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My view on seduction, is that what you're asking me? Specifically love, my thoughts on loving a woman, that's what you want to know? Have you ever seen the image of a woman in the ocean while walking along the beach? You know how the shape is all there but void of definition. You know how the shape is sort of broken, how the lines are not distinct. I wonder if that is what we men have done to women, they who we treasure most. How often do they have to hide as a replica in order to protect our egos. To take a back seat because we have a need to drive the car to be in control. So if we don't allow them to be whole... but you know what else, what if they are perfectly defined the fault is in how we view them. What if that is them we have no role, no blame to assume. What if that is exactly the way they want it to remain, shadows of different intensities. What if they want to be a series of reflections. What if the ripples in the water are of their making. I want to hold a woman. Hold her completely defined. learn more about her everyday because I hold her like a book I'm reading. I will tell you this I don't have a need to know everything. If she wants a locked room that she has the only key to, that makes sense to me. Still I want her heart, her laugh, her tears I want the feel of her flesh and I want her defined. I want to see her not just her likeness. I want her smile I want all the expressions of her face. So you're walking along the beach. The relationship is new for the most part you are with her facsimile but if you look down you can see her feet, not just her impression. I can build from that. She is steady she is with me. You want my view on seduction? You have to accept a basketful of contradictions, you have to read the book accept there will be constant re-writes you have to at least see her feet from day one. If you want to make it to the top you have to start at the bottom don't forget there are some great stops on the way up. Seduction? love between two people that's important. You wouldn't treat your career lightly. Get it right. Make sure she leaves footsteps along the beach. That is how you seduce a woman... ...listen to her ...respect her interested in her career ...her wants, her needs ...her opinions ...remember ...don't talk a good game act.
07/10/2014 Sponsor Justin Bordner Contest Name The Heart Of Seduction I understand this is a extremely different view of seduction and might not fit what Justin is looking for. This is his contest and I wholeheartedly respect that. For my taste this poem is very seductive. In it I share what I believe it takes to seduce a woman.

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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On Our Friendship For Jan Allison

You were eyes for the man I was - blind 
And always without strain you were kind 
Love from the heart with no edit of mind 
What a day it was I met you - what a find 
In awe of your aura - to mesh I was inclined
Our souls with ease from day one intertwined 
Faith insisted on our meeting, solid, underlined  
There were no keys on backs one had to wind 
To say that I am thankful would be misdefined 
A new word I would create for us for all mankind  
For our story must be familiar one predefined  
From up above written in stone and preassigned 
I am writing this in monorhyme perfectly designed 
Like our friendship it is one, neat and consigned  
For you now - delivered, dated and proudly signed 

With Love Armand 
Sponsor: Judy Konos
Contest: Write A Poem

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2015

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Chapter and Verse a live poetry recital

Good evening Ladies 
May I say, I am honored and privileged
As this is the first ever time
I have read in front of a woman’s only group
And a fine group of bovine beauties you are

I truly hope you have enjoyed dinner
The poetry portion of your evening is about to begin
First I wish to thank Betsy for inviting me
She mooooed me over from day one
I must also offer my sincere apologies
If I have eaten any of your relatives
A simple but tasty misunderstanding at beast, ops best

This evening’s poetry reading will have background music
Lyrcial Jazz music is like the spice to my gourmet poetry
Richard here is on Sax, and Dave will play the guitar
So feel free to sit or stand, rain or shine
Graze upon this artistic feast of cultural poetry

I shall recite four movements here, thus to allow you
Breaks for your own movements so to speak
I wish you an udderly fantastic evening

This piece is called “Chapter and Verse”

Part 1)

Borrowed words

Overdue loans
On faded words
Tears melting ink
Wisdom's die 
Collection time
Bankrupt soul
With no words to share

Moooooo mooooooo Mooooooo 
Mooo Mooooooo Mooooooo Moooooo
Cow bells jingle
More Moooos moooo moooooo

You gals are sooooo  Mooovarlous

Now for Part 2)

Overdue books

Wine splashes the pages
Of my mind
Melancholy whispers to me
Here, here 
The past sings me a song
Withered books 
Our collective memories
Buried in the pages of history

