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Do You Remember

Somewhere in a dream, 
Serene and blissful from the start
It comes to me again
The two of us in love, and eagerly alone
Breathlessly naive', and blissfully assured
that we would be as one
...that nothing in the world outside,  could ever be compared

Two bikes took rest against a tree
We climbed the nearest hill, 
Through foxtails, deep and thickets, high
Along a creek bed, far and wide,
wading through warm granite stones
Slick and wet, with velvet moss
littered deep with autumn leaves, and the urgent tender years

My you remember...?
We were like children, we marveled and swooned
at the shapes of the clouds in the lavender sky
changing their forms in a wink of the eye
We were wild with love, that stirred the stones
Discovering firsts, and thirsts unknown

Layers of years, now whisper here, 
Imprisoned in this hidden place, with every breath of air

Not a fluent time that bends or moves
...but time fully reasoned, with ancient eyes
Unwound of it's youthful eyes and loves
Where dulcet words plucked out of space
Have not been tinged by autumn's breath
And innocence is scattered like leaves upon the breeze
And lingers, ...with a sweet wistful sigh

We who once made love, ...a thousand skies ago
Have slept with tossing shadows and lilting cries
Still tremble with the memory

Oh, ...I know the subtle ways of empty dreams
And I shall go by silent lanes and leave this day....and you....
                                                                                     ....timeless here

.     .     .     .     .    .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .     

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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A Rhyme In Time

It is about that time of the year…
I have lost count of my age, oh dear.
Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone,
It is has been for so, very long.

I look back and think…
Boy, time has just flown by, in a wink.
It seems like yesterday I was just born,
I don’t feel any different inside, you know.

It’s this body of mine that distracts…
It is a little slower to react.
Oh, I stubbed my toe,
Wouldn’t you know.

I fall asleep at the computer…
Pressed on top of my lap top are my fingers.
I wake up, to my surprise,
There are words of a different kind.

My sacroiliac is tight…
It must be from sitting up all night.
Half way asleep in my recliner, oh my aching back,
Taking my cat naps with my two cats.

Didn’t get much sleep last night, a simple fact…
So, I thought I would stretch out the kinks in my back.
Took some time to pray,
And read my scriptures for the day.

What do we have in store for today, Dear Lord?
Life with it’s ins and outs, there is no doubt.
That when you get older,
We tend to lean a little more on God’s shoulder.

Life has its rhythm with each new heart beat...
We were born yesterday in our birthday suits, cheek to cheek.
We can find humor in our own little lives,
Which ends up at our age as “A Rhyme In Time”

Christian Poetress

For the older one's out there who are having birthdays' in June and July...

" Have a Very, Very Blessed Birthday"  

May 19, 2014

Copyright © Christian Poetress | Year Posted 2014

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Dragons Wish

One night while stargazing, Dragon and I, got to see a falling star… descend.
I thought that would be great, so I told him he could make a wish on them…
But Dragon’s are really quite unique, and don’t always think, like you and me. 
No, NOT at all! And you should believe, things began to unravel, immediately:

About to make that wish… He realized the moon descends every night.
And the sun descends, like the moon… every single day, at every Twilight.
Becoming horrified that so many wishes had gone by him, totally unused!
He decided to wish upon the star, that all past wishes, can now come, to be used.

There is logic here, I think, as Dragon hordes things; he’d do it with wishes, too.
When I tried to explain, that’s not how wishes work, they have to be rare and few.
With falling stars, it has to come from one, that came to ground, willing to share.
Now Dragon is a stubborn thing and decided, I wanted them all for myself, to snare.

He stomped his foot, as the 2 year old he is, crying he didn’t want to share not one.
So I patiently explained that there are bigger stars everywhere, bigger than our sun!
He was sure I’d done him wrong and had lied, after all, his eyes are very keen.
The bigger, the better, and our sun was the biggest thing, that he had ever seen!

It’s brightness has gobs of power, in fact, I’d said it powers all the Earth, he recalled.
So its wish couldn’t be small… he said it’s not nice, to not share, with him at all.
Now a tantrum was about to ensue, from our 2 year old who’d skipped his nap.
And don’t forget he’s a Dragon, too! It wasn’t a good idea to fall into this trap!

Some things are better to not go through. Why fight the battle, if you can stop the war?
In the end I took that wish… and wished I’d never took him on that wishful tour.
You know what? I did find that peace finally came back and did preside, in a wink.
As I got his blankie for his bed, and tucked him in so nice and neat, I paused to think.

