female manager).....look stogolle: we have twelve hours to get the order complete.
so we are gonna share the responsiblity of the chore.
one of us has got to go to the store and get...

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Categories: bridal shower, happiness, love, music,
Form: Classicism
Unveiling My Bride
The world await to see my bride
The wait is over 
To my family, friends, colleagues and the entire universe
I present to you… the mother of my children
The beauty that defined beautiful
She is the character that...

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Categories: bridal shower, i love you, marriage, proposal,
Form: Blank verse
Thy Faithful Crown
oh thy crowns

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Categories: bridal shower, celebration, culture, dance, engagement, kiss,
Form: Ballad
The Apple Tree
Look intently into that apple tree 
What do you see? 
Lo and Behold , a swarm of bees 
Something writhes and slithers,
Wait ,is it even a snake or just a rope? 
Where have you ever...

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Categories: absence, adventure, august, beach, bridal shower,
Form: Free verse
Know Chained Haiku
Know (Chain Haiku)

One would think we'd know
Knowing, God, intimately
Gives understanding

Gains Loves true beauty
Life's expectant pregnancy
Carrying duty

Expectant, truly
Across the void's Great Divide
On the Greatest Horse

That Joseph could find
That Mary could whisper to
Ruach, be in thee

Give wings...

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Categories: best friend, bridal shower, courage, dark, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
The Sacred Cave At the North
Far far away from the known lands
My eyes discovered a sacred cave 
Located at the North

I walked
And passed 
By many other sacred caves
Seen at the 

And finally, 
I arrived at the sacred cave
At the North


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Categories: 4th grade, africa, best friend, bridal shower,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Rainbow Coloured Camouflage
Rainbow coloured camouflage

The rainbow whispered “look at me I am a cameo in abused disguise”.
"You are a beautiful mean to an end, a pot of gold awaiting where you
touch the horizon, elusive no doubt but...

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Categories: bridal shower, wedding,
Form: Narrative
Beautiful Woman
The heart that melt in a distance
The heart that shows its weaknesses in public
It is easily surrenders to what has defeated it 
The sound of poetic thing that coughs out the great mentality to wash...

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Categories: 2nd grade, anniversary, beautiful, birthday, bridal shower,
Form: ABC
The Hymn of Love
they stood there
                       we couldn't really

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, bridal shower, devotion, engagement, love,
Form: Ballad
Byte Size Food Begets Best Bedeviled Egg Head Benefits
Byte size food begets best bedeviled egg head benefits 
re: visited today April 12th, 2023

Way before aye knew 
the name Fletcherism applied 
family and friends even 
Smetana's bartered bride
would (tongue in cheek) chide
tummy uncommonly 

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Categories: 12th grade, adventure, april, bridal shower, first
Form: Rhyme
Where Sea And The Sun Meet
I can hear the roaring in sea off the coast of Null with big boats engine penetrating the deep and the loud chatter of the fishermen in in the middle of the ocean screaming and...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, bridal shower, business, change, community,
Form: Narrative
Thee Mister Re Spouse
Thee Mister Re: Spouse...

In summer re: aye cannot whet till
this husbandry season will become
fallow -  mare riddle status no longer
honeymoon bridal stage covenant,
nuttin boot lame game of worm aye
go win round robin, since empty...

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Categories: bridal shower, for her, girl, imagery, longing,
Form: Verse