Moooooo mooooooo Mooooooo 
Mooo Mooooooo Mooooooo Moooooo
Cow bells jingle
More Moooos moooo moooooos

Oh My God really stop it
You Gals are udderly amazing
Thank you so much

I really appreciate your Cowcil

On to Part 3 Ladies

Sad Chapters

I danced 
I drank
Love and wine
Penelope Sosa
Stole heart and mind
Debts paid
Her beauty refined
Lonely betrayal
I dine on sad chapters

Moooooo mooooooo Mooooooo 
Mooo Mooooooo Mooooooo Moooooo
Cow bells jingle
More Moooos moooo moooooos

You gals really are overdoing it
However I do have a part 4, you are such a great audience
For fans like you, I am willing to milk this poem to the end

The last Verse

Mathematical potions
Equations that dream
A soft kiss lade upon my sleeping heart
Is it you? Is it you that lightens my soul?
Spread your wings for me
I shall smell the sweet scent
Of your poetic juices
As we lay entwined
Inside the last verse

Standing Mooooooooovations
Moooooo mooooooo Mooooooo 
Mooo Mooooooo Mooooooo Moooooo
Cow bells jingle
More Moooos moooo moooooos

Well I must thank you dearly
I confess I was somewhat Cowardly to perform
However you gals where just great
I will be signing autographs back at the barn!!!!!!

Note: This poem was sponsored by Dr Doo Little

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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I was thinking of my good old grandpa, 
I loved him so much and called him Bababa.
He was my favorite person in my life,
He was always in peace even in his strife.
He was kind and giving, joyful to us all.
He made us to believe we’re big and we’re tall.
I loved him and he loved me so ever much,
His voice was lovely and his kiss was as such.
Although, he left us and long time he is gone.
He wanted me to know life is going on.
I am thinking of him, he lives within me.
If I die who remembers me, where I’ll be?
We are destined to live, grow old and then die.
Somehow we all do it without knowing why?
We are just like a breeze at dawn blind at heart,
In this vanished abode there is no new start.
My grandpa was the moth, death the unseen flame,
In this trap who’s the hunter, what is his name?
I asked myself a thousand times, perhaps more;
How come there is so much pain, what’s the pain for?
Maybe there is a God and this is my hell.
Suspect, I may, but only time, it might tell.
If I see God, I will ask him, what I’ve done?
How come I am what I am, ten, without one?
How come you make and then break us without shame.
To us is life; to you perhaps is a game.
If you are the creator, then you should make,
Please do not break me as a mistake.
You made me and you made me so ever nice,
Now you wanted to break me like block of ice!
That is okay it is not me that I failed.
I lived my life; it is as though I’ve prevailed.
I got married and laughed, played a few games,
Where were you up to now, I called you with names.
Never showed up to my sadness and my pain,
What do you want from me? I am not insane.
Maybe the story that I read, was all wrong.
I heard a symphony without any song.
Maybe there was the Bang, came from the Big Crunch,
Maybe there is a loop we’re there as a bunch.
I know my particles in my body well.
They’re just temporary in me, I can tell.
I know my particles they lived from day one,
I am custodian until they are gone.
I’m not worried that what will be out there,
I will be part of that, oneness, without care.
The next time when you see raindrops or some dew,	
That water might have come from me, it is true.
Remember me; I’ll be part of the sunset,
Who came once as a man with doubt and regret.

9/22/2018 Haloo

Note: This particular style of poetry is called "Masnavi", it is the spiritual couplets usually with eleven syllables. Poetrysoup has a great explanation and example of this form of poetry.

Copyright © Pashang Salehi | Year Posted 2018

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Treasure of My Soul

I held an angel in my arms today,
A precious babe snuggled against my breast.
And my heart was overwhelmed with so much love,
As she lay contentedly at rest.

I watched her as she slept so soundly,
Gazed at her cherub face in sweet repose.
I marveled at her tiny features,
Like her dainty shell-like ears and button nose.

