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bite me contest

I write-
mellifluous    sweet murmuring poems-
gossamer whispering words

a labyrinth     twisting     and turning

serendipity writes
and woebegone sadramblingswithtears
and all I want to do is share
my feelings

sweet murmuring poems-gossamer

but here come the don'tdoitgang 
a labyrinth    twisting    and turning
with their opinions stabbing
their rigmarole
wanting to make my safe harbour       a hoosegow

oh the words and wordsdribbling they let fly
to our souls and    
my mellifluous
                           poems whispering

the discontentannoyingwordgang
a labyrinth
and turning
come with their constanttellingus   what to do
           smellfungas comments

and I
am guilty   of everything        it all
I enter my poems
written from the depths of my soul
in whatyoucallmeaningless         contests
so bite me

I leave comments lovelyandawesome
with words like beautiful       and wonderful
so back off          leavemealone    bite me

I like to post   
        pictures with poems

I dwell behind a mighty high wall        where

I write-
mellifluous    sweet murmuring poems-
gossamer whispering words

a labyrinth   twisting     and turning

serendipity writes
and woebegone sadramblingswithtears
and all I want to do is share
my feelings

May 31, 2015

Free Verse

For the contest, Bite Me, sponsor, John Lawless

First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Bite Me

There across the movie screen,
treats were dancing and
telling us to find them at
the concession stand.

Yes, I knew I should not go.
I‘d just eaten lunch.
At the snack bar, they beguiled,
“Have a little munch!”

M & M’s and Hershey bars -
chocolaty delight -
with such smooth deep voices asked
me to take a bite!

Hot dogs nearly barked out, “Don’t
let us go to waste!”
Meanwhile candies sweetly sang,
“Have a little taste.”

Then an Ice cream bar chimed in,
“Take a bite of me!
I can take a licking too
and most happily.”

Pepperoni pizza was
sure a little tease.
calling out with Nachos, “Hey,
We’ve got lots of cheese!”

At that dine-in theater
clamored other food.
Subway, Arby’s, many more
sounding rather rude.

They were all competing , but
Popcorn filled the air
with its heady butter scent.
What a circus there!

All were screaming out to me
(though I don’t know why),
“Bite me! Bite me!” Don’t foods know
bitten, they will die?

Well, I bought the popcorn as
my dear hubbie sighed,
“We already had our lunch.”
“Bite me,” I replied.

In 7/5 Trochee Form for the Bite Me Contest of John Lawless

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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I begin to write- Five words

Listen to poem:

With my pen poised- I begin to write you a poem,
     Oh, words and thoughts are whirling in my head;
And from deep, deep WITHIN the floodgate is open,
          The blood drips and the bleeding words spread;
With my pen poised- I begin to write you a poem. 

All my saddest, emotions and sorrows- I give to you,
     Oh, please will your carry my burden for awhile;
I am in THAT cemetery walking under a sky so blue,
          Then, I am a girl standing alone in a church aisle;
All my saddest, emotions and sorrows- I give to you.

My beloved- are just names engraved in cold stone,
     Oh, mom I wish you were here to hug this girl;
Will you be my FRIEND and hold my hand as I moan,
          And from this sorrow beauty will whirl and twirl;
My beloved- are just names engraved in cold stone.

And I write over and over again- my dreadful pain,
     Oh, the sorrow and grief is etched in words I write;
I put my poem in a CONTEST and wait to be slain,
         But sometimes, with great joy, I see a bright light;
And I write over and over again- my dreadful pain.

When I am held high in the light- I know pride,
    Oh, and when my words are lost, I weep alone;
The bleeding stops and into SOLITUDE again I glide,
           And I let my grief rest and the pain has flown;
When I am held high in the light- I know pride.

