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Rosalia - The Evil Black Witch of the Harz, Part Seven

Poet's Notes

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Rosalia – The Evil Black Witch of the Harz

By Gary Bateman


Author’s Notes on “Rosalia – The Evil Black Witch of the Harz”

Introduction and Overview:  This epic narrative poem on “Rosalia” is pure fiction—but it is a creative reality though in the deep poetic recesses of my mind, however; I should note to you that there is indeed a tradition of Witchcraft and Sorcery in the region of the Harz Mountains here in Germany which definitely dates back to medieval times.  People who live there have some fun with Halloween and Walpurgis Nacht parties each year in Bad Harzburg and other towns within the Harz.  Though the witch thing is a friendlier proposition in today’s “modern world,” it was certainly not this way centuries ago when those accused of Witchcraft and Sorcery met a rather gruesome fate when they were convicted of doing evil things and consorting with “The Devil.” Moreover, throughout the text I have sprinkled a few witchcraft-oriented terms in the German so the reader can get feel for the Germanic setting for the poem.  The “Cliff Notes” I’ve cited below will ensure that these few German terms are precisely explained and defined in their English equivalent meanings.  Any other terms in Latin, for example, will be defined and explained as well.  The time and location setting for this epic narrative poem is the early 16th Century in the Harz Mountains in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, with the principal events occurring in and around the vicinity of the Brocken Summit which is the highest summit in the Harz mountain range and in Northern Germany.    

Academic Source Attribution:  The source attribution on the subject of the Black Arts for “Rosalia” came from:  Richard Cavendish, The Black Arts, (New York:  The Putnam Publishing Group, 1967), passim throughout book.  Mr. Cavendish's scholarly book on this subject was quite helpful while I was doing my research on this epic narrative poem.  I wanted to make sure that the information I was presenting was at least in line with the common terminology used and associated with this rather arcane subject area.  I also conducted on-line internet research on a number of related topics within the Witchcraft genre to get a more in-depth feel for this fascinating topic. 

Dramatis Personae:

Rosalia—The Evil Black Witch of the Harz

Aurelia—The Princess of the Light and The Precious Child of God

Monseigneur Wolfgang Augustus Hardenberg (Regional Catholic Church Monseigneur in the Harz at Cloister Marten)

Rosalia’s Hell-Spawned Minions

Monseigneur Hardenberg’s Priests from Cloister Marten

Jehovah —The Almighty Lord God

Jesus Christ—Son of God

Archangel Gabriel and His Force of Heavenly Angels

Lucifer—The Dark Angel and Ruler of the Underworld

Author’s Cliff Notes – Answer Key for Challenging Words and Foreign Phrases in the Text:

Title of Poem: “Rosalia—die boese Hexe aus dem Harz”   (Note: This is the actual title of this epic poem, and in English, it means: “Rosalia—The Evil Black Witch of the Harz.”)

Prologue:  “Brocken summit in the Harz.”  Brocken is the highest summit in the Harz Mountains. It is part of the ongoing Witchcraft tradition today in the Harz.

Rosalia’s Entrée to the 16th Century:  Entrée in the Section II title here means “Entrance.”

Vocabulary Terms:  (in order of text presentation throughout the poem)

Scaurous:  An adjective that refers to “with large ankles.”

Schnauzkrampf-like mouth:  “Schnauzkrampf” is a noun that refers to “a mouth that looks more like a snout.”

Die Hexerei:  German noun for “Witchcraft.”

Nefandous:  Adjective for “unmentionable” or “unspeakable.”

Black Mass Satanist Prayer:  The lead-in for this unholy prayer starts with the words, “Our Father, which wert in heaven . . . ,” meaning, of course, “Our Father, which was in heaven . . . ,” with wert being the Old English form of was.

Nefast:  Adjective for “wicked.”

Malleus Maleficarum (1486):  This term from the Latin means, “Hammer of Witches.”  This medieval document was written by two Catholic inquisitors in 1486, and then they codified it and passed it down within the Church hierarchy.  This particular document reflected the Church’s “then” present knowledge of witchcraft and sorcery.

Cloister Marten:  The regional catholic monastery located in the Harz.

mirabile visu:  a Latin term or expression for “Wonderful to behold.”

Burg Worlerede:  A fortress castle very near to Cloister Marten in the Harz.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany (September 20, 2014)


