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Long Alison Poems

Long Alison Poems. Below are the most popular long Alison by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Alison poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Strict Machine

"The Strict Machine"

Take a note 
pick up your sharpened quill
tap dance your screen
your mind like 
a Magpie's beak 
a Silent Epiphany
Two and
a Silent Jackhammer 
pneumatic drill 
Blackbirds fly off the page
they're swooping for the...

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Categories: alison, freedom, psychological, symbolism, truth, wisdom, word play,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Brodmann Area 4
The debate between free will and fate has taken a hard right
turn to neuroscience, Brodmann area 4 the primary motor
cortex of the brain located in the posterior frontal lobe
(the one cut out of the one...

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Categories: alison, children, death, games, lost, nature, romantic, song,
Form: Verse
A Good Mystery
A Good Mystery

I love a good mystery
A real whodunit,
I love the Hallmark Mystery and Movie Channel,
Nothing like watching Andy Griffith play the part of “Matlock”
He always figured it out
And revealed who the murderer is in...

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Categories: alison, imagination, mystery,
Form: Prose
The dark, dark room
The Halloween Party was in full swing
Witches, wizards and an alien thing
with tentacles and one huge eye
Flourishing a laser gun shouting "Die".

Alison and her friends Ada and Jo
Were all dressed as feline kittens "meow"
Carl and...

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Categories: alison, adventure, halloween, horror, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
By the teacher of children in a preschool class
Kids are taught how to listen first time asked

Have good manners by showing respect in school
Which naturally at times they disobey that rule

Life is a stage, each...

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Categories: alison, caregivingchild,
Form: Rhyme

My Other Mother
Nothing like Gayle’s homemade chili wafting throughout her home
To make even the hardest heart feel comforted and less alone

I met an earth angel when I was a merely sixteen and a half
Her spirit was as...

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Categories: alison, devotion, friendship, mother, nostalgiaheart, heart, integrity,
Form: Rhyme
Delia In British Open 2015
In the Disney cartoon movie called Mulan...
Was a poignant scene if ever there was one...
There were wise loving words spoken from the heart...
From a father who read and understood his daughter's hurt....

After Mulan had failed...

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Categories: alison, appreciation, celebration, character, childhood, christian, community, dedication,
Form: Narrative
The Seven Deadly Sins
So far everybody knows that the seven deadly sins are Greed, Gluttony, Anger, Sloth, Jealousy (aka: "Envy"), Lust, and Pride. All seven deadly sins have been around since the 18th century and beyond. and when...

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Categories: alison, on work and working, on writing and
Form: Epic
Premium Member Sessions Shared With Kamar Part 2

Today we spoke about my son, Michael,
particularly about his death
and of his only baby sister, Princess Alison
and how sad it was that the two never met.
Michael’s birthday was rapidly approaching.
That’s never been a good day...

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Categories: alison, day, death, son, day, death, grief, son,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Weak in the Presence of Beauty
Don’t expect words to come out right
Don’t expect them to make any sense
Don’t expect me to know how to behave
Or to be confident and unafraid
“Cause I go weak, I go weak....
Weak in the presence of...

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Categories: alison, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Vanessa Daobry
Vanessa throws the shot put, track, 
In the F34 classification, wheelchairs, 
And is a wheelchair racing coach,
For English Athletics, also an activist. 

Whilst doing the job she received a call, 
From Alison O’Riordan a throwing...

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Categories: alison, courage, desire, destiny, engagement, health, sports, strength,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member My Little Princess Alison
You're My Little Princess Alison and I am your "Uncle" Billy.
I'm your most humble and loyal servant and I shall forever continue to be.
I may be your "Uncle" Billy but you're also my son's little...

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Categories: alison, daughtersweet, sweet,
Form: Rhyme
Sanofi now and then
Friends I’ve made so many
Working so hard saving every penny
First guy on the scene 
Angus he was great 
Made me feel welcome
That I appreciate
Joan and Annette 
Tom and Dan 
Lynn and Fitz

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Categories: alison, friend, future, work,
Form: Rhyme
Holding eight of the seven keys, which can unlock thy seven seas.
How many keys? Eight of all these, lingering touch as it’ll be.
I travel here, travel there, travel far and by the air.
The seas, seas,...

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Categories: alison, 11th grade, adventure, beautiful, miracle, philosophy, sea,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Grapes I'd Rather
I just got through viewing
The "Hot New Poems List"
With the names of those I know
and some I guessed I've missed

I breezed right though the first five
Then, right straight down to ten
and new there'd be no...

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Categories: alison, anxiety, appreciation, desire, friendship, humorous, hurt, me,
Form: Rhyme
Alison Patrick
Alison completed the triathlon in Rio, 
With Hazel Smith, her guide athlete, 
‘Cos she’s visually impaired, not solo, 
And so needs Hazel to see the beat. 
She comes from Dunfermline, Scotland, 
Hazel comes from...

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Categories: alison, sports, strength,
Form: Quatrain
Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Alison weeps at the fake Senior Prom.
Alison creeps out onto the lawn.
Alison’s skin turns to purple from pink.
Alison’s flesh beginning to stink.

A stench too great to look away.
Poking at the children who’ve come to play.

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Categories: alison,
Form: Ballad
Eternal Lullaby
Sleep, baby now rest
Don't you know? To me your the best.
Close your eyes until tomorrow
Although you know the morning may bring you sorrow.

Peace child, don't you know?
You bring happiness in this world filled with foe.

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Categories: alison, death, faith, inspirational, loss, lost love, love,
Form: Ballad
Peckham London, a dwelling holding secrets of many
until my friends relatives unlocked the door.
Uncle Clive,an Indian desendant,held the key of forth coming
to the five terrace house,adjacent pre war cemetry,now a park.

We would visit,at nights many...

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Categories: alison, people,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member my daughters' teens

i know someone was holding my hand
the day i reached into the fire
the day i helped you climb out of the pit you had dug
i know someone was holding you
the day you scaled the wall...

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Categories: alison, children, devotion, family, father daughter, my children,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member For Jan Alison
For Jan Alison:

Jan, today is your chosen last day here.
Like others, I am devastated, and sad.
Your detractors, of course, need removal.
Scoundrels of the first degree!
Allowed to remain here?

You have chosen a new path to go...

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Categories: alison, goodbye, poetess,
Form: Ode
Alison, Alison my friend mentor the person who has ofered me advice
when things were not as calm as i sometime would have liked
but you always found a way to show me how to recognise
all the...

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Categories: alison, caregiving, teen, thank you, me, me, time,
Form: Bio
Caught up in a NETTE , of poetry charms

My WINGS  are not BROKEN,  but ALIgned  with Soup Stars

AL IS Sonny  and bright,  as I DANce  ON a CLAUD

JOy in...

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Categories: alison, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Loner's First Wish

I weaved us together by day
In my lonely room, marveled
At your features, your Pa's sole present,
Memorized the curve of tulips,
Unraveled your bold walk
Having accepted the unfamiliar,
I kept watch
For proof of our union.

Today I exhale as...

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Categories: alison, baby, beauty, best friend, daughter, innocence, my
Form: Bio
Alison Cassano

Angel featured, dark eyes glaring
Lithesome figure moving smooth
Iron willed emotions blaring
Sexy woman on the move.
Once I saw her young and humble
Never thought the day I'd see
When from her shell a star would tumble

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Categories: alison, best friend, devotion, poetry, tribute,
Form: Alliteration