Next year would be a better time, to view the meteor showers, after we both have…
A well-deserved nap. Don’t you think? When he’s a tad more grown up, I did add…
Besides my wishes, in the past, have served me well, as they brought him here to me.
And I ’d need one more wish this year, to help him when flying… to not hit the trees!

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2014

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Where Have You Gone, My Love

Where have you gone?
I am lonely and forlorn
We swore of not parting ever
You've vanished in a wink, what’s the matter?

We promised to be together in rain and sunshine
The sun and moon be eclipsed but you’ll be mine
We are made for each other, you said
You brought me the gift of roses red

Where are those promises, where are those days?
The games in moonlight and seashore plays
The sky of my life is now overcast
I am bewildered, I am aghast

Lost are those whispers, lost are those songs
The replay of past moments my crying heart longs
My happiness has withered, my joys are gone
My heart is a desert where thorns have grown

Sintra, Portugal 22/01/ 2015

Copyright © Hamida Yamin | Year Posted 2015

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Joyous Day At The Train Station

Joyous Day At The Train Station A most absurd thing happened while I made my way to meet my morning train one sunny, summer day. While walking on the path I saw the engineer I see most every day when traveling, but near him was a box of sorts all covered with a sheet. He quickly called to me and said, "please come to meet this stray, a golden-orange tabby cat I caught along the tracks. A little irritable and fraught but genial, and he emits the sweetest mews. His fur is smooth and excellent; bright eyes diffuse green glows of iris; he's a beauty with no home." I bent and peered inside, he looked so all alone, but kindly met my eyes with such a generous meow and then moved over close to where I was. Not minding one iota when I picked him up, he fit so sweetly in my arms which I did cup and did appreciate my holding him so near. He tucked his head beneath my chin, and it was clear in order to make him my own, there was a kink... a costly act...skip work today. Then, in a wink, I called my boss, and 'knock on wood', he said okay. An unplanned meeting with my new-found pet this day gave me a special joy, and with a hug sincere, "an admirable kindness," said the engineer. Sandra M. Haight ~1st Place~ Premiere Contest: Make A Poem Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton Judged: 07/12/2016 Couplet Form using Iambic Hexameter: 12 syllables and 6 feet per line
21 Required Words to Include in Poem: Absurd, appreciate, admirable, cat, caught, costly, emits, engineer, excellent golden, generous, genial, iris, iota, irritable, kindly, knock, kink, orange, over, order My poem took about 3 hours to compose between two writing sessions: evening of July 2 and morning of July 3.

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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I took a trip for fun, 
between the Earth and Sun, 
slid quietly between,
the star sun's scarlet sheen,
from its radiant show,
and in it's earthly glow. 

I cast misty shadows, 
on planet's green meadows,
and people took up hands,  
like stretchy rubber bands,
to greet me with great joy, 
like a new kite or toy. 

Metallic ships went by, 
with sunbursts on the fly, 
between planet and star, 
I'm incredibly far, 
I’m always just right here, 
with the sun over there.

Your sable shades cloaked earthly eyes,
I heard the awe of your surprise, 
I felt a popularity, 
of power all had come to see,
I'd be like the great Houdini,  
hide the sun and make it teeny.

I blocked the amber sun from view, 
and cast dark shadows over you, 
a coyote barked a gentle cough, 
and Venus slid her blanket off,
the crickets sang, but not for long, 
the Sun insisted, I was wrong. 

Then out it came with dazzled light,
a Sun cracked smile of spewing fright, 
a cheshire grin of searing heat, 
red with anger and blind conceit,
he hid from me all Earth's creatures, 
with fuzzy dim, blue-green features. 

Then, I saw you'd all gone, 
with the Sun turned back on, 
you loud creatures all clapped,
with my next route well mapped, 
for the light had returned, 
and my dark magic spurned,
as the lesser soft light, 
when you seek me at night. 

Then you said you were done, 
with your star studded fun, 
with cameras and scopes, 
and space colored hopes, 
a quick jump to that car, 
you lost me and the star. 

On a soft summer night,
with gold glints of starlight,  
look me full in the face,
as I beam from my place, 
then, wave long as you think, 
what I hid in a wink. 