I brushed my lips against her downy head,
Her skin like velvet to my touch.
I gave thanks to God above for His priceless blessing
Of this little angel girl I love so much.

The birth of my first grandchild has awakened,
A joy that my soul cannot contain.
From day one my heart's been captured by her,
Firmly caught and held by love's strong chain.

Entered in Shadow Hamilton's "Your Favorite Old Poem" contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2013

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Cheers and Whistles

I awaken to a lark’s song
 In early morning’s misty light
 Spy it on a branch, softly shaking
 In the gentle breeze, its fewer leaves
 Turned yellow gold
 Surround her so pretty,
 Her song to me. Yes, I know 
the lark sings to me 

Its cheery new day song,
 As if there were no tomorrow –
 It whistles in the evening 
as if there were no
 Yesterdays. Soon it is joined
 By another, oh! What a lark!
 What a pair they make!
 I remember those same two larks
 Not far in the past –
Last Spring, they stood together proudly
 Day after day and through the summer; he
 Could go nowhere without her.
 He, was the one who sang to her
 Each new morning, the one
 Who courted her till each sundown,
 Up to twilight when she fell asleep.
He was the one she couldn’t do without,
 The one she could love forever, together
 They had built the nest for their offspring
 Now grown,
 Now gone.
 They’d been inseparable from day one,
 Even bickering, just two souls
 Disagreeing - still, he sang
 To her in the morning, sang to her
 Under the setting sun, and
In the autumn of their life
 They sang together, cheery
 As if there were no tomorrow
 Whistling, as if there were no yesterday.
This morning
 I let out a sigh
 Remembering so well
 The dream I once held
 So tight.
 Will it come to pass?
 The answer came
 From the larks song each morning,
 Cheery, as if there were no tomorrow.
 Whistle in the evening,
 As if there were no yesterday,
 And I sing each day
 With faith.
 I whistle each evening
 To not let the sun go down
 On the morose, My love,
I will not let you down.
CarolineCecile - 10.12.12

Copyright © Caroline Cécile Delacroix | Year Posted 2012

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A Dark Man

         This piece is dedicated with love to J.E. Gauthier, Jr. Active addict and father. 
Only by the grace of God may he be saved from the error of his ways.

 For years a dark man walked through a seemingly revolving door
 Steadily leaving his wife and kids as he searched for something more
 Occasionally calling home every now and again
 In his voice they could hear the taint of black sin
 Back then life on the road meant drugs money and women far as the eye could see
 He said he'd never look back 'cuz he was born free
 Life grew emptier as he grew older
 The drugs grew heavier as his heart grew colder
 His four children left behind with no place to call home
 From day one they made it in this world alone
  For years a dark man walked through a seemingly revolving door
 Steadily leaving his wife and kids as he searched for something more
 Occasionally calling home every now and again
 In his voice they could hear the taint of black sin

 Every few years he'd arrive unannounced offering money and a hug
 All while using the garage to hide his drug
 His spitting image could smell his guilt a mile away
 She rolled her gloomy blue eyes in unison with every false word he had to say

 Today his girls are grown raising girls of thier own
 December came and went
 February turned to Lent
 On a stormy midnight he still turns to his blue eyed spitting image
 As the clouds clear she is again lost in the scrimmage

 She lies awake with a bottle of wine in hand
 On her mind weighs a dark man
 His ways make him lonely and lost
 Yet to her death she will fight for him at all costs

  For years a dark man walked through a seemingly revolving door
 Steadily leaving his wife and kids as he searched for something more
 Occasionally calling home every now and again
 In his voice they could hear the taint of black sin

Copyright © Sara Beaderstadt | Year Posted 2011

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If Forced To Play I Win

Forced into a game,I never wanted to play.
Told you from day one ,if forced I'd slay!
Well playa I'll explain,how I took you to school.
Shall I start by explaining,the number one rule?

When playin,keep your own money,phone and key.
With someone who runs game better, that's me!
Natural disaster,I teach called an earthquack.
Always keep it real my dear, never be so fake!

In an earthquake,you don't stop,drop,and roll.
Never try to lock down,what you can't control.
When we're out,never try playing me a fool.
Told you of about six mistakes made,so uncool.

