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Party of All Parties - R. e. taylor's Blog

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Party of All Parties

Blog Posted:9/30/2012 8:54:00 PM
Party of All Parties
Robert Taylor

When you're in high school and college you get invited to parties every Friday and Saturday nights and, if you're really lucky, maybe one or two on the weeknights. Now, the parties can and will range from a quiet get together where everyone discusses the newest books to hit the Barnes & Noble to a frat party where more than a thousand college and high school students will pass through the door and leave a lot drunker than they were when they got there. Of course there were women at the drat parties so, once they got drunk, no one left who didn't have a smile across their face.
The thing was there was another kind of party and that was that hid away. No one would ever admit going there. They were impossible to find and, if you were blessed, you'd get a cell phone 15 minutes before the party started with directions how to find them. All that I heard about them was that the party turned into a freakin' blast and it was a very exclusive crowd.
I was a junior in high school when I started going to the many parties around town and eventually I got the reputation of being young but being one of the strongest party animals in Cleveland. My name is Randall Thornton but everyone who was worth knowing me called me R.T.. In a lot of places if you said you were a friend of R.T.'s you were on the VIP list and you were limited to that crap kids drank...you could get the good stuff that got you drunk in half the time..
About the time I got to college  they had outgrown even me. I was invited to every party anyone was holding. I went to about half of them and ignored most of them. Then one Friday night I got the call I was waiting for. It was a man giving me direction to a warehouse down in The Flats. “Don't tell anyone else about this. You have to come alone. We have a full night of entertainment planed for tonight,” the voice said. He didn't give me a chance to ask any questions or say anything. He stopped talking and the line went dead.
A friend of mine wasn't standing too far away. He and I had plans to go over to Delta Tau Chi later that night...after all they always had the hottest girls and the most booze but I had other plans.
“Who was that.” he asked. “I didn't hear you say a word,”
I knew that I had to lie and make it a big one. I thought a second and come up with something that he might just believe. “That was the girl from town,” I said. “She calls me all the time to play me her new favorite song.”
“What song was it this time,” he asked with a kind of laugh in his voice.
“I don't know some song by Katy Perry,” I said. “God, I am getting so tired of getting calls from her.” I had to make an excuse to get away from him so I pretended that I was angry. “I'm going over there and tell her face to face that I don't like the music she is sending me and tell her to stop. He offered to go over with me but I told him that it would be better if I went by myself. He reluctantly agreed and told me where he was going to be later that night. Of course I told him that I would meet him but I really wasn’t sure if I would or not.
I had just about 10 minutes to make it 14 blocks so I hopped in my car and took off. I did 60 all the way across town. Running red lights and shooting through stop signs I made it with a couple minutes to spare. Thinking back now I was risking my life just to get to a party but God knows that I made it safe and I was going in.
There was a bouncer at the door and he wasn't checking IDs. When I got to the door he asked for my cell phone so I took it out of my pocket and handed it to him. Now, he never said a word after that. He looked at my received calls and then opened the door and let me in.
Inside it was dark...very dark. There was a string of red neon tubes as well as along the ceiling. On each table was a small candle that lit the entire table. I don't see how but it did. As my eyes cleared I could see more. The walls were decorated in black. I could see the edges of stone but even they were black. Gargoyles watched from every corner of the room and the strangest thing of all...there was a huge vulture resting on a perch on the bar.
I was too busy looking at the decor to notice the people. They were strange to say the least. There were about 200 people in the place and it looked like it was pretty much even. There seemed to be just as many women as there were men. The thing was, outside of a few of us nearly every one of them had pale skin.
“R. T.,” I heard a woman say from the bar. “I am honored to have you at our party. Please mingle and get to know some of us...I am sure you will have fun.”
The thing was I didn't know her. I never even met a woman with the eye color she had. They were pure white. No definition at all...just white spheres and, man, that was freakin' strange.
“We have a full bar,” she continued. “Since this is your first night there is no charge for anything for you.” I thanked her and, just as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared into the crowd.
