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Energy's Dying Wish
So, if I understand correctly, you want to respond to inevitable energy descent by upgrading incentives for cooperative communication, positive information expansion, research and regenerative design, implementation, and ecopolitical evaluation strategies? Yes, because we achieved current WinWin cooperative communication and organic networking capacities by virtue of investment advances through recent past patriarchal dominant cultures drawing down slow-grown renewable sources of energy, especially oil and gas coal and trees, these having emerged over multiple millennial investments of time, stories told in ergodic rhythm languages of Earth, fire, yin-waterscapes and yang-climate atmospheres creating lungs for co-respiring systems and bicameral hearts for communicating nutritional feedback systems, and stomachs for competitive and cooperative digestive exchange systems, and capital-investing minds for creating cooperative political empowering tools and languages and ecosystems. Wow, that covered a lot of polyculturing outcomes! Now, if we could come back down to Mother Earth, and not quite so deeply lost within your nutritional ecology, for our conversation today. Could you say more about what you mean by cooperative v competitive invested communication? Are regenerative research design strategies your suggested ecopolitical application for more positive communication? We have developed diverse frames for dipolar cooperative outcome farming among more competitively complex survival relationships. Systems theory speaks of whole interdependent co-arising networks (and thereby also dualdark co-gravitating) of mutual subsidiary alliance, within a concave matriarchal, reverse-hierarchical lattice architecture co-empowering sub-networks of cooperative communication. Then, too, we have Closed System patriarchal Business As Capitalism Usual. We also see these dipolar contrasts across a co-arising spectrum in Process Theology and Game Theory, where WinWin continues regenerative play across relational transactions, while WinLose competitions of self more and others less are rooted more in patriarchal capitalism's misunderstandings of Earth's most regenerate revolutions rooted in Mother Earth's nutritionally nurtured Golden Rule. Again, I'm not sure that responded to my question about cooperative v competitive communication, especially in this context of self-perpetuating deep learning. Well then, I'm not cooperating very well am I? Let's see, maybe an example. Let's imagine you are the original creator of language. Your job is to research the function of things, and the energy flow of relationships, to invent, as inclusively as possible, some sounds and actions that become nouns and verbs and prepositions and then, too, some adjectives and nuancing adverbs, and especially some exclamations to communicate cooperatively about when shit happens, as it will, but also when grace happens, as Earth unfolds spacetime in four equivalent dimensions, an thereby must enfold concave dualdark (0)-sum ergodic patterns of co-intelligent DNA-RNA balance. So, my vocation is not just to unilaterally invent polynomial labels but also to find out what my family and friends could effectively reproduce as mutually nutritional information? Yes, verbal sounds and nonverbal actions for equivalent health v pathology meanings between extended families of multiculturing species, thereby growing positive exegetical communication, and not just adding further eisegetical Towers of Babel multicultural communication and concomitant economic and political empowerment/disempowerment problems, more than polypathically regenerative co-empowerment. So we look and listen together for cooperative resolutions already in use, and we notice historical relationships between siblings first, then between generations of siblings next, on out to include all animated objects, in process of becoming history's polynomial network of subjects. Time unfolds bilaterally and binomially and multi-generationally, where new-yin grows old-yang grows new-yin. Every polynomial generation seems to have not just our spoken nomial deductive labels, but also a setting apart from it's organic hypostatic understory. Every polynomial includes an implied binomially interdependent cognitive relationship with Earth's other causes and Earth's oncoming multiculturing nutritionally cooperative and toxically competing effects. Am I communicating this regenerative co-designing WinWin cooperative ecopolitical game yet? I'm not sure your example helped your cooperative intent. But, we are nearly out of time... No, that can't be. Perhaps we're merely running out of mutual highest priority time for co-investment in this particular direction, for now. I stand corrected. No need to stand. Keep spiraling around our subject in your reiterative back to (0)-sum zoning in way, helping us stay on our cooperative target. Anyway, perhaps you could give an example of how we might upgrade incentives for cooperative communication, both verbal and nonverbal. To incentivize YinRight matriarchal equivalence, give prejudicial weight to WinWin as our default cooperative strategy for research and policy development and framing ancient WinLose polarized issues between yang secular deductivity and yin sacred inductivity. Cooperatively regenerate communicators more than competitively WinLeft-LoseRight degenerators. That was an example or a principle? Pay more for cooperative investment, and charge less interest for co-investment. Charge higher interest and autonomous user fees for persons, including corporations who would continue competitively disinvesting away from climate and landscape ego/ecotherapies. Yes, it feels to me like we have communicated for future positive relationships for us. How about you? Where would you place this interview on your energy-giving v energy-receiving scale? Where WinWin is (0)-sum balance giving at least as good as Golden Rule receiving.
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