I left out the door,as you attempt to pay a bill.
Can't call ya boys,in my purse your phone i feel.
Aftershocks continue,as I leave in your ride.
Wouldn't have been like this, if you'd of tried.

I park your precious car,in a tow away zone.
Calling my girls over to party, from your phone.
Then callously tossing it,out into the street.
Lessons over now, just showed you how to defeat!

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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My Child My Only Child

Quieter than usual I stand alone in my veranda looking over a lamp-lit street-bench Across the ocean a plane lands down onto the runway where my wind- swept words would not be heard and my mascara stained cheeks will not be seen. Lost I whisper "Farewell my little child Farewell Go chase the stars Live life Count a thousand ways to smile Spread those wings Fly free Build up your destiny Go girl Explore the world Ride on its golden wheel It takes you places magical places wherever you want to be Do all the things you aim to do Believe in all that makes you you Walk Run Run through lavender fields Don't turn your back on the foreign breeze Its sweet Its soft Like I described it A million nights into your sleep. Oh my one my only child a maltese beauty with noicettes eyes with sweetest charms and hazel hair When was it that you turned into a lady of a kindred soul and a smile so fair Oh my one my only child with a determined mind and a spirit sublime In my absence Do not fear In lonely silence seek me and I'll be there Shawling your solitude with sudden care Humming a lullaby on our old rocking chair Covering cold nights with blankets of love Whispering stories about God above. Oh my one my only child I know there's cursed distance that will keep us apart but distance is only a grain compared to my heart Its the heart of a mother that beats to your own And wherever you are It keeps on protecting you It keeps being your home. My child My one only child ..."
Ps : My daughter Christina is only four years old , but a mother sees not only the past and the present when She thinks of her child, the future is a vision She thinks of from day one with soul, heart, and mind.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2016

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Cosmic Radio

You're listening to the cosmic station, WGAB,
we're broadcasting this mellow love signal
to your Galaxy And Beyond

We've been sending out the love
from Day One
Sending it to everyone in the universe
Here's to the grandeur lady, Zekar,
and to the beautiful baby Earth
To the exotic Shudai doing a divine dance
with her two stars
And to the flashy brother Certos,
who moves through the Arridian nebula
like a galactic ghost
Much love to you all ...
each day we mention someone different
in our universal shout out call
Much love to you all ...
much love to everyone everywhere
We're the cosmic station WGAB,
we're transmitting this love signal,
we're sending it out to you free
We're WGAB,
coming to you from the first galaxy and beyond
We be sending out the love,
sending it to everywhere you go
Keep listening to us everyday,
to your favorite cosmic radio
We're WGAB,
coming to you from the first galaxy and beyond
We're sending this love signal to you free,
wishing everyone in the universe
nothing but love, peace and harmony

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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These Feelings I Have

From day one you was special to me
Even while i knew it could never be

Your way into my heart you did work
Becoming my joy and my daily perk

Then one day not realizing it I fell
Bringing me peace making my heart swell

Just your name made my heart race
Always in my heart you have a place

Even now though you seem to step back
Doubting myself wondering what I lack

Here I sit taking moments you give few
There's nothing in life for you I'd not do

You gave me a joy I felt deep inside
Though from you it I tried to hide

Feelings grew deeper I can't tell you I care
The chance you'd break me I couldn't dare

By chance you'll read this and know
Feelings for you I have but not show

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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Easiest Hi Hardest Goodbye

From day one I've been drawn,
To someone whose love is strong.

I find you mesmerizing in every way,
And I promise never to stop loving you everyday.

I've turned my crush into an everlasting love,
And its you who lifts my spirit high above.

Over the years of us dating,
I finally saw the spark that was never fading.

It was there all along leading up to this moment,
And I knew then that when you're gone there'll never be a replacement.

Everything about you makes me love you more,
Your beauty really strikes me down to the core.

I can't wait till I spend the rest of my god given life with you,
But you have to promise me you'll be there to love me too.