-Edlynn Nau 
© August 25, 2017

Copyright © Edlynn Nau | Year Posted 2017

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As God guided my hand to write this poem with black ink.
With love and favor He gave me words to write this in a wink.
I’ve learned that an empty heart has no compassion;
But an empty heart gets no satisfaction.
Some of us see no meaning or purpose in life.
I think because we stressed with problems and strife.
Most people appear happy and confident.
But many people still try to fill up their own void with achievement.
Faith in the life of a person is that the word must become a living force within the 
soul of a man.
I put this in the poem hoping you can understand.
My mother always told me this, “that an empty heart doesn’t care,  
“And definitely that a empty heart has no love to share.”
I’m not selfish but I'm doing this for me.
So I can be free and just let be.
See a part of me knows what to do.
But another piece of me has no clue.
In my life I'm making my own path.
I've sat around for days and done the math.
Having faith and believing is the only thing that keeps me going,
So I just keep positive people and things around me that is what keep me moving.

Romans 3:19-20  Now we know that whatever the law says it speaks to those who 
are under the law, so that every mouth may be stopped, and the whole world may 
be held accountable to God. For by works of the law no human being will be justified 
in his sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin. 

Copyright © Jeffrey Lee | Year Posted 2011

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April's Angel

Sister, you left me without saying goodbye
And lived your life in a wink and a sigh
Born in the spring with a short season to give
I lost you in the fall leaving a long winter to outlive
You taught me love and held me close in my grief
I'm wishing we had never put our faith in false belief
Nothing could harm us as we sought out love
When you were gone, something I could barely speak of

I miss your presence even more today
On your birthday, this Easter Sunday
I have only to hope and pray
And wonder about the woman you would have become
Lend me your strength not to succumb

To sadness, yet whisper to me to go on and grow
So I carry you with me wherever I go
You're there in my dreams and never really apart
Now you can finally take flight and know heaven's heart
You are my April angel that will never depart


Copyright © Karen Dominick | Year Posted 2010

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Onward and Upward

Sometimes when you're alone
Who can you call?
Who can you phone?
Close friends are few
Some just grew old
Nobody new
Nights always cold
So now you stop
It's time to think
Life does not vanish
In a wink
Lots of new folks are still here
It takes some work
No need to fear
Lots of others need a friend
A little sweat could start a trend
So you put yourself right out
Now there's no more need to pout
You stumble on a brand new group
You fit right in
You tie the loop
Now your days just race right by
New friends at last
No need to cry
You worked real hard
To push ahead
No bad thoughts now
Goodbye to dread

Copyright © Gary Kraidman | Year Posted 2015

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You tightly-jeaned fellas 
outlining your phallus
leave me amazed and a-ponder
I'm amused but bemused:
are there girls who have use
for what resembles a wee anaconda?

Do they worship your shrine
or it’s all in your mind
fed with waccies instead of good food?
It's decidedly viable
to have one more pliable
than the texture of old antique wood

Cold water well spiced
with big blocks of ice
may bring tears to your 'dmiring eyes
but your nuts in a wink
will shiver and shrink
from grotesque to a palatable size


Copyright © delysia hendricks | Year Posted 2011

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A child’s in thought by a cozy fire
His dog stretched out at hearthside
Big sister and a friend fun-gone
On a frosty    snowy sleigh ride

His kitty    Miss Boots    
Done chasing a mouse
Asleep on the sill
Not a sound in the house

Then    in fancy    enchanted child hears
Pitter pats on the roof
A jolly fat laugh
Many reindeer hooves

The blaze in the fireplace
Pops a big log
Startles the child
And up jumps his dog

Blasé     kitty Boots
Starts licking her paws
Could really care less
About Santa Claus

Well the red clad saint
From a mist slow appears
Till now stands full grown
A stroking his beard

This elf’s not imposing
No no    not at all
Here stands a man not 3 feet tall
Though perfectly formed    unbelievably small

Child and dog stand transfixed
Eyes open wide in complete surprise
Doubting the form is really St. Nick
Greatly puzzled because of his size

At last    child in haze
In a wishing fond pause
Does stammer a question
Two words    “Santa Claus?”

