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Long Animated Poems

Long Animated Poems. Below are the most popular long Animated by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Animated poems by poem length and keyword.

Fahr an' Ice
Fahr an' Ice
by Michael R. Burch

From what I know of death, I'll side with those
who'd like to have a say in how it goes:
just make mine cool, cool rocks (twice drowned in likker),
and real fahr...

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Categories: animated, death, drink, fun, humor, humorous, light,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Pandemic-Climate Recovery Teams
In Colchester, CT,
and possibly in your town too,
we have a LongTerm ReCoVery Committee
looking at 20/20 prevision
for post-pandemic climate health revisions
for wealthy local and global EarthJustice.

So, what have I noticed
that might be economically
and ecologically win/win useful?


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Categories: animated, community, earth, health, integrity, peace, political, power,
Form: Political Verse
Poems about Poems IV
Poems about Poems IV

The Toast
by Michael R. Burch

For longings warmed by tepid suns
(brief lusts that animated clay),
for passions wilted at the bud
and skies grown desolate and gray,
for stars that fell from tinseled heights
and mountains bleak...

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Categories: animated, allegory, allusion, appreciation, art, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Energy's Dying Wish
So, if I understand correctly,
you want to respond to inevitable energy descent
by upgrading incentives for cooperative communication,
positive information expansion,
research and regenerative design,
and ecopolitical evaluation strategies?

because we achieved current WinWin cooperative communication
and organic networking capacities
by virtue...

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Categories: animated, culture, deep, games, green, health, language, science,
Form: Political Verse
To Be A Friend Pleaser
I heavily recall two times when I had made you cry,
Both of which bewildered and moved me
My response was that of disbelief, and regret
And never, upon recalling, 
Have I felt more of the need to...

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Categories: animated, change, character, confusion, devotion, friendship, growing up,
Form: Narrative

Early Poems I
Juvenilia: Early Poems by Michael R. Burch

by Michael R. Burch

The hazy, smoke-filled skies of summer I remember well;
farewell was on my mind, and the thoughts that I can't tell
rang bells within (the din was in)...

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Categories: animated, kid, poetry, poets, teen, write, writing, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Rosalia - The Evil Black Witch of the Harz, Part Seven
Rosalia - The Evil Black Witch of the Harz, Part Seven

The Final Days:  Rosalia’s Death and Destruction
In the wake of such evil, debauchery and depravity what can be said now in the case of...

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Categories: animated, allegory, evil, halloween, horror, magic, mythology, scary,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Resonating RightBrain Politics
Says Csikszentmihalyi,
"Social scientists
(Abraham Maslow, Lawrence Kohlberg, Jane Loevinger, [Ken Wilber, Edward Podvoll, Julian Jaynes, Jack Kornfield, Richard Dawkins, Clare Graves, Carl Jung] and James Fowler)
describe a dialectical motion
between [Yang-ego-form] differentiation
and [Yin-eco-logical function] integration,
between turning attention...

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Categories: animated, beauty, environment, health, political, psychological, religion, trust,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member A Parallel Earth
It was the weekend, and I was sleeping late that day,
Alone with the morning, while savoring marvels of May.

As I drowsed luxuriantly, at the outskirts of dreams,
I heard a strange sound, while soaking in gay...

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Categories: animated, adventure, earth, fantasy, love, nature, peace, world,
Form: Couplet
New Year Poems I
New Year Poetry

Auld Lange Syne
by Robert Burns
translation by Michael R. Burch 

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And days for which we pine?

For times we shared, my darling,
Days passed,...

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Categories: animated, birth, celebration, change, firework, january, new year,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Daughter The Need A walk from the dark side, into the darkness
My Daughter

My beautiful Daughter, walks life’s paths alone,
She does so, by design – not of hers – on her own.
She travels heavily !, from place to empty space,
from space to vacant place – in what...

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Categories: animated, daughter, girlfriend,
Form: Rhyme
Personal Worth 
Everyone has value. Everyone has been called for such a time as this to use their unique gifts and experiences to serve others and to serve God. But what are those gifts? And...

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Categories: animated, spoken word, sympathy, words, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Differences you say
Differences – you say !

I – me Lass – brave Helios, rides his golden chariot, 
drawn by fiery Steeds, into the vastness of this universe.

These mighty Titans, dispatched – brilliant, glowing -
ruled, controlled the blueness...

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Categories: animated, friend, universe,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Mask of Tourmaline
Twice the night had fallen upon a sleepless slumber,
Yet again awoken by winter when the third was three in number.