Copyright © Nick Nguyen | Year Posted 2017

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World Change-- Teach Change

There are moments that we find
In our life than can define
Who we are and want to be
Keeping our faith as we see
Others doing harm and wrong
As we try to stay so strong
Through the hurtfulness and crime
Being done time after time
By children, teen and adults
Not knowing that life's about
Love, care, harmony and peace
Allowing our hearts to release
A light to take the dark away
People live with everyday
When parents don't teach from day one
It's not a game or even fun
To make this world worse more and more
On the land and on the shore
Learning there can always be
A chance and possibility
There's a safer kinder planet
Waiting for us if we plan it

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2018

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Who are you

Who are you?

When the lights are off and your heartbeat is dense,
Do you question your time or space or this everlasting sense?
Does your mind run wild with these blues and pinks, or these yellows and greens?
Or are you overcome with black?
Do you see yourself in tomorrow’s shoes or have you fallen into the gap?
We stop and go and stop and go,
But never once do any of us really stop or go.
You fall into your sheets like it’s the last place you’ll ever be,
The only place you never want to leave.
With you it was home, 
But now it’s a sorrow of memory. 
In the time it takes to fall asleep, it feels like eternity.
My dreams run wild with the presence of you and anomaly. 
You have me so far into my head, you make my body weak. 
During the day my eyes fall heavy, but in the night comes the anxiety.
I fight and fluster these feelings against gravity. 
Its solid rock, I sink to the bottom of the sea.
I see the world carrying on without me, drowning in this history.
Moving on never seemed to be an option when our only promise was don’t give up on me.
I gave you every drop of me, from day one to day 1,460.
You held this light to my face, you burnt me.
I fought for your attention and you deserted me.
You gave no other option but to fall numb to this hurting.
I reminisce the nights we got tied in the sheets, 
The sweet love that I thought was holy.
These thoughts have soured and feelings have fell, 
Knowing of you with her, and her and her.
There’s nowhere for me to compare, 
But to be the girl of thin air.

Copyright © Samantha Parlato | Year Posted 2017

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Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman

Who can find a virtuous woman?
She is worth far more than rubies.
She is not a possession but a partner.
She is a fantastic conversation starter.
My wife found out that her brother drowned and that she was pregnant with our first child on the same day.
My wife had a husband lose his mind and her father shoot himself in the same 3 months.
Who can find a virtuous woman?
My wife rarely complains, walks clothed in love, and has a sexy smile like Sophia Lauren.
My wife giggles and laughs at stupid jokes out of sheer hilarious kindness.
Who can find a virtuous woman?
Women turn to my wife for advice and direction.
Men turn to my wife for encouragement and affirmation.
She is not a possession but a partner.
She is a fantastic conversation starter.
With her I will grow old.
With her I will travel back to the innocence of my childhood.
Loving her has not been easy as obstacles have come against us from day one,
But when I think to faint or run I dream of her soul and find strength.
Who can find a virtuous woman?
Her children arise and call her blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her.
My wife’s love for our children manifests in busy days and restful nights,
And through her love my children never doubt the presence and reality of God’s affection.
My wife sees the best in me when others can only see frivolity and failure.
My wife beats back adversity with a conscientious smile and perspicacious laughter.
My wife knows God but does not flaunt her holiness as if it is on display for the world,
And my wife’s motivations are purer than the running water of mountain tops.
I seek not to exalt her to a place of codependence where all of her humanity is crushed beneath the pain of my subjective worship.
No, my wife is no God and she is constantly forgetting to lock her car,
But when I think of King Lemuel and his question for the ages,
When I think of King Lemuel and his somewhat chauvinist question,
Who can find a virtuous woman?
My response is always the same, I can!

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2012

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That Perfect Day

That Perfect Day
Became one of my greatest day
when me a mother today who has ended 
nine months of pregnancy waiting for a
sign sitting on the rocking chair by the 
window caressing my baby that was not 
yet born. 

Suddenly I felt the first Kick added 
was a pain an alert that my time was due
already prepared with my make up on wearing
a beautiful white satin night gown matching 
the slippers in satin with a white fur rose for 
decoration as if i wanted already to impress 
my little baby to be proud of me when his 
head emerges to see a first image white color 
as crystal as the water.