The vision    though smiling    seems not to hear
But merrily ho-hoing reaches back
And in a shower of gold
He conjures a sack

The brown bag is loaded
With all sorts of toys
Colorfully wrapped    and neatly bowed
Dainties for girls    sport for the boys

The gifts then fly out and under the tree
This all in a wink    quit magically
Then boy and dog    in amazement see
Old Santa rise up the fiery chimney

The blaze in the fireplace
Again pops the log
Again startles all three
Child    kitty    and dog

Christmas morn child early awakes
How tangible yestereve’s happening seemed
All colored in Christmas’ red  gold and green
Was Santa Claus real    or part of a dream?

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2015

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Farewell 2014, Welcome 2015

              Farewell 2014, God Bless You
               Good years pass in a wink
      The cup is broken before you finish a drink
       The bad ones each day, a hell, an inferno

    Sheepishly creeping in, you made tall promises
                 Peace, tranquility, harmony 
              End of conflict, strife and poverty,
Rule of Law, good governance, redeeming of grievances

              Your promises fell by the way side
The high and mighty you served like your predecessors
        You reincarnated Hitler, Mussolini and Caesars
       Humbleness vanished, ruled arrogance and pride 

                 To Syria and Iraq you gifted ISIS 
          In Afghanistan and Pakistan you created crisis
      The cruel hands of Satan like Taliban were let loose
          For the afflicted, anguish and pain you choose

          You were a silent spectator to Israel’s atrocities
                Like Nero you fiddled when Gaza burnt
  The cries and wailings of Palestinian women and children 
        Fell on deaf ears; didn't melt your hardened heart

          You unleashed sufferings to Muslims in Myanmar 
        You saw the massacre of school children in Peshawar
              The sit in observed by the leader Imran Khan
                    Against the corrupt rulers in Pakistan

                       Which good deed you boast about
                  It is best for you now quietly to slip out
          And allow me to welcome two thousand and fifteen
                 See the seed of New Year’s dawn sprout

            With radiant shine and glow of hope on its face
                The New Year may as well enter the race
                   May through Almighty’s sublime grace
             The conflicts and sufferings to leave no trace

                Exit 2014 and enter two thousand fifteen
          May tomorrow promise a life tranquil and serene!

         Sintra, Portugal -December 31, 2014 -23:54 hours

Copyright © Mohammad Yamin | Year Posted 2014

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More Than We Can Ask or Think (Ephesians 3:20)

We ask for mediocrity

As far as blessings

From the Father

He wants to give us

Really large things

We have a limited

Thought capacity

So we continue

To ask for less

And God wants

To give us more.

The scripture states

In Ephesians 3:20,

"Now to Him who is able,

To do exceedingly abundantly,

Above all that we ask or think,

According to the power

That works in us,"

See in Him we must

Fully trust and

We also must

Allow His power

To work in us

And we will see

The results.

We ask God

For cars, money,

Good grades,

But He not only

Wants to have

That He wants

His work to come

Out of you

And you'll be

Amazed of

What He has

For you.Things

That you never

Thought You

Could  have or

Be able to do

Will occur for

Your good work

That He placed

In you. You must

Believe that you

Have the power

That He gave

All of His true

Children in order

To enjoy the

True multi-millions

Of things He has

In store or possibly

Even more.

Be careful what

You pray for

You might just

Get it. Pray

Instead for God's

Best, because

Our mental capacity

Is limited. Keep

On living, working,

And believing in

God. You ain't seen

Nothing yet.

You may ask for

Something little

And in a wink

He'll bless you

With more than

We can ask or think.


wrote 11-8-10

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, 
according to the power that works in us," Ephesians 3:20

Copyright © Nicole Sharon Brown | Year Posted 2010

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The Crowd That Is Me - Mental Hospital 4

It is a strange inner world, if you live there alone. In me eight boys hide, a couple of villains, some discarded toys, screeching birds, and overall a host of an undefined kind.
This is an astonishing accomplishment, largely because I live in a small frame, all the same they fit in there, a strange affair, I admit.

The men in white, with their syringes an multi-coloured pills don't like this. Despite the fact that they are very rambunctious themselves - while doing their chores they slam doors, yell at people, laugh proud at their own jokes - they hate the silent noise of my inside crowd, while no one's loud!

The boring lives they live, they think it can give them the right to interfere, they're only satisied if no one's here but single me...
And so I swallow pills, yellow, white or even green, and in a wink of an eye they're gone, I blink.... poooooof.

If only they would have a pill that will erase annoying people that rule my life, Wouldn't that be great? No reason anymore to debate or argue, such peace... Can I have that today?