I got me a Bloody Mary and started walking around. I do have to say that they did have women and they were all sexier than any model I had seen anywhere and they seemed eager to please because there was a constantly a flow of men and women going through a set of doors at the left end of the bar. I had to know so I stopped one of the waitresses and asked her what was behind the door.
She smiled at me and kissed me so hard that she bit my lip. I tasted my blood coming from a small gash on my lip before she answered in a very sexual accent. “Darling,” she said as she licked my blood from her lip. “That room is where you go when you want to experience pure, unlimited nirvana. No one who goes in comes out exactly the same.” Then she kissed me again and I felt her tongue parting my lips. It was the most passionate kiss I ever got from a woman I didn't know.
I hung out for a while and talked to some of the other people. All in all it was a fairly nice party. The people were strange but friendly, like I said the girls were hot and the drinks, although the Bloody Marys tasted funny, were for the most part as good as any bar in town.
A few of the girls tried getting me to go through the door with them but since this was my first time I just wanted to see what the party and the people were like. I was there until about 3 a.m. And when I tried to leave the woman who talked to me when I came in stopped me.
“R. T.., what did you think of my party,” she asked. I told her that I had a lot of fun but I had to go. “We'll have another one next week. I will call you to let you know when and where.” I asked her if I could bring a friend and her answer was short and sweet. “No...you have to be invited. We know your friends and none of them are worthy to be invited. Maybe one day I will invite one of them but not today or tomorrow.”
I didn't say another word except to thank for the invite but before I got out of the door she reminded me that I was not to tell anyone about what I had seen or heard. “We do not want our parties to be known by anyone who is not one of us.” I just nodded my head and got my ass out of there.
It was a hard week for me. I couldn't stand the waiting...waiting for the phone to ring to give me the time and location of the next party.
Of course, my friend was bugging me all week to find out where I disappeared. He was quickly approaching the verge of madness but I never said a word about what I had seen. It was, to a large part, that I was listening to what that woman told me but also I really didn't think that he would believe me and if he did, even just a little bit, he would follow me and try to crash the party and I wasn't sure how they would react to that. It may come down to he, I or both got hurt or even worse. They did seem like nice people but some of the nastiest mass murderers ever seemed like nice people until they were pushed too far and I didn't want to take a chance.
Finally, on Saturday I got the call. The party was being held in the basement of one of the buildings down at Public Square. I knew the building and there was a club on the first floor so, although there would be thousands of people walking around no one would notice anyone walking into the building.
I didn't care about driving. I was going to have a few more drinks so I hopped on the RTA and took the train into town. It was just a 10 minute ride so I was going to have plenty of time to get to the party and maybe find out what all was going on behind that door. The more I had thought about it during the week the more I needed to find out and it was going to be tonight.
I got to the door a full 3 minutes before it was going to be locked. The doorman looked at me and immediately said, “Mr. R.T. It is so very nice to see you tonight. There is so much going on in there I know you will have fun.” I just nodded at him and said that I was sure I would and I went in.
The woman I spoke to the week before wasn't there so I just walked over to the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary. It tasted the same as the ones I had earlier but there was still something strange about them that I just couldn't put my finger on. As soon as I took my second sip a woman walked over to me.
Her skin was pale as the others'. Her hair was long and wild. It was also black. Now, I am not talking about the brown black that most people have. Her hair was indigo blue black. As a matter of fact I could see that there was a few small streaks of actual blue in the front of her hair. She was dressed in all black and it was like a tight cat suit with some studs around the wrists and neck. She also had black eye liner and lipstick to round out her appearance. Wait, I forgot one thing...she had a pair of earrings that were shaped like cobras with faceted rubies in their eyes and their mouths open showing some really nasty looking fangs. Even with all that she was a knockout so I decided to start talking to her.