You my beloved son was born October 
18 at 7 30 PM just 2 hours after my 
entering the hospital as if you decided
enough living in hiding for 9 months 
you want to meet the outside world.

You were ready to grow up from day one 
your personality already formed since
you left your mothers womb and that was
minutes ago.

Nothing was going to slow you from growing
fast you wanted to share your future life 
surrounded by a family that would love you
cherish you respect you educate and stand
by you through your road of success in
your good times and hard times teach 
you how to walk how to eat how to drink
how to dress and grow up to remain
faithful to your identify .

You took some time to cry out loud 
but you were strong and persistent in
wanting to start living your cry echoing 
in the delivery room was heard as a sigh 
of relief born today a baby boy at last 
free from darkness and loneliness on
that clear perfect day.

You were ready to celebrate your birth
begging the doctor to place your head 
on your mamas bosom to rest in peace.

A mother and child's first encounter 
love and adoration was in the air.
Your tiny mouth searching for the
source of your feeding sessions 
over the coming month's.

Your eyes staring at that woman 
me your mother and in that look 
was already a thankful note.

Your tiny fingers moved caressing 
my lips with a warm touch
a re assuring smile made me forgot 
my pains as i embraced you
while my eyes were a blur 
from tears of happiness. 

Between us it was love at first sight
i was overwhelmed by your beauty 
in my inside emotions they were 
startled by what i sensed my sixth 
sense created in me an overflowing 
brightness that overcame any dark 
areas that might have existed
before you were born. 

You brought out my outside beauty
and richness in my inner soul my spirits 
were flying everywhere dancing like a 
ballerina which reached her climax of 
success by being applauded
by the audience. Oh! that perfect day
when you were born.

Oh! how much i had hopes to grow up 
together hand in hand and pour all my 
good values by educating you to become
a success and never to stop loving you
as my son. And you did. 
I never ever will stop loving you & that perfect day
is engraved in my heart.

                                           The Mother 
Contest of Dan Kearly             1/3/13
"One Of My Greatest Days       Therese Bacha
That Perfect Day."                   Win. No.1

Copyright © Therese Bacha | Year Posted 2013

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Simple Days

Otis Wheat was a simple man.  He didn’t have much to say and when he did say something it was worth listening to.  He was generally shy to a fault but when the time was right he could let you know how the bread was buttered.  I learned a lot about life from him and also to keep my mouth shut unless I had something to say.  And now I reckon I got something to say.

I have been waiting fifty-five years to start talking and it feels like I’ve been drowning inside.  Now you might think that a man can’t live that long without saying something meaningful but I can tell you straight up that ain’t true.  I have been bull****ting folks from the day I came out of the womb and into this world.  It started with an *** whooping from the doctor that delivered me, “scream like you got a set son”, to standing in the White House and shaking a Presidents hand, “Yes Mr. President I did have sex with that woman”.  You see what comes out of my mouth has never necessarily been the truth.  So your probably thinking why should I believe you now?  Well I will let you be the judge of that for I have been to the mountain and I have returned with a sense of fear that would put any living being to shame…for I am afraid of heights and I can’t stand looking down on anything or anyone, and because of that fear I shall not tell a lie.

So the story begins one dark cold morning in Bedfordshire, England.  My mother was in labor for two days before I peaked my scrawny little head out into the world and uttered my first words.  Of course these were coaxed out of me by a swift slap on the *** but it didn’t take but once for me to figure out that I didn’t want another, thank you very much.  The nurse swaddled me in a nice warm blanket put a beany on my head and cooed over me.  I smiled back and pretended to love her and uttered a couple of monosyllabic words to bring the point home.  I was a natural. 

Now my older brother was not very fond of me and from day one I had to figure out a way to bamboozle him into a chaotic state that would keep him from injuring my body and soul.  This may sound like quite a feat for an infant but I was a precocious child and made due with what was at hand.  There are only a couple of things an infant can do and one of them is scream like a spotted-*** ape.  The other is poop.  Screaming did not always have the desired effect so I learned early on how to throw a turd better than Joe Namath on his best day.  I have figuratively been hurling them ever since. 

