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Happy Dog Poems

These Happy Dog poems are examples of Dog poems about Happy. These are the best examples of Dog Happy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Pug Gives Baby a Kiss
Pug puckered up
Gave the baby a kiss
No one noticed
Not his mother, father,
Or his nanny, a miss

Pug walked away, satisfied and happy
A dog who is sentimental...

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Categories: dog, animal,

Premium Member Dog Walking
Man's bestie
Not a poodle
or Westie

He looks like a wolf
Not in sheep's clothing
No danger

Only love
Faithful presence
Honest happiness

I can call his name
And in he comes

Longing to be...

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© Sam Scott  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, devotion, dog,

I took our son and daughter-in-law’s dog, Juniper, for a walk this morning.
Junie still acts like a puppy even though she’s already 3…
So it’s fair...

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© Jim Yerman  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dog,

The River Of Willow

You entered our lives as a soul of an angel 
Traveling a distance 
From the likes of Grange Hill
Your health from the beginning 
Was such...

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Categories: animal, best friend, dog,

Premium Member Abandoned
One night about a year ago, we heard whimpering at our door.
One of us had to get up and go, didn’t reckon for what was...

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Premium Member Puppy
Quote By Poet "Puppies and kittens are what little kids dreams are made of." 

My puppy is tan and small,
she likes to sleep in mommy's shawl.

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Categories: child, dog, food, humor,

Premium Member The Joy Of Watching Animals
This true story must be told,                                       ...

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Categories: dog, fun, prayer, smile,

Premium Member A Big Hunk Of Love
I just love looking at him. All 160 pound of our beautiful 10 year old dog.
He is a big hunk of love and every day...

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Categories: dog,

My pet dog, Smudge
I wish he'd smell of fudge
instead he stinks of poo
Smudge, I say this cos it's true

You and your big tiger feet
your love...

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Categories: animal, dog, fun, happy,

A dog chasing its tail
This was my first poem ever. I lost it a while ago but recently rediscovered it again. This was written when I was 15 and...

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Categories: dog, death, emotions,

Furry rain day
Every girl and every fella
Open up your big umbrella
It's going to rain for sure
Not wet drops, but fluffy fur

Little kittens falling down
Landing safely on the...

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Categories: cat, children, cute, dog,

Hounds Of Yesterday
There’s a howling in the air tonight
A baying at the moon
For the hound is running free again
And his voice has joined the tune
Of a thousand...

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Categories: dog, loss, memory,

Premium Member Dog And Pacemaker
Without a bark or growl,
he quickly turned the corner;

But oh, the site and size of him!
I knew that escaping him was slim.

It seemed that out...

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Categories: dog, heart,

A Dog Named Leo
I pass a dog named Leo
Sometimes on my morning walks.
Off leash, he goes exploring
While his owner stops and talks.

He’s black and white with stand-up ears,

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Magic Dog
Silly dog, happy dog,
Running through the lawn,
You’ll be barking at the mailman,
From nightfall until dawn.
Come back and drink some water,
You’re panting quite a bit,
I’m sure...

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Categories: animal, cat, dog, magic,