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Abandon Poems

Abandon Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abandon poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abandon.

New Poems

Premium Member Dying but Still Breathing
I never knew it was capable to die, but still be able to breathe, at least not until the day that you told me that we couldn’t be
There I sat in the same chair that you last saw my face,...Read More
Categories: abandon, death, heartbreak, sad love,
Form: Rhyme

Fractured Days
Solitude is my only companion
My days are filled with quiet abandon
What fortune fell upon these days
To fracture in so many ways

Why is there a feeling of bereavement
What will it take to turn into appeasement?
Fair  or evil, it’s laid its...Read More
Categories: abandon, change, conflict, courage, death, together,
Form: I do not know?
I hear those eyes
calling me 
quaking lips touch to kiss
trembling flesh is again refreshed

you kindle fire
arouse the pyre
abandon lines
two entwine

horizons crossed 
delivered relief emancipation 

my dear
the vista’s clear
two as twins entangle

but fruit rots
sweetness dies
falling from
fermenting vine
...Read More
Categories: abandon, relationship,
Form: Free verse
I Shall Not Judge
I shall not abandon you as your body dies
but pray instead for your tortured soul
God shall judge you before the end 
your conscience burdened with battle dead
may angels guide you on your way
as you travel alone by close of day
to...Read More
Categories: abandon, death, forgiveness, god, journey, judgement,
Form: Free verse
Morbid fascination mine as covid-19 pandemic
Morbid fascination (mine) as covid-19 pandemic...
foments rampant monopoly on bedlam

Wreaking ball (his stick) havoc (think ostensible
civil war scale not seen since Vietnam),
whereby microorganisms jamb
Homo sapiens immunity system
complements of gook
resembling green eggs and ham
necessitating Doctor Seuss

to stoke bram
bullying cat in the...Read More
Categories: abandon, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, bereavement,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Faith
Like the rays of light
abandon the sun at night -
virtue spares faithful....Read More
Categories: abandon, faith, light, sun,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Round and Round
Trickles of joy sliver down ruby candy apple traces

Slope innocent cheeks and naive exuberant faces

Round in circles and up and down goes the delight

Spinning laughter and giggling all through the night

Tinker bells chime on feathered dreams and foot hold

Letting go...Read More
Categories: abandon, magic,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member We the People
We the People
By Franklin Price

We the people of this great USA
Are facing Coronavirus today
Coming together by staying away
Stops the transmission, holds infection at bay

If you must go to obtain any needs
Wash your hands often, that's where virus breeds
Cough in your...Read More
Categories: abandon, america, encouraging, fear, health, inspiration, motivation,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member AN OUTLINE in transit
     at the prospect of life
a personal vision
               ...Read More
Categories: abandon, identity, introspection,
Form: Verse
Premium Member In This Time Of Looming Dark, Look To The True Light
In This Time Of Looming Dark, Look To The True Light

World is dark and racing fast into hell
grab a coin, toss it in a wishing well
have some faith that our Father sees and hears
sad voices crying out in deeper fear
and...Read More
Categories: abandon, art, creation, faith, spiritual, strength, truth, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Up The Wall
Consider the gecko splayed on the wall,
Leisurely ascending, taking its time,
A complacent lizard, sturdy but small,
Continuing slowly upwards to climb.
It is is uncertain if it has a goal,
Oblivious of its destination,
It maintains  a serene, debonair role,
Careless, it seems, of...Read More
Categories: abandon, appreciation, destiny, image, journey,
Form: Sonnet
I know of a land where truth once it did trod

A land where one often heard mention of God

Where the good was not twisted for one's gain

Where all of the words had meanings so plain

Where the rights of the many...Read More
Categories: abandon, christian, fear, god, how i feel, lost,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dare We Oppose Darkness And Its Long Dagger Clawed Hands
Dare We Oppose Darkness And Its Long Dagger Clawed Hands

