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Quintain (English) Definition

An English Quintain is a poem that consists of five lines hence the "quint" in quintain. A quintain does not have a specific length for each line. It can be as short or as long as the poet likes. The rhyme scheme of an English quintain is a/b/a/b/b. The most well-known and common form of quintains is actually a limerick.

A quintain is beautiful in its simplicity and is most enjoyed by the humor in limericks, but it does not have a specific theme that needs to be followed. A quintain can be romantic, dramatic, as well as humorous. THere is no limit to what topic a quintain can be used to write. 

This is much more popular form of Quintet having no set measure or foot and has a rhyming scheme of a. b. a. b. b.

Quintain (English) Poem Example

Fields we have planted
have ripened slowly to golden husk.
soon they will be harvested.
the air rich with wheaten musk
the fields once more return to dust.

Ryter Roethicle

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