May 27, 2016

Poetry/Rhyme/I begin to write-  Five Words
Copyright Protected, ID 16-795-445-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Inspiration, five of my poems:

and that comes from within
   All That I Am
     death of a friend
        Bite Me 
         silence sweet solitude

Written for the contest, Five Word Challenge
sponsor, Timothy Hicks

Fourteenth Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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Take me again

Take me again… Take me… for I am nothing without you Tease my desires with your fingers a’ wander Upon quivering flesh, shivering needs cry All of this is yours, deeply offered, rhythmically played Bite me… little marks to revisit at dawn My chest, my thighs, my soul pleads Drinking of this passion, thirsting for more Peering up at you, wings flutter within my heart Use me… as I lay here, hands lifting Slow circles encompass warm breaths Moaning eclipses bring edged light from outer visions Cupped of fevered frenzy and firm decisions Ride me… I am your stallion, unsaddled, unbridled Grip my mane, tear at my shoulders, guide me to that valley Where whispering willows sway in mahogany waves Finding the depths of your heightened encampment Scream me… my name on your lips excites When the comet appears and streaks the sky Flashing sparks meld between us shimmering, erupting in a cosmic flow, lava escapes in hot pulsating streams Take me again… for I am nothing without you Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2018

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Bite Me

Let me be just dessert
With your plate so full
I can sweeten your day
While I fatten your soul

Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2017

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I was one of many that had the priviledge
to live with my Grandparents.  The lessons
I learned from them will remain with me for
the rest of my life. My Grandmother was a 
very wise woman and her way of thinking
and explaining things made me listen.
I remember when one of my so called friends
set me up with with a blind date. A horrible 
evening for me. When I got home and told 
the story my Grandmother just laughed. Finally she ask me
"are you sure she is your friend", then she told me
the story of the rattlesnake.
Once there was a rattlesnake that got caught
in the freezing weather. A kindhearted man
found him and the snake said "please help me".
The man freed the snake and brought him into his
warm home and put him by the fire to warm.
The snake bit him and the kindhearted man
asked him "why did you bite me, I just saved your
life". The snake told the man, "you knew I was a 
snake when you brought me in".  I realized then
what she was talking about, choose your friends wisely.
One day I was helping this lady with some chores.
She was a  very unfriendly woman and expected you
to work till you dropped.  I told my Grandmother about it
and she said, "always remember, there are some people
that will work a willing horse to death".  I remember 
that lesson very well. My life was touched by this wonderful 
woman in a way that I now tell these stories to my children.
Everyone must learn lessons, I pray you can learn them
from someone that lived during times that were hard, they
knew the meaning of hard times.  The depression taught them well.

Copyright © chris hardy | Year Posted 2014

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Clouds dim from a fevered night bare as skin of dragonflies’ grasp, and I pace along tattered leaves strewn on barbed fences of life moaning through a distant breeze: yet the candle burns inside my heart to feed dire hunger of jailed souls.... There, street women circle around in a furnace of hope...on a barren lane where mangled sparrows cry in despise; and my will to plod an inner odyssey rages, searching for some need to fill breaths of peace not for myself but for a biting desire I cannot explain, that my own pain hollers from the marrow... the kind that flames the stars and rain. John Lawless' Bite Me 6/8/2015 ~ inspiration from Les Miserables as gleaned from my gender counseling

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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Bitter words spew out of your well-polished poison pen
Insult me, go on belittle me with your vile vitriolic venom
Think you are better than me – hell no way!
Every word that spills from your pathetic pen sucks

My one poem to your river of rancid rubbish
Each to their own, but I will NEVER change my style

Bite me, go on bite me -  like a sweet juicy apple
I can bite back like a Rottweiler – taunt me enough and I will snap
Tart sour words full of malice I CAN pen perfectly
Except I keep my opinion and hostile words in my head

Me, I don’t pretend to be anything I am not
Every word you pen is pure malignant malice

A fiction write purely for contest.... or is it! You decide!

