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Diminished Hexaverse

Contest Judged:  5/22/2020 3:35:00 PM
Sponsored by: Emile Pinet | Send Soup Mail
See Contest Description
Contest Winner Medal 1 Comes, Summer Gregory Richard Barden
Contest Winner Medal 2 Dad John Watt
4 Beautiful Garden Caren Krutsinger
5 Summer Comes Nette Onclaud
6 Courage Dwells Within Constance La France
7 Last Dance Larry Bradfield
8 Twinkle Toes Chooses Teaching Janice Canerdy
9 Celestial Meanderings David Mohn
11 They Say I'M ''Crazy'' Unknow Error
12 Awakening Janis Thompson
13 In Wendover, Nevada Andrea Dietrich
14 Loving Care Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
15 Now My Love Winged Warrior
Honorable Mention Community Sarah Hassarati
Honorable Mention Springtime Jenish Somadas
Honorable Mention Butterfly Brings You Subimal Sinha-Roy
Honorable Mention Tales Aditi Mishra
Honorable Mention Too Hot Bryn Strudwick
Honorable Mention Me-The Confined Bird V. Deepa
Honorable Mention A Warm Invitation Edward Ibeh
Honorable Mention The Fireman Curtis Johnson
Honorable Mention Seasons Mary Taylor
Honorable Mention Lord of Little Laughs Krish Radhakrishna

Contest Description

What to Submit?

A new poem... on any theme!

This is the challenge ... (Diminished Hexaverse poems only!!!)

Diminished Hexaverse
A poem containing stanzas of 5 lines, then 4 lines, then 3 lines, then 2 lines, ending with one word. The syllables in each stanza correspond to the number of lines, i.e. 5 in each line in the first stanza, 4 in the second stanza and so on.

Examples of this style of poetry can be found at:   

Please read the rules carefully!
In my last contest so many poems had to be disqualified for not doing so!

All submitted poems must use :
when checking for rhymes or syllable counts other programs are acceptable.


1) DATE YOUR POEM! New Poems Only submitted on or after May. 09th ,  2020.
2) Place the contest (Name and Sponsor) at the bottom. 
4) Only submit poems relative to this contest all others will not be read.
5) Be True To The Form Chosen
6) True rhymes only no near rhymes... if required.

Prizes: All book prizes have been suspended dew to COVID-19.

First Prize....................Podium Position 1st
Second Prize...............Podium Position 2nd  
Third Prize...................Podium Position 3rd 
Fourth to 10.................Placing
11th to  ?......................Honorable Mention

Preparing Your Entry
Submit one copy of your poem online. Format your poem. Please make your entry easy to read  no illustrations or fancy fonts. 
Poems must be in English. Poems translated from other languages are not eligible, even if you wrote both the original poem and the translation. 

Book: Reflection on the Important Things