May 8, 2017 
Copyright © Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Farwell 2011 and Hello 2012

In a wink of an eye 2011 went by
Wasn’t it just yesterday I gave 2010 away?
2012 is now replacing you
There is still is so much I wanted to do 
Ooh well I am not in a hurry
Because if I do
Time will be very blurry
A lesson learned well
Carefully taught by 2010
Timing is everything
What, How, Where and When!!!

2011 I thank you
You made me see what is true
I am grateful
Explaining to me how to be faithful
To the teachings of life
So 2011 I say Farwell
To you my dear good friend
With all my heart
I’ll cherish every moment in time we spent

2012 in a week you and me will finally meet
I am pretty sure
Our time together is going to be SWEET
2011 has been talking a lot about you
Dreaming of the things we are going to do
Can’t wait to get to know you
What will you bring me?
Where will you take me?

2012 I am ready for you to show me
Everything you are supposed to be

Copyright © Cheryl Glans | Year Posted 2012

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An After-Flood Thought

That Egypt, Rome, and Greece 
Of Past;
In the West            
Is the newfound world 
Of reason, affluence and power;
A dream in reality;
Is in reality a dream.
Now I agree with the silly-looking tales of the Muslim preachers, 
And my maternal grands’;
Even can vanish in a wink.
It’s but a bitter truth,
And alas!  There is nothing in the history, 
In this whole world, 
—undying and reliable.
And these storm, flood, volcanoes and quakes,
In sea or on earth,
Seem some sharp-minded agencies 
Of some remote, remote, near God.

Copyright © fayaz bhat | Year Posted 2014

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Rummaging incense
Floating swiftly in the air
Snuffed out in a wink

Copyright © hell kat | Year Posted 2006

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With depression her heart does sink Her companion comes in eye blink Without a word that she does say Compassion is shown both this way No words are shared, no given ink Puppy holds her heart in a wink Her face carries not such a drink This punishment in prime of day With depression She seems to be in state of think From her imagination brink She sits there sadly not to lay Dog's on her shoulder that he may Bring companionship, nothing pink With depression
Contest: Briton Riviere Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst Painting: Sympathy 6/18/2013

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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In A Wink

In a wink,

she lit up the room, a morning buoy;
sunflower swayed in sun's rays all day.

No storm-warning, no quake, crack
crept up the wall; dark fog stole in,
stifled the air, and dulled the budding
bliss. Hope waned! We watched joy
bleed, seep like sudden tropic rain into
pain-etched hearts; our faces lost glow
      with folds of sorrow.

In a wink, she was gone;
in a wink, we stood at a brink,
      blinking back tears.

If she laid, cuddled in sleep,
I'd have crouched to peck the cheek.
A sun, she rose at dawn and set at noon.
I now look ahead, ears for the blast;
she'll rise. We’ll hug.
      We’ll part no more.
© 2016 Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi

Copyright © Celestine Ikwuamaesi | Year Posted 2016

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Blind are you

Blind are you, are you not?
Blind are you, not to see
Blind are you who never halt
For only you the blurry be

Blind are you to never know
What the truth is, what lies the others make
Blind are you to obstruct the morrow
Of your sweet child's growing uptakes

Blind are you to never think
What it would be, what it really is
Blind are you to see it all in a wink
The life she has, the life you put out because of this

Blind are you who never cease
The doubt in your mind, your debased thinking
Blind are you who taints the ease
Of your own heart's umbery, the bias strengthening   

Blind are you, who entrusts your own eyes
To the blinded, and blinded they are to their inerrable desires
Blind are you, to your own demise
For you trust the eyes that ravish the women they admire

Blind are you to think you know
For you do not, and are petty to half-hearted oaths
Blind are you, and you'll terribly regret so
The people you trust, the people you will soon loathe.

Copyright © Eilis Philipps | Year Posted 2015

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I am Staying

I’m Staying!
Steve L. Siegel
August, 2015

What if we did have an authority of our own? 
All across America and our native lands, 
Were we choose to place our hats and call home, 
Nine-eleven brought us tears to my and your lands. 
We all cried as smoke rose up from the towers, 
This nation watched as the ash and smoke rose up, 
Taking dreams away in a wink of a few hours, 
It was time for our own country to wake-up. 
On this sad day, we felt we stood all alone. 
In one day we stood arm too arm as brothers, 
Ready to fight for our nation's own birthstone. 
Now we'll get to see if this be our own luster. 
Because, I'm staying till the fight has been won!