I will not abandon my honor, life's sweet glee
nor in sad blindness dwell under that wicked tree
at what costs can ancient soul embrace truth and bear
weight of giving of self and...Read More
Categories: abandon, art, creation, deep, heart, philosophy, truth, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
mrs jenkins, dying of the corona virus leaves a letter for her baby caterina
My dear baby girl, asleep in your sacred keep,
Worry not, my little one,
Be at peace, my dearest, stay protected and sleep,
For my life, now, is undone.
I am dying, and there is nothing they can do.
Death is just outside my door,
But,...Read More
Categories: abandon, 10th grade,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member The Veil Of Death

Buffed out with time's fine emery
Alzheimer's stole your memory.
And you sit in your chair and gaze
lost in a perpetual haze.

There is little left but a shell
you're not in pain, but don't look well.
And when I touch you, you pull back
as...Read More
Categories: abandon, 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, angst,
Form: Kyrielle
Premium Member Kansas Winds
Kansas winds
Wind spinners whirl like crazy
Chimes sing with wild abandon
Leaves whip into mini wind tunnels

Kansas winds
Pick up the smaller animals
Toss them into the trees
Going for cars and trucks now

Kansas winds
A semi lands with a crash on the freeway
Crushing people in...Read More
Categories: abandon, morning, wind,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Why Do I Keep Answering the Phone
I do not get any words in 
She rambles for the full forty-two minute phone call
I set the phone down a few times to do other things
She was still talking when I picked it back up
This has been our pattern...Read More
Categories: abandon, feelings, how i feel,
Form: Prose Poetry
There's a Virus
There’s a Virus

There’s a virus! Let’s go mental quick
Lock up your valuables they might get sick
There’s a virus! The media’s gone crazy
You'll lose your hair and you'll become lazy
There’s a virus! Let’s all run for the hills
Grab your coffins because...Read More
Categories: abandon, anxiety, humanity, humorous, world,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Walking Disease Spreaders
They never cover their mouths.
They come in sneezing and hacking.
They are germ-mobiles, and I am stuck with them
They are walking disease-spreaders she hissed.
Not in a whisper, but more like a low voice the six-year-olds could hear.

I stare at her, wondering...Read More
Categories: abandon, funny, school, teacher,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Pleasing Sweet with Pleasure BC
     You, my beloved;
           Stars inspire to sway and move in the day
             Those...Read More
Categories: abandon, love,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Make It Count
"Do not go gentle into that goodnight,"*
Take heart!  Take your courage between your teeth,
A soldier must not abandon the fight,
But, for the flag he once stood beneath,
He must put his body upon the line,
He must, with every beat of...Read More
Categories: abandon, death, destiny, fate, good night, heart, life,
Form: Sonnet
Clown at the Abyss
There’s nothing to lose now!
It’s all downhill from here!
No hope of salvation anymore;
nothing left to fear.
The worst has come, and still we’re here!
Forget the happy past;
the future is never as cruel as one’s memory;
it is the memory that makes things...Read More
Categories: abandon, allusion,
Form: I do not know?
Melancholic Inception
Deliver me into my hell,
Load up the shotgun shells.

Save the words I will not hear,
I’ve decided to live in fear.

I’ll bury my pain in these scars,
As the PTSD sets off alarms.

If peace is money, I have no wealth
It’s hard to...Read More
Categories: abandon, art, betrayal, childhood, mental illness, prison, psychological,
Form: Lyric
A nudge 
A push
A shove
Seems like it’s all I know how to do

A wall once built so high crumbled down by your love
Now quickly re-erects and I crawl back to that safe haven
It’s a sanctuary I retreat to and hide...Read More
Categories: abandon, how i feel, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Salvaging Remains Of Muse
“My muse died at 2 a.m.
she hadn't been well in weeks,
writing drab, soulless poetry
without alluring alliteration,
any references to the Greeks.

Too pooped to savor the flavors
of a good, old fashioned write,
she chose in her frustration,
to abandon her life station,
to just give...Read More
Categories: abandon, art, muse, poems, poetry, write,
Form: Free verse