Contest: Bite Me – John Lawless

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Pissing in the wind

the ocean's my play ground
and pretty days there I be found
I come from the land of pirates and drug runners
but now days I thinks fishin is funner

6 days off shore, my vision a tunnel
while all me mates puke on the gunnel
I cackle and gives the boyz a nod
and holdz tightly to me'z fishin rod

I'z drinkin me'z rum and tea
but then I reel-I'z I need'z to pee
I move a boy'z head, and puts da rod on the gunnel
and unzipps me center pocket for the bladder funnel

so while I was holdin the dong
I see'z "I got a fish on!"
oh how it gave me'z the joys
I caught that fish while pissin on dim boys

by Capt. Mike

ps I glad that fish didn't bite me other pole!

Copyright © Floatingpoet CaptainMike | Year Posted 2011

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Feeding the Parasites

I wept, my insides swelling
Despising every fiber of my body…
I focused on the glassed scenery before me
Longing to be a bird…so I might fly so far away….
From the searing pains of my present
The end to all of my hopeful dreams and fantasies

I knew in my heart…I must return
Back into the presence where these tears began
I recalled many lonely nights without that presence
I remember how empty I felt, how moist the pillow was
As I rested my burning head through the misery of ‘what-if’
My body feeding the infestation on my bed…
I let the critters bite me for so long….
Wishing they would eat me all away…

And I wished, my hands pressed against the hot glass…
That I had that bed again…
Staring out that window, wishing…writhing 
Longing for a downpour as the sun beat mercilessly
Fighting to hold the excreting despair

A lonely hall I stood in…once so full of life…
I now stood alone there….
Shaking in the buzz beyond me

How long must I stand here?
After all these years….that’s all he had to say?
I didn’t care….today was the end….today was the very end….
My strength was gone…sucked dry….
Just as I allowed my tears to disappear…..

I refused to cry no longer…
Dry….dry faster….you mean nothing!!!!
For the presence has made himself very clear
In cold existence… though at distance…
It was his way….and I couldn’t change that 

Like so many others around, the one I loved….
Couldn’t even spare a fleeting look
I had no one to blame but myself…
Though a part of me begged me to believe he was different

And no one questioned my solemn walk to the lone window
So I cursed my body, my soul, and heart
I cursed what I had trusted to make my mark
I wanted to just…fade away…
And though granted existence to this presence,
Acknowledgement remained a strained formality 
A distant dream of something more…
Walking briskly through that double door…..

“I was impressed…” He had added, with no emotion.
No conviction. And no love.

Why do your eyes wander as you speak?
Is this broken heart even worthy of your gaze?

… me…..
I no longer live for your acceptance, you fleeting presence
I no longer write to you…though often about you…
No longer speak of the beauty I have once seen
But there are still times when my eyes moisten,
As I imagine where you once stood
Imagining those sickening ‘what ifs’….feeding the parasites….
Imagining what could have been…
What will never be again….

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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Said Al Juman

Said Al Juman 
This was written in September 1975
I am the said poet.
I wanted to stand out
and so what if I do?
Are you jealous?
Then find your way.
I write because I was privileged with a pen.
It's not golden or silver
studded with diamond.
but it's a little of something to someone
especially me.
My work is like that of a stone carver
chiseled in.
Sorry! Yes I brag
and proud of my effort.
So do you.
I am the said Poet.
Bite me.
© Al. Juman  The "said" Poet  7/7/2016

Copyright © Al Juman | Year Posted 2016

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Dark Ramblings

Cut my veins 
Drink my filth 
Bite me 
Corrupt me 
Take me away 
Make me whole 
You are Satan’s Minion 
I am your Eternal Damnation

Give me life, give me need
Cut my wrist and make me bleed

Through these veins dead blood flows

The sins of the heart breed jealous fiends, and dark desires.  
Burning, bleeding wounds caused from blood lust and loneliness
Are the harbingers of sins of the heart.  Let me die of broken spirit & destitute heart.  
Let me die.  Just let me die.