Copyright © Steven Siegel | Year Posted 2015

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After This You Needn't Regret

After this you needn't regret
Your life is bourn as your child today
Voudrais tu une cigarette?

All stakes are high upon this bet
Though grace and patience is all to pay
After this you needn't regret

In warmth and bonds may trust inset
The glow of knowing till egos play
Voudrais tu une cigarette?

Advice wears over for angst's outlet
Never rash nor heavy, never lose light in day
After this you needn't regret

In a wink and a worry in your Autumn set
A thought to the child now grown away
Voudrais tu une cigarette?

Then a day your child takes up the fret
You smile to see their berth and say:
After this you needn't regret
Voudrais tu une cigarette?

Copyright © Mathieu de Casanove | Year Posted 2011

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The Slave's Tale: Revenge

Exracted from Gerald Nforche's Epic, The Slave's Tale

-Across the Atlantic, 1793-

And as days tumbled away, we staggered
Along, knock-kneed, dead beat and haggard.
Our bodies singing to the tune of the whip
Whizzing on morsels of flesh, so the flip.

Fed like dogs, fed from pity, we kept alive
Trudging along the valleys and the wild
Birds singing down at us, our elegies:-
Those birds who shared our land and memories.

My kinsman, he shackled infront of me
Turned and stared a second at me:
Before whips fell on flesh, devouring
Harvesting the very blood, that came dripping.

I recalled those eyes staring at me, metal-
Vacant save with shame. And I recalled, decal 
Ago, he was the warrior, Zoko he was!
Be not ashamed brother! We’d had no lethal force.

Muscular he was, tall and menacing
Muscles gaping with fury, howling
In contempt and shame, regret well spelled
As each morsel of muscle throbbed in its cell.

The winds sighed into our sweat tinged faces
Sympathising with our souls and races
Giving us their farewells and all vigour
Via gulps of freshening air with all rigour.

 And shortly the winds come again, madder
Battering the trees, scaffolding our line, harder
Dazing mokala and his men who faltered
Giving us the golden moment we desired.

And everything detonated-
What I saw in a wink of an eye, astounded,
Was the warrior getting at mokala’s neck
And a snap came so suddenly: sweet peck. 
The thing that flabbergasted me gaunt
Was that his hands were strapped in front
But still he had reached and cracked a neck
And was now reaching for another’s leg.

This had been so fast that comrades never saw
Or head a muffled sound from fear’s core-
And soon each slave was bent on the kill
The wind sent, I presumed, had brought the skill.

What had happened was that as the wild wind
Scuffled with trees and man, mokala eased his whim
And turned to the wind like set to trap it
And we had snatched the luck and beat towards it.

Seconds soon, six mokala, closest to the flock
Rested inert like decal old rocks.
I killed mokala with a strike to his genitals 
He clutching it to his doom near petals.

Before I realised , we were screaming
Battering at the nearest mokala, tearing,
Reaching for sizable chunks of flesh.
We were now monsters, fresh ones. Very fresh!

Shots rang in the air, bullets whistled by
But we, nonchalant grope with every cry
And volleys of bullets whistled off the lane, 
Brothers dropping with gasps, shrieks and pain.

Copyright © Gerald Nforche | Year Posted 2013

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A Change Of View And Lifestyle

The mountains arise all around
Her skirts valleys trims that abound

The court house stands antiquated
For years law accommodated

On square few stores in business
No longer the attractiveness

The beauty of the peach trees pink
In bloom in the spring gone in a wink

Packing sheds closed down different now
Lifestyles different as fields once plow

Nostalgia for days of the past
Change is good but will it last

In honor of: Michael J. Falotico
Contest: "A Change of View"
Since I have always lived in one 
place, I wrote about change....

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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A Shoulder To Cry On

What would we do without friendships It'd sure be a lonely existence Life would have no meaning, no purpose No one to brag to for instance To brag about all our many successes To talk to when things go wrong A shoulder to cry on every once in a while We don't always sing happy songs It's really quite normal and actually healthy These feelings of angst and despair It wouldn't be normal if we're always upbeat So it's good to be able to share Why do we need these really close friends Kind of obvious wouldn't you think No one's a solitary ship on the ocean Need friends to help in a wink That's why this site is so important to me The friendships I've made in a year Are hard to replace, this unique li'l group Your friendships I hold very dear © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013