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Wise Elders

Wise Elders are patient, fully embrace non-violent communication and health care of climates and landscapes, persons, places, things, plants and planet, hopes and dreams rebuilding positive faith. Wise Elders non-violently listen for karmic grace of love sometimes overflowing. If Wise Revolutionaries for change, clearing murky swamps, then Wise Elder non-violent evolutionaries toward peace restoring OneBody of HolySpirit for cooperative justice, Anima Mundi active mercy-growing Gaian Principles of patient and steadfast relentlessly co-present serenity surrendering to shared joy, wonder, awe Rooted in revolving double-binding Entropy-Synergy truths discovered uncovered recovered trusting constitutional WiseElder health actively non-violent, Yangly yinned equivalent ambivalent re-bivalent ReVolutions restoring Earth's WiseElder Peace. This might not sound like your fifth grade teacher, or even your high school civic leadership preacher, your parents or any candidate for WiseElder public service leadership you have ever had the pleasure of voting for, or even the displeasure of voting against given your democratic opportunities and options up to this Postmillennial Time. You probably have had difficulty identifying Sacred WiseElder candidates favoring multicultural health of polypathic-polyphonic Traditions, conserving Elder Wisdom by liberating Secularizing Fools from future public offices of authority responsibility accountability to all DNA-RNA Solidarity cooperatives, Including other Sacred WiseElders and Children and all regenerative ages in-between reborn and dead co-investing in WinWin ecopolitical players, pro SevenGeneration lifers, revolters from Business As BeatenDown and Punished Usual, Occupiers, Organic Gardeners and ReWeavers, good regenerative shepherds, bodhisattva co-messiahs, eco-yogis of cooperative stretching and breathing and bilateral consciousness and economically wise EcoLogos, tellers of Regenerative Nature-Spirit Stories. Conjoining WiseElder Voices: Restorative Justice and Peace Advocacy, Gaian Principles of PermaCulturing Design (for internal and external healthy landscapes and climates) Tao as Bicameral ZenZeroZone-ish-ness-nest ego/eco-habitat. Wise Elder Ego reflects Sacred EcoLogos-Mythos de-monoculturing ego-Left dominantly re-polyculturing WiseElder habitats within SacredRight inducting EarthSoul. Between SacredElders lies a coincidental double-binding transparent boundary, a crystal lake faced septum, reflecting secular Yang mountains above co-arising deep sacred YinYin bilateral WinWin Valleys waving back in Wonder and Awe about who we have been, Where and when we have come from what SacredElders and why, and where we could best become Wise SacredElders reflecting active mentors of Bicameral EarthSoul Humane EgoPlace inside-outside Divine temporal integrity, Tipping Points back and forth toward WiseElder ego-eco revolutionary double-binding democratizing parties, creolizing stresses and strains of glory composed of Original AnimaMundi Constitutional Intent of Sacred WiseElders. It cannot be a radical proposition, except in the most deeply rooted, fundamental, incarnations of "radical," that Democratic Constitutional Intent toward sacred Unity of a Humane People (NOT uniformity) toward secular and sacred Welfare, fare well wealth including internal and external health of a society and planet with great rapidly growing polycultural richness, density, assets, producers and consumers, precludes the foolishness of encouraging monocultural fascism supremacist RightWing dominating choices. Not WiseElder, more TooMuchYangLeft Business As Competing Usual EitherOr headed toward degeneratively pathological demise of plants people planet, place, organic things, love, faith, hope for future Sacred Wise Bilaterally Conscious Elders, speaking and acting with regenerative non-violence, patient healthywealth consuming and producing polycultural outcomes. Those who ask for your support, your faith, your belief, your prayers, so they can play Win AnthroCentric Economic Gains by Losing Sacred EarthSoul Ecological Wealth, short-sightedness to this tipping point delineating myopic absence of 20/20 accountability, These self-marketers are economically and politically clueless about discerning democratically mature trumpeting health from plutocratically adolescent pathology. It is foolish to grow in irresponsibility, stuck in WinLose EitherOr perpetual adolescent LeftBrain too dominant, out of balance unconsciousness even of our own cognitive-affective internal dissonance. RightWing internal arguments threats nightmares conspiracies whisper for ReStorative LeftRight Justice as sacred multi-laterally cooperative nondual co-arising peace of exegetically Sacred WiseElders past through future Seven ReGenerations. If polypathic space equals not(not polyphonic) bilateral waves of flowing time, spirals of revolutionary regenerative DNA-RNA solidarity health strings evolving enculturing weaving and unraveling Creation Stories of Light's integrative/anti-segregating CoPresence, If Yang equals not(not Yin) equals ++1 equals (notnot)Zero binomially WinWin double-bound, nondual co-arising Sacred Wisdom refining Elder Exegesis, perhaps EgoLeft co-arises EcoRight, BiEarthSoul, HolonicSpirt, One CoMessianic Body restored by re-gathering Patriarchal-Matriarchal EcoPolitical WiseElder Balance, patience, non-violent reweavings reconnecting vocations in peaceful ego/eco-justice.

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