Blood is dripping to the floor  
Feels much better, I hurt no more  
I’m numb inside and feel no pain  
One of these days I’ll empty my veins   

Kill me 
For my life Is meaningless

Copyright © Joelle Zanotti | Year Posted 2008

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Scorpion sting is more painful
than the venom of a snake;
headache,cold,fever coupled
with peppery feelings.

On lifting the old wet brick,
It moves swiftly to 'bite me',
Scorpionegge sensation flows
through my vein to Gwen.

Olusegun Arowolo  
Contest:'Bite Me' by Linda-Marie

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2012

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just you

upon a summers eve
i dreampt of thee
the way your hands move
i love they way they do
beneath my body boy
so strong beneath me, moving me like a toy
your arms around my waist
your lips finding a path to my face
shivers crawl up my spine
as your rythem joins mine
laying on your couch
the movie sounds in my head
but my eyes are on yours 
as we almost fall to the floor
breathing as heavy as i
im about to cry
just bite me once?
just get this tourcher over with?
i enjoy this too
but oh my, these emotions are too much with you
you unravel me to the core
and im thinking of just one thing
just you
just this boy

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2009

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Lovebites in Loughton

Same faces
old men 
must be working 
early today.

She's still doing the crossword
yesterday's news
feeding her answers 
reading the clues
nothing changes.

Baby in a carry cot
not a lot of scope to wriggle
giggling anyway.

The tube map's the same 
I can name every station 
from Epping to Ealing
feeling old, but not as old
as him
who looks like the reaper,
is the word I would choose.

The gap's just a trap to
catch the unwary 
it's never caught me.

A river appears in which 
I fish for ideas 
but nothing comes up to
bite me
it might be
I'm using the wrong type
of bait.

Copyright © John Smallshaw | Year Posted 2018

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The Nameless

I live in an old forgotten castle,
Engulfed in a vast blanket of shadow,
Where without reason, there rustles the leaves
Evermore by the cold clandestine wind.
In the ever-laughing embrace of time,
I try to speak, but long gone is my voice.

What is silence, but an ominous voice?
It's presence is known through out thine castle,
An echo growing lonely through out time,
And I, it's victim, for it stole my shadow!
Why do you bite me so, oh vengeful wind,
Because it was I that rustled the leaves?

Beneath the white, white snow I am the leaves!
Endless flakes falling, ignoring my voice.
Done away with and never to feel wind.
These once grand corridors of thine castle,
What have you done, oh malevolent time?
Soaked in ignorance and lovely shadow.

Do I yearn for the familiar shadow,
As Mother tree misses her little leaves?
In these woods I seek a faraway time,
Where there floats real sound and a friendly voice.
But in my dreams it spoke in thine castle!
Could it be? Was it real?... or just the wind.

What message do you convey, oh weary wind?
For how lost you must be in my shadow.
I feel around the dusty shelves of castle,
Searching through the dry and desolate leaves,
Harboring books filled with glorious voice!
For once I am thankful for endless time.

I've ran out of wax! Where have you gone, time?
The wick caught fire, but loving was the wind.
But did you not hear my hesitant voice,
As I walked slow through perilous shadow?
These mural portraits, showing strange green leaves.
But they've always been gray, silly castle!

Wind and leaves, I'm afraid you've been mislead,
Finding a shadow, never there, for so long a time!
Was there ever voice in thine castle?

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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It's time to fix the mattress
fluffy pillows and blankets,
enough room for just one more.
BITE ME' if you can!

Swat after, swat, after swat!  
Red itchy skin, what the h3ll!
The open breeze feels real good,
crawling too bite NATE!


NOTE~ I've never been bitten by these insects,
I just love the way my mother would always say...
"Don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Contest: "Bite me!"  