I sense that a silence doth sneak ‘tween cracks of weathered wood,
Conniving with that which shadows...

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Categories: animated, anxiety, horror, imagination, mystery, myth, night, psychological,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Mask of Alabaster
Once the night had fallen upon a sleepless slumber,
Whence the winter woke me when the third was three in number.

I sense that a wince doth lurk and wear which wicked gaze,
Of conniving shadows cast between...

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Categories: animated, anxiety, confusion, deep, dream, education, fantasy, fear,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Light Enchantments
Starting way back
with sixteen hundred Scientific Revolutions
in math and physics
biology and ecology
climate chemistry and analogical theology
began transubstantiating dialects
Deductive/Seductive outside
Reductive/Retributive inside
nature of ZeroSoul selves
travelers on a ZeroZen MotherEarth Land
Great time-chain of enchanted/disenchanted Becoming.

Science brought home the...

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Categories: animated, earth, green, health, history, math, science,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Original Mask of Alabaster
A wince doth lurk wearing which wicked gaze,
Of conniving cast shadows ‘tween my windowpanes.

Gazing through the window’s diaphanous gelid glass, 
I see a flushing fluorescent misty haze of frothy brass.

It floats aloft the frost of...

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Categories: animated, addiction, allusion, confusion, dream, evil, horror, night,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Minds CoArising Hearts
In our Physics Departments
our most salient awareness
of those nature-spirit entities
most easily seen
and heard
and smelled
as animated and animating,
sometimes more,
sometimes less,
in our daily ritualistic lives
of solids
and liquids
and gases
and plasma
and bilateral neural pathways
of interdependent communication.

In our MetaPhysics Department,

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Categories: animated, art, earth, health, integrity, political, psychological, science,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Education as if All Deaths Matter
Political Science of Eco-Educational Vocations

Really? That’s my topic?
Didn’t Paulo Freire already do this one?

Oh, I see..ecosystemic learning and mentoring,
including pedagogical development systems
doing the best we can,
bless our matriotically nurturing hearts,
to figure out our own deep...

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Categories: animated, culture, earth, education, health, integrity, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Immigrants Gone Native
I suppose it isn't rather nice
to think of us this way,
but to the squirrels
and the trees,
the robins and the grasses,
human natures are Earth's great transitioning immigrants
on this block
we call a planet.

In this newest arrival sense,

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Categories: animated, earth, environment, fear, health, humor, immigration, innocence,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Healing GrandMother's Earth
Could you more faithfully believe?

Your enemies 
probably do not sacrifice their first born children
right before they eat them

And they do not worship
predative Jewish
and terrorizing Muslim
ruthlessly bought and sold
international pagan colonizing corporations.

Could we believe
in cooperative...

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Categories: animated, allusion, earth day, environment, green, health, humanity,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Tolerating Intolerance
I cannot tolerate
those who are intolerant,

I cannot stand
those who take a stand
against unknown others
unlike themselves,
much less than we are truly 
health and safety seekers
multiculturally alike.

I can tolerate anything
except intolerance,
most certainly including impatience with myself,
not excluding...

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Categories: animated, bullying, caregiving, change, growth, happiness, health, humanity,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Silent Oceans, Holy Wombs
From Earth's original OceanicWomb
our DNA regenerate Soul emerged.

Yet these are yet One
Sacred Ecological Nature.

DNA's memory strings
of Spiritus-Anima Mundi
became Greek encultured MotherWomb
of holistic uniting Earth.

Spiral dipolar poetry of motion
and emotion,
and recommitments,
bare analogical deep values
for regenerating healthy...

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Categories: animated, creation, earth, health, integrity, peace, psychological, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Karma Inspirations
An Eastern term, karma
for Western causes
leading to subsequent events,
one bilateral lined dimension
temporally expressed,
co-arising dipolarity
negative and/or positive


Pathological benightedness
dualdark bilateral
East v West dissociative energy
potential power
shadowed unfore-giving lacking light

redundantly enough
that we create "pathology" language
to describe constant,
or nearly constant,

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Categories: animated, analogy, health, humanity, inspiration, integrity, mental illness,
Form: Political Verse
The Explorer

...and then just as suddenly, constellations appeared in a daytime sky, framed by white pines crawling with multicolored caterpillars.  So from this day forward, they would search the sky for more star pictures. They...

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Categories: animated, beauty, color, culture, fantasy, imagination,
Form: Narrative