Rosalia - The Evil Black Witch of the Harz, Part Seven The Final Days: Rosalia’s Death and Destruction In the wake of such evil, debauchery and depravity what can be said now in the case of Rosalia? Now in her mortal form the old black witch no longer had the unspeakable power of hell-spawned evil at her instant command. In spite of the victory of the power of goodness and light and the attenuation, if not the dissolution of witchcraft in the Harz, the memory of who Rosalia was and what she had done could now begin to be eased somewhat from the minds of local people and the clergy. But the memory of Rosalia and her evil could never be forgotten. How could it be otherwise? After three months of confinement in the dungeon at the Burg Worlerede, a fortress castle, very near to Cloister Marten in the Harz, Rosalia was eventually tried and convicted in a special church court convened at this castle to try cases concerning witchcraft and sorcery, which were beyond the normal jurisdiction of civil courts. Monseigneur Wolfgang Augustus Hardenberg of Cloister Marten was the residing church chief judge with four priests in his assistance serving as subordinate church judges. One civil magistrate judge from the local Harz provincial government participated, in an advisory capacity, with the five church judges in these special judicial proceedings against Rosalia. Everyone in attendance at the witchcraft trial of Rosalia knew what the outcome would be. With that said, the testimony of her victims on public record dragged on for several weeks, to include the final interrogation and confession of witchcraft and supreme evil doings by Rosalia herself. In her rebuttal statement to the assembled church tribunal, Rosalia actually gained some of her old fire back as she spoke to the group—in a taunting and derisive manner. Rosalia showed no remorse whatsoever for what she had done and perpetrated upon others. She still renounced the Almighty Lord God and did not ask for his mercy and forgiveness. Her love and passion for being and existence was still with her god, Lucifer, who had forsaken her at last in her hour of need during All Hallows’ Eve and the Black Witches’ Sabbath. As easy as it might have been at that moment to pity such a pathetic and revolting creature, Rosalia’s hurtful words in complete defiance of God and her taunting mockery and snickering at the victims of her black deeds were beyond the pale of any shred or strand of human decency. At the conclusion of Rosalia’s rebuttal statement, Monseigneur Hardenberg announced the verdict and sentence of the special church court: “Rosalia, Black Witch of the Harz and Purveyor of Lucifer’s Evil on this Earth, you are hereby adjudged by this special court of being guilty of the practice of Witchcraft and Sorcery, and the murder of untold numbers victims over the centuries to this present one, and for the malicious corruption of your victims’ souls as they died in torment and faced the reality and agony of eternal damnation. And your acts even against young children and babies are so unspeakable and abominable that they readily defy any iota of rational understanding in our human society here on Earth. All these actions reflect your absolute depravity and lack of regard for human life, and they defy directly the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All of your transgressions have been entered into the final record by this assembled court.” “As a priest and a man of the cloth, I would normally ask the Almighty Lord God to have pity on you and your soul. But you have no mortal soul since you have been in very long service to Satan himself. Once more, you have committed the ultimate sacrilege by renouncing the Almighty Lord God yourself.” “Therefore, there can be no plea of mercy or divine forgiveness rendered for you by this court on your behalf. Your final fate and disposition beyond the reach of this court lies ultimately with your master—Satan.” “It is therefore the judgment of this court that you Rosalia—Black Witch of the Harz—be taken on the next morn’ at dawn to the gallows specially constructed here at Worlerede and this is where you shall be hanged by the neck until pronounced dead, and then your mortal body shall continue to hang for three days on public display, for all to see, and then your mortal body shall be burned by fire while it is still in its hanging position. Your mortal body shall burn until it disintegrates into nothing but fine burnt ashes.” “In God’s name, this is so adjudged and it shall be done!” As Monseigneur Hardenberg finished his verdict and sentencing, before Rosalia was to be bound and shackled for her departure from the court, he asked her if she had any final words for the court. At that very moment the wily old hag became extraordinarily animated, and in a wild-eyed uncontrollable manner, jumped high into the air with an energy she had not possessed in a while and made this very provocative pronouncement to the Monseigneur and all concerned: “Monseigneur you may have me hanged and burned into nothingness, but I shall once again triumph with Lucifer’s will and power behind me for I lay eternally in his bed and seek not Jehovah’s forgiveness and the rapture of Heaven. My Master will restore me once again and resurrect me to return and execute his evil deeds once again here on Earth. It is I who renounce you and all the people assembled in this court. I renounce what all of you stand for. I curse all of you forever, and I shall be there at the very Gates of Hell awaiting the day when I can greet all of and condemn you to eternal hell fire and damnation on my Master’s behalf. A curse of death and eternal damnation be upon you all, and all of the relatives who follow you for future generations to come!” End of Part Seven Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany (September 20, 2014)

Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 8/27/2015 10:03:00 PM
Rosalia's energetic declaration at the end is quite chilling, Gary! Excellent work.... going to read the rest! I wonder if you are considering writing a sequel in the future. I can tell a lot of work has been put into this. Your imagination is wild and intriguing! Truly a pleasure to read this series. A 7 through and through! Always, Laura
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Breidenthal Avatar
Laura Breidenthal
Date: 8/29/2015 11:15:00 PM
That is an AWESOME idea... I am wishing you the best in your plans. : ) Always, Laura
Bateman Avatar
Gary Bateman
Date: 8/29/2015 1:32:00 PM
You got me thinking here about a sequel for sure Laura. I will have to address this perhaps at a future date. (As you'll read later, I left the door open for Rosalia's resurrection/reincarnation in our contemporary time. A storyline for this would be a follow-on different slant with Her return to the Brocken Summit in the 21st Century.) I derived the idea for Rosalia's declaration for a Evil Witch character that the British Actress Barbara Steele played in the 1960 Italian-made classical horror movie called "The Mask of Satan," also known as "Black Sunday." I'm getting ready now for Halloween 2015!! Cheers, Gary
Date: 2/5/2015 6:44:00 AM
Satisfaction of the triumph of good over evil can never be appreciated too much my friend. Although a written fictional story the real life struggle of good over evil continues every day mankind dwells in his fallen state.. A7.....
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Bateman Avatar
Gary Bateman
Date: 2/5/2015 6:42:00 PM
Robert, These are very true words indeed my good friend. Just look at where we collectively are at this stage in the 21st century. We still have so many challenges that abound us in this world. I sometimes wonder if mankind will ultimately survive or not?? I'm an optimist, but still guarded in my outlook. Best Wishes to you Robert and your family!! Gary