**I bite Nathan, who'll probably will love it ;-)**...LOL...

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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Bite Me

Honey you done used me up
Chewed me up
And carelessly spit me out

Now several years passed
And I see you again
You all smiles
You offer me the chance
To help you out
“Come on
Don’t you wanna be my friend?”

I say,

Honey you done used me up
Chewed me up
And carelessly spit me out

I say,
“Thanks for the lesson
I now pay attention
And no longer work for momentary smiles
And long-lasting sneers

Honey you done used me up
Chewed me up
And carelessly spit me out
So I say, Nope
I don’t care what you want”
And I smile back

But you’re not upset
(At least you don’t show it)
Your eyes glaze over a second
And you’re instantly off
Looking for another ‘friend to help you out’

And I wonder
Do you ever get the chance
To brush your teeth
Between victims?

Copyright © KJ Hooten | Year Posted 2011

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Luxury of Darkness

I am a refuge here!
In this foreign land-
Of luxury of darkness
Where darkness
Laughs at me
Angry winds,
Bite me like scorpions,
Drink me like a pot of beer
Bed bugs, my nocturnal guests,
Hold conferences
To celebrate on my ribs 
Rip my feet apart like cakes,
In the sage-master’s kraal
Philanthropists, my only hope
Offer mockery of aid
As they drink bottled urine,
Slumber in glass pots,
And make sheen- beings
To count stars endlessly!
Surely I am alone.
In my own country,
In this world,
I am alone, alone and alone
With no one to care
In this refugee-land!
Of luxury of darkness
Where all is,
And dark!

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2016

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Bite Me

That look in her eyes hungered desire ignites she naked to bare I slowly her tongue asps, tasting proud, I'm bitten, lips licking .

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Clueless Job Applicant

You’ll never guess whom the cat drug in; have a day where you just couldn’t win?
He came strutting in, smacking his gum loud, dressed to the nines Goth Punk style.
Tats trailed down his left arm, with my notice, he said, saving up for the other arm.
When ask about drugs, his answer to me was: “Yes, I’ll share” most invitingly…

Metal adornments on ears, nose, and lips, didn’t want to know, the all of it, at this.
As I noticed, he smiled most cattily, asking: ‘Want to see where else they might be?’ 
Hair a Mohawk with a trail down his back, colors of the rainbow, left nothing to lack.
Steel studs on a black leather butt, said, ‘Bite Me!’ with each and every staged strut.

What are you kidding?… Do my eyes me deceive, or did he just make a pass, at ME?
No Way! I’d rather drop kick him from my office fast, didn't he have any real class?
The application, a Sales Manager Job. Who would try to send me over the deep end?
Bet it had been a practical joke, beginning to end, so I simply held on, my friend.

He must've read my face, forhe smirked, I continued to ask for his list of experience.
His experience was none, but he said he managed his I-tune collection, very well.
Of course, he was the Leader of his ‘Chat Room’. I wondered, ‘Who could tell?’ GEE!
Also an impressive set up on his Facebook page, for his innumerable video games.

I ask how he was qualified for ANY job? Said, Dad ‘THE CEO’ wanted him employed.
I verified this with a call, was told not to be too Harsh, he had Potential, after all...
Ask what job he wanted to give his son? ‘Let him chose himself’, came the real clue!
Ask him, what job he really wanted to do, ‘VP in charge of Recreation’ was imbued.

Said he'd check out all the great places, in his Dad’s fancy Porche. Honestly True!
I kid you not! And he wanted his girlfriend, made into his secretary, Yah! No Doubt!
Believe it or not, he got all he thought he was due. All approved by the CEO’s! True!
Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better… I began to really reconsider…

Really, who had been clueless… It hadn’t been him!… Which left me in a dither…
Knowing I just couldn’t win!  I’d be glad when this day was finally, truly, done… 
The kid had probably thought this a great joke on me from beginning to the end!
My perfect job, had just come undone! Apparently, being in HR isn’t always fun! 