Copyright © Stephen Kilmer | Year Posted 2014

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True Poem Of Abuse

                                ~True Story Of Abuse~

Marrying her at an immature age, older by 30 years, 
arranged marriage by her father.
Abuse started from day one. 

Raped fiercely that night, screamed for hours unable 
to move, she dozed off.
Ordering her to get his tray of breakfast, in bed,
once in with the tray, he glared at her,
with ferocious eyes, snatched it, smashed it on her head,
the boiling coffee burning her face, the glass hit her head 
strongly, a mortal blow, she lost conscious. 

He held her by her hair opened a dark small room
threw her inside, and closed the door. Not knowing
what to do, her face hurting from the burns, 
the head bleeding from the glass, so tortured
she dozed off.

A bang the door opens he snatches her from her hair again
take her to the dirty old bed, and begins raping her like
a wild animal. She lost conscious, and woke up again in
the same dark room, dirty, aching, hungry, helpless,
not knowing when someone anyone would come 
to her rescue.

After a few nights the same procedure, she started 
fainting out of weakness. One dark night he carried 
her far in his car, she felt being thrown out, 
lost conscious.

Awake in the hospital completely blind screamed? 
where am I? mother please dad, her mum held her 
caressed her, told her what is wrong with her,
due to the abuse of days and nights. 

Sorry my child, you will be blind, disfigured, pregnant
but please don't worry, we will take care of you and 
your child.

Apologizing and crying. They took her home that
day, to her room.They left the room, she never saw 
them again, she committed suicide later a knife
right into her heart. Bled to death. 
Her true story as an abused newly wed.
age 16.

Therese Bacha.

Copyright © Therese Bacha | Year Posted 2013

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The Pride of a Black Man

The Pride of a Black Man…
is evident from birth
from day one he’s the strongest on earth
It grows in him like a planted seed
giving him the will and fortitude he’ll need

The Pride of a Black Man…
is what makes him unique
giving him that special quality others seek
It makes him stand tall on the darkest days
his mettle never ceases to amaze

The Pride of a Black Man…
is what makes him whole
embedded in his heart and soul
It’s what drives him to be the best
enabling him to withstand any test

The Pride of a Black Man…
is a wondrous thing
passed down from African Kings
It has survived slavery, apartheid, and segregation
Manifested into id and Kwanzaa celebrations   

The Pride of a Black Man…
is Evers, King, and X
Mandela, Farrakhan, and whoever steps up next
It’s a Panther struggling, fighting for a cause
dying for his people not applause

The Pride of a Black Man…
is all he has at times
but its powers are sublime
It’s what allows him to be
at once imprisoned and free   

Copyright © Rodney Turner | Year Posted 2010

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Love You More

We started together hand and hand just you and I
Friends at first the two of us eventually found love
From day one there was just something about you
Within my heart at first I denied there was more
Never mixing words I knew what you stood for
With the I do’s I did not hold back, I gave you all
The evidence is a skip in my heart when I look at you
I value our friendship more than anything else we have
Watching you rescue animals I love who you have become

Edward J. Ebbs - August 7, 2015

Copyright © Edward Ebbs | Year Posted 2015

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Teenage Love 18: Young Love Around The World

