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Resonating RightBrain Politics

Says Csikszentmihalyi, "Social scientists (Abraham Maslow, Lawrence Kohlberg, Jane Loevinger, [Ken Wilber, Edward Podvoll, Julian Jaynes, Jack Kornfield, Richard Dawkins, Clare Graves, Carl Jung] and James Fowler) describe a dialectical motion between [Yang-ego-form] differentiation and [Yin-eco-logical function] integration, between turning attention inward [Right] and then outward [Left], between valuing the self [Animus-Eros-TaoEmpty] and then the larger [Anima-Agape-Synergy-Integrity-Interdependent-Beloved EcoPolitical PolyPathic ReGenerative DNA/RNA Solidarity] community." Adds Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, like Christopher Columbus and Albert Einstein, exploring their positive WinWin Thought Experiments, about when and where and why and why notnot now equals both past and best-trending future ecological relationships of 3D space in 1D bicameral LeftRight temporal Empty/Interdependent dipolar co-arising=co-gravitating Metaphysically Enlightening Core Commons PermaCulturing Languaged Time. "One [fractal-color Yang-Boddhisatva Warrior] family is designated with warm colors [climates] (BEIGE, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW) which represent Express-self, 'I'[ego]-oriented MEMEs. The other group is [co-arisingly-dipolar CoMessianic-YinYin=notnotYang] assigned cool colors (PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN, TURQUOISE) and are the Sacrifice-self, 'we'[eco]-oriented [notnot nurturing-regenerate] set." "If too much [ego-Left] 'me'-ism is the problem, then a form of 'we'[0-root core prime Yang/Yin relational]-ness will then be required to restore [ecological=ecopolitical] balance. If the 'we' is excessive, then liberation [also synergetic integrating climate-resonance] of some 'me' becomes attractive if [cognitive-affective] harmony [as ecopolitical health] is desired." My LeftBrain climate longs for Revolutionary Resonance with RightBrain's Evolutionary Refinement Revisionism, anthrocentric and eco-messianic Yin nurturing v pathologizing/condemning, regenerative dipolar orientations so notnot yin-squared equals c-squared equals Eulerian Prime Functional Relationship-spiral-fractal-square rooted, as notnot=positive Yang/Yin wu wei balancing self plus other +/-,- climates, landscapes, interior as notnot exterior healthy ecopolitical hopes and despairing through condemning ecologically over-competitive fears and angers. Left to Right to Yang Left/Right dissonant climates struggling with Right/Left equivalent ecopolitical powers as RightBrain EcoLogical ReMembering ReLigioning InterdependentNature/EmpathicSpirit (0)Soul Empty of and for and with and through time's bilaterally co-gravitating powers of enlightenment. Beck and Cowan echo eco, "The shift toward Communal/Collective coming to peace [RightBrain Interdependent EcoConsciousness] within requires a [cooperatively networking] radar-like sense [nutrition receptors] so external [ecopolitical] messages can be picked up quickly and [non-paranoid] accurately, [resonantly resolving exegetically redundant] magnified, and feedback incorporated to insure [ecosystemic DNA/RNA health v pathology] compliance." "The shift toward Individual[LeftYangEgoDominance]/Elite[Positively Revolutionarily Inclusive-MultiCulturing-RightYin EcoNurturance Empowerment] move against and take [Yang/Yin Balance/Octave-Harmonic] control requires an internalized [0-sum-soul-core-commons-conscious] gyroscope-like intelligence [common to all forms and functions of Earth's fractally-inscribed, climated, seasoned, maturing, regenerating, evolving, revolving natural systems] the self-directed compass needed to explore new [paradigmatic] territories, sail into uncharted [poly-empathic nutritional v toxic] waters, and break with the safety of [exegetical LeftBrain languaged reductionist anthrocentric prejudice against ElderExegetical trusted as beautiful forms with ecopolitical functions, ecological-analogical climate-health-balancing reasons for seasonally developmental] traditions." Rob Brezsny's Pronoia calls such synergetic dialectical emergence "The Outlaw Catalog of Cagey Optimism" yet others above may recognize dynamic nature-spirit echoes with Positive Psychology as notnot paranoid, an empathic sense of trust as ecological EarthTruth and healthy ecopolitical beauty through active ecologically co-operative regenesis. Pronoia's Catalog includes "AGGRESSIVE [MUTUAL-TRUST ECOPOLITICALLY THERAPEUTIC] SENSITIVITY. Animated by a strong determination to be[come even more] receptive and [co]empathic." "ALIGNMENT WITH THE [0-ROOTED EMPTY] INFINITY OF THE [ETERNAL INTEGRITY] MOMENT." "BASKING IN ELDER [RIGHT-BRAIN] WISDOM. A state of expansive [nurturing] ripeness achieved through listening to the [creation] stories of elders [especially pre-DNA root-ecosystemic]." "BLASPHEMOUS REVERENCE. Acting on the knowledge that the most efficacious [regenerative] form of devotion to the Divine Wow [regenerative nature-spirit balance of recreating well-timed climates of health, and not so much despair and condemnation] is [ethologically] tinctured with playful or mischievous behavior [good-humored resonance] that prevents the [further] buildup of [LeftBrain AnthroCentrically Dominant Enculturing] fanaticism [egocentric fundamentalism ethnocentric and parental-transgenerational terrorism struggling with ecopolitically self-defeating LoseLose paranoia]." "COMIC [COSMIC] INTROSPECTION. Being fully aware of your own foibles while still loving yourself tenderly and maintaining confidence in your ability to give [back our]your specific genius to the [bicamerally struggling] world." Left Dominants remain climatically worried that cognitive-affective ecopolitical dissonance will not unfold our ecologically healthy EarthTribe climate.

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