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Achievable Poems

Achievable Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of achievable poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for achievable.

New Poems

Premium Member The Price of a Dream
What would it cost
 to follow your dreams
when nothing seems to go well
 and difficulties hold you back?

Would you give it up
 forgetting all it meant
and lock it in the box of past regrets?

Should it resurface
 at some future date
when...Read More
Categories: achievable, angst,
Form: Free verse

Turn Around
I’m hating myself for the person I’ve become 
I’m different to all And not just some 
I swear a chimp would succeed more than me 
isolation my best friend I believe
Intelligence is there but I live like I’m dumb 
progression...Read More
Categories: achievable, anxiety, depression, hope, identity, inspiration, inspirational, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tomorrow's Future
Wandering, lost in the turmoil of today
 I stood and paused, contemplative -
a struggled entourage of thoughts 
 mesmerized envelopings of my dream world
where tomorrows, the future would change
 all for the betterment
 the wise progression of mankind and humanity.

Machines,...Read More
Categories: achievable, allusion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lurking Darkness
Lurking Darkness

Sleep now my love, 
you have earned a great rest. 
It has been hard on you.
It has been hard on us. 
There is still time left. 

They gave us days, you already proved them wrong. 
You are a warrior,...Read More
Categories: achievable, anti bullying, hope, how i feel, metaphor,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Imagination
A child's imagination will flow
with energy wild and carefree
Innocence only they can know
Holding visions they can see

As adults our gift of imagination
We lose that magical ability
No longer have the fascination 
It is lost when we gain maturity

A purity makes it...Read More
Categories: achievable, children, imagination,
Form: Rhyme


   Is no  absurd, it is achievable
   has beginning and ending
    inspiration comes in... !
...Read More
Categories: achievable, creation, humorous, poetry,
Form: Free verse
When temperature becomes unbearable
When energy becomes a scarce resource
When destiny becomes an allusion
When needs becomes necessities
You know......

When decisions becomes consequences
When mistakes becomes a lesson
When habits becomes a norm
When opportunities becomes realities
You know....

When predictable becomes a mystery
When goals becomes achievable
When dreams...Read More
Categories: achievable, africa, change, culture, feelings, future, growth, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tribute to Honnold
Right foot into this little dimple that you can toe in on aggressively so it’s opposing the left hand, then you can, like, zag over across to this flat, down-pulling crimp that’s small but you can bite it.
[From Honnold’s climbing...Read More
Categories: achievable, mountains, nature,
Form: Free verse
Facing my day remains a problem still, 
although reasons have become confusions,
from those mornings of promise woken to
in youth, when all was possibility,

to now, my later time, when time’s demands
intrude to limit crush or moderate
ambition, being that commodity
accepted by the...Read More
Categories: achievable, age, childhood, confusion, encouraging, freedom, memory, uplifting,
Form: Blank verse

Imagine a world for no and everyone
Where we all are here to be as one and to save the world
Where we have no differences at heart despite the differences at hand
and our nations can all relate with one happy and...Read More
Categories: achievable, discrimination, family, humanity, imagination, inspirational, love, world,
Form: Imagism

In Control of All Living Breath -Job 12: 10
Ever since earthly life began its cycle
man has thought they were in control
anything was achievable no matter what
so thought the human mind but they stole

They were thieves of their own destiny
for only the creator has the true right
He was the...Read More
Categories: achievable, bible, god, life,
Form: Rhyme
Hidden Treasures
Due to popular belief, all homosapien life contains a treasure tucked away from the visual sight to maintain a sense of normal.
Most have been battered and damned in an early tense, future and or present, that has damage the exit...Read More
Categories: achievable, art, blessing, creation, encouraging, growth, motivation,
Form: Lyric
A Glance At Life
 Take a look back
Back at your life
Half a decade ago 
Are there any changes? 
If not, reevaluate your strategy 
If yes, keep pressing forward 

Do you think the sky is your limit? 
Thinking that is mediocrity 
Believe there's something...Read More
Categories: achievable, motivation,
Form: Free verse
Deeper Than This
Deeper Than This
	How and why do we exist and fade like a mist? Talk about making a point but it’s always missed. Personality is said to be a blessing but it feels like a curse, awkward silence or death tell...Read More
Categories: achievable, deep, encouraging, feelings, hyperbole, identity, integrity, journey,
Form: Bio
Monorhyme On Leadership
All leaders are enough capable
To remove problems analyzable;
They set few goals achievable,
And strive to solve snags tangle.
Ready to meet challenges triple
Without any hurry or hustle.
Calm in disasters are as a temple
Faith and hope run apprehensible
In them, and are always adjustable
With...Read More
Categories: achievable, leadership,
Form: Monorhyme
Something everyone dreams of,
The poor,the rich,the black,the brown,among others,
A dream of everyone,
Living on planet earth,
Regardless of the background,
Even when it seems an impossibility.

That's why role models exist,
In this twenty first century,
And especially those,
That are rich and famous,
Students,street kids,orphans and the...Read More
Categories: achievable, bible, blessing, cheer up, devotion, happiness,
Form: Blank verse
I felt the sunshine from ochre swirl, it set my face alight,
It tumbled from the whitest pearl, as I remembered about delight.
The cooling of the deepest seas, that could illuminate the dark,
Held me in their empathy, in some dream I...Read More
Categories: achievable, hope, i love you,
Form: Free verse
The Peak
                The Peak
Nothing easy in life to achieve 
But only failure is achievable stress less
The road to success is full of obstreperous
I latter discovered that
...Read More
Categories: achievable, adventure,
Form: Free verse

A worthy pursuit, though not a commute. That it's even achievable, some would dispute; but those who do, deserve a salute. Calm and solace; peace and poise; even silence is involved; and if obtained, it will last, not spoil, and...Read More
Categories: achievable, happiness, love, peace, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member To Live Another Day

Wars of terror doctrine burn unchecked,
the innocent are dying to live their way.
Nations strive their citizens to protect,
to live another day.

Each man embraces one held divine,
in common message to all man they say.
Yet hatred for those of differing shrine,
to live...Read More
Categories: achievable, introspection, society,
Form: Rhyme
Choosing Happiness
                                       ...Read More
Categories: achievable, character, happiness, love,
Form: Couplet
Defining moment
Poem       Defining Moment 
Up on a pedestal fallen from disgrace wounded words physical emotionally 
Drained shouts echoing walls closing in to tired to defend self storage full of
Long over due un resolved issues tightly...Read More
Categories: achievable, betrayal, care, conflict, courage,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Utopia a Soap Bubble Pipe Dream
Utopia, by definition is non-existent and never achievable
A Utopian society realized must pop like a shiny soap bubble with rainbow sheen glistening
So Utopia is an objective, an aim, a pipe dream of perfection
Greed and selfishness will always pull it down

It...Read More
Categories: achievable, society,
Form: Free verse
No drugs
Relaxed, content, reflective but warm not cold,
No drugs, minimal alcohol ( achievable Ive been told),
I can confirm, tardy as I am to the scene,
But it's true, you can feel good without treating your body mean....Read More
Categories: achievable, happiness,
Form: Free verse
Happiness is a fairytale 
Never ending quest, the Holy Grail
Life is tough and full of grief 
We may see a glimmer, but it’s oh so brief
Happiness a delusion, we all try to achieve
A dream is a dream, there to deceive
Contentment...Read More
Categories: achievable, happiness, happy, sad,
Form: Imagism