Young love has revolutionized the entire centry. It's not justr affecting all teen couples in the 
U.S. of A., it's affecting the lives of all teen lovebirds from around the world, including Canada 
and France. It seems that both teen lovers (a teen boy and a teen girl) are never going to stop 
loving each other, even if they're from different countries. When everyone is looking at both 
underage lovebirds holding hands and whatnot, it's like a virtual U.N. of young couples. And 
even when they're in either middle school or high school, their love for each other is as the 
same as the one in America, which is called "The Land of Opportunity." Sometimes most 
relationships among teenagers don't last long, but at least 24 hours, but some of them do last 
longer than ever. Or so everyone thinks. Both teen lovebirds are lucky to have each other on 
each other's side because without him/her, he/she is nothing. It looks like young love is 
growing nationally and globally, even in Africa. Also, these people can either see other in 
person, talk on the phone on a Saturday night (which is on the other side of Earth), or whater. 
But either way, young love is still young love. And if their parents hadn't met and their children 
hadn't met each other from day one, then they never would've fallen in love with each other. 
Young love will always live.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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I hate the month of January
Every single day from New Years day
To the 31st day
I hate the month of January
With every fibre of my being
You may say it’s just the January blues
That colours my views	
But it’s much deeper than that.
It’s always such a long depressing month
With dreary weather and miserable people
It’s the inevitable aftermath
That follows a joyful Christmas
Its going back to work to the same depressing job
You so happily left behind you on Christmas Eve
It’s the empty bank account 
And the look ahead at the five long weeks till payday
Its New Years resolutions and not keeping them
I hate the month of January
From day one, new years day
With it’s reminder of things to come
Another bloody awful year ahead
January fills me with dread

Copyright © Paul Curtis | Year Posted 2010

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School Torture-- Adult Image

Bookworm, loser, geek and nerd
Words that I have always heard
Young years turning into old
Hurtfulness that leaves me cold
Getting picked on-- always beaten
My happiness was lost and fleeting
Kicked and laughed at
Pushed and shoved
No one cared or showed me love
Never being picked on teams
Crushing all my precious dreams
I heard daily teachers pet
Never letting me forget
I was an outcast from day one
Since my school days have begun
Harassed in every single way
Tears of pain fell every day
Nobody would let me be
They thought this kind of cruelty
Wasn't rude or ignorant
But it was significant
Making me believe this image
Was something that I had to live with
Years have gone and now I'm grown
And I see adults have shown
Traits I thought I would not see
By people who should never be
Just as cruel and mean to me
All because I do not think
Doing drugs and having drinks
Is a way of having fun
So again I'm being shunned
Hoping I could look and find
Someone with morals like me
Who knows what I'm going through
Cause they were living that life too

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2013

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A Royal Engineer

A mere lad of fifteen years
Amid a life of bullying and tears,
I set out one day to end my fears,
I went to join the Engineers.

The recruitment centre I soon found,
The place that made me Army bound,
My medical check soon came around,
Of mind and body I was sound.

To Chepstow I went off one fine day,
My mind and thoughts in disarray,
No going back, I had seized the day,
In the Army I had chose to stay.

A camp in Wales was where I was sent,
I'd never heard of a place called Gwent,
I entered there full of wonderment,
I hoped that now I would be content.

Boys from all places, far and wide,
I was now part of that human tide,
I was not tough, at night I cried,
Somehow I knew here I would abide.

The life was hard, make no mistake,
But I knew the road that I did take,
My spirit, I knew, just wouldn't break
From a boy, they said a man they'd make.

The life I left was a bitter pill,
The life I chose was all uphill,
We spent our days just doing drill,
Each day to me was such a thrill.

Days filled with learning at my  trade.
Electrician RE was to be my grade,
Educations foundation was also laid,
Into a Soldier Tradesman I was made.

They worked us hard so until when,
The boys we were, soon became men,
We were trained with rifle and with bren,
Fit to fight wherever and when.

From day one through trials and fears,
Our training was to last three years,
Then came the day of jubilant cheers,
Our badges said we were Engineers.

It was worth all the effort to me you see,
I knew that a Soldier I wanted to be,
The training had made me proud to be,
A Royal Engineer, A brother RE.

© Dave Timperley.  R.E.

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2014

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Big Brother

Big Brother,
born for those days of adversity
Your loving words
always did greatly comfort me

I loved you from the first time
you tickled my toes
I loved you even more
when you said to me: love God and let go

You told me not to hold on
to all that pain and misery
You said in order to free our soul,
we must have faith and believe
Always believe in Jesus Christ,
our only True Friend for life
You said you're just a big brother
trying to tell me that which is right

Big Brother,
I loved you from day one,
and over the years it only grew
This deep love that's in my heart,
will always be there for you

A tribute to my beloved brother Michael

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017