Rainbow Coloured Camouflage

Poet's Notes

The meaning of the Arabic name Faruq, is the one who distinguishes truth from reality.

The meaning of the Arabic name Nahla, is the drink of water.

The tree is a sacred symbol in Bedouin culture. One of the important trees in the desert is the Sidr tree.

The Ausaj bush is used for making powerful potions.

A monkey's wedding describes, when rain and sun appears at the same time.

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Rainbow coloured camouflage

The rainbow whispered “look at me I am a cameo in abused disguise”.
"You are a beautiful mean to an end, a pot of gold awaiting where you
touch the horizon, elusive no doubt but tangible in dreams and in wishes”.

‘Faruq’ true to his name, the one who distinguishes truth from all falsehood, 
vowed to ‘Nahla’, or the drink of water, to be with her forever come rain
or shine, when the Bedouins halted for their wedding under thorn’s holy arbor.

“There will be moist earth under the sacred tree”, promised the shaman,
drank potions from ‘Ausaj’, danced, convulsed and exulted as everyone gathered 
under the ‘Sdir’ tree with the promise of sustenance and children from heaven.

It was a monkey’s wedding, glistening sun combined with sprinkles of drizzle,
but the rainbow forgot that camels and goats don’t mix with mischief-makers,
imported from modern changes of climate, greed, power and destruction.

“I have been camouflaged, misconstrued, disenfranchised, seven beautiful colours exuding disaster”. “No, you have your rightful place under the skies, warmongering nations ignore you, they exploit the fruits of the desert, relish oil of demise”.

Ear-piercing storms erupted and lightening ensued with full thunderous wrath and
the tree of life got splintered and divided, ancient reality was crushed under modern delusion.
‘Faruq’ and ‘Nahla’ could not believe that their short marriage was over, they joined their ancestors, struck by the rainbow, who had masked the power of drowning waters, looked helplessly on.

Meanwhile tanks, constructed and draped in seven deadly sins, kept their tracks
in the quick sand of glory, deceit and rape of the planet, full,evil steam ahead.

“I feel so guilty”, uttered the rainbow, “I could not display my true colours”, but the wind and the Gods replied “Not your fault, do not take the blame, when gold turns to tar”.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 3/9/2017 6:05:00 AM
Hello Kai. I will not pretend or lie to you that I understood your every word so thank you for your Poet's Notes. What I can say and do say with true certainty is you can write. You have the ability to express. I very much enjoyed your title and ending thought. Both were stated so eloquently. Well done
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Neumann Avatar
Kai Michael Neumann
Date: 3/9/2017 6:51:00 AM
Thank you Lisa. That is a huge compliment. Many heartfelt wishes to you, Kai
Date: 3/9/2017 5:20:00 AM
A great narrative, Kai. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the informative notes. T.J
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