My college degree, that took so much sacrifice, no longer sparkled, so much to me.
Boy did I now WISH, I was a CEO’s SON! As I simply got all the paper work done. 
Later, I saw the family portrait on the CEO’s desk. Lucky me! One down!… 
Only eight more to go!

Carol Eastman and Hubby

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2013

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Bite Me

Bite Me

May fortune fall upon you
And give you riches by the slew
A mansion huge with twenty rooms
Designed into the finest style
And in each room bespangled glass

And because you are a wretched ***
and lack a gentlemanly guile
leaving nothing to presume
May dysentery follow you 
from one to twenty rooms

John Lawless Contest  May 31, 2015

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2015

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Out Of Control

Sweat Pants Elastic waist Big Mac upon my plate Juicy burger, fries~bite me guys Up size

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2015

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The True Animal Lover

A dog can bite me.
A cat can scratch me.
A grizzly bear could maul me critically
and maybe even kill me possibly,
but I would never ever take it personally.
I love all animals unconditionally,
and if any animal were to be put down tragically
due to any injury that they may have inflicted upon me,
it would truly upset me absolutely
because I'd be the one at fault, the true guilty party.
I communicated my intentions to them wrong obviously
and they reacted not with malice but instinctively only.
We tend to forget that they are a complete separate specie
and cannot think or reason like you and me.
They simply don't have that capability.
Coexistence through understanding them is the key
and falls not upon them, but is our responsibility only.

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2014

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Beware Dragon Eggs

Dragon came into my life as Grandpa Troll, gave me a little egg and praise.
He said that only a special few, could deal with a dragons’ crazy, mixed up ways.
Dragons need a touch, he said, that could lead them properly, in their special life.
I should have known, that being crazy, was a big necessity, for all the future strife!

I was so excited, that I thought of nothing else, but that egg, that day, to be exact. 
I waited, oh so patiently, for him to sally forth, and when the shell finally cracked…
One look into his little luminescent eyes… and my heart was surely, forever, set.
As I heard him mew at me, I knew that I was absolutely, forever, hopelessly blest.

Reality set in, as I went to pick him up. You might say he took me by surprise. 
I should have run, for the first thing he did, was bite me, the little wise guy!
Every thing he was supposed to eat, he singed, before he threw it back, in my face.
What Grandpa Troll had not said, is in reality…I would not own him, in any case.

Yep, you guessed it; my little flame-throwing friend would now… own… me.
I can see why they live in caves, for my house, nearly went up in smoke, yippee!
I should have known, this would happen, for the little Dragon spit fire, left and right.  
Also, I received several fire extinguishers from the Trolls, before, the very first night.

Not to mention, the gift of a fire retardant suit, from dear old lovely, Grandpa Troll
It didn’t take me long, to discover, that staying ahead of Dragons, is not easy, at all.
Fire retardant suit on, I started teaching him, how to hold back his fire, and more.
With all the ash and soot, my fire alarm kept going off, till I threw it out the door.

I slept inside his rock cave, or he’d follow me back in, crying fire all over my floor!
Grandpa Troll kept chuckling, as I learned more and more, about true, Dragon lore!
Barbecue sauce became a way of life, believe me, and everything had to be charred.
Unfortunately, whenever I said NO! I became the angry object, of his hungry regard.

Barbecue sauce in hand, he’d chase me around our backyard, now a daily routine.
They grow faster than your eyes can see, as these babies can pick a stockyard, clean.
One day he did fit in the palm of my hand… and the next, he surely did dwarf me.
But Grandpa Troll was there to mediate, when our strong wills did clash, endlessly.

He gave us, time outs from each other: facing, all the way across the lake, we sat!
Good thing, too, I must admit… because his fire throws a long, long way, at that.
But just to let you know, my life’s much better, and not so boring, anymore.
For when a Dragon, loves you, well, they’re someone you simply can’t ignore!
Beware Dragon Eggs

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2013