“Hello R. T.,” she said. I had no idea who she was but I let her keep talking. “I hope that you are having fun so far tonight.” I nodded that I was having fun. She smiled at me and got very close...close enough to whisper in my ear. “Well, if you want we can get together and I know that I will change your life.”
“How,” I asked.
“Just give me 15 minutes and I swear that you will be changed,” she said as her smile got bigger. Then she kissed me more passionately than the woman had the week before but it was oh so much more fun. At least this one didn't bite me but what she did do was get me another Bloody Mary and, as she did, she kissed me again and just walked away.
Now, I was a normal boy. It was so hard not to follow her right then and take her through that door. While I was standing there at least 7 men walked in through that door but the funny thing was only the women came back out. I did notice that some of the women were taking two, maybe three, men into that room.
I was talking to myself. “Is this some kind of a brothel,” I asked. What in the hell was going on in there.
I stood there a couple of hours just watching. It was so strange. I had hosted a lot of parties in my young life but whenever we had a room like that...whoever when it was damn sure to come out. I made sure that nothing this strange ever took place. Something like that could ruin a party goer’s reputation.
During all of that time I was hit on by so many women it was actually silly but I wanted the girl that I had met earlier but I had a lot of trouble finding her. Finally, I was over by the door and she approached me. “Are you ready,” she asked with a big smile on her face. I nodded my head and she opened the door.
Behind the door was a hallway with three black doors on each side. They were black which was a stark contrast to the blood red carpet and walls. We walked to the second door on the left hand side and as she opened it another woman walked out of the room next to it. They shared a slight smile as they passed and from what I could see the lipstick on the one...not mine...was smeared. I had an idea what she was doing but I wasn't since a man never came out of that room...at least not one I could see.
Anyway, she held the door open as I walked in. Inside the walls were the same red as the hallway and inside the room was a bar, a couch and a single candle lighting the room. The funny thing about it was that the flame was not orange/yellow the way most flames are...it was a black flame that still put out enough light that made it easy to see.
“R. T. please sit on the couch.” she said as she crossed the room. “You are going to experience things that you have never dreamed of before.” She smiled as she slowly removed the cat suit and let it fall to the floor. Her body was beautiful to say the least. The light reflected on her skin so that she looked like a living diamond and her bra and panties were made of the sheerest lace I believe could ever be made by man.
I did as she said and walked over to the couch as she walked over to the bar to pour us each a drink. I don't know what it was but the second I drank it all of my senses were heightened to a point where I could hear music coming from the party just as if it had been playing in that room. The only thing was that all of my inhibitions disappeared just as fast.
I laid back on the couch as she walked over and kissed me as her hands held me tight to the back of the couch. “I hope you like this,” she said as she straddled my waist wrapping her legs in with mine. “I really do think that you will like this.” I wanted to say that I was sure I would but I was totally speechless. My eyes closed as my body reacted to her sensuality.
Her nails clawed into my shoulders and I could feel the blood flowing down. She ripped the sleeves off of my shirt and began kissing the wounds, letting her tongue clean the blood that was flowing from my body. Then she tipped my head back and she drove her teeth into the side of my neck. It was very, very painful but it was more erotic than it was hurtful. I could feel my heartbeat and the blood flowing through my arteries. It was warm as it left my body. I wanted her to have all of it. My life was hers. She drank, rather fed, from me for several minutes. I wasn't sure exactly how long but I knew I didn't want it to stop but she did and all she could say was, “Please come and see me again. This will be better every time you come here.” Then she just left, closing the door behind her.
I was there for about 18 minutes until I got my strength back and was able to move. I opened the door and was escorted out of a door. The door opened and I was back in the parking lot near the back of the building. I went back a few more times and I went into the room with a different woman every time. They would feed from me and then leave me just as that first one did.
The last time I went as a guest I found that I didn't want to go into the room with one of women I had seen so often. I had developed a hunger that I could not explain and my skin was not light brown that I was so proud of. It had turned as pale as most of the people attending those parties.
I started taking the young women who had come and did not know what this place was. I would take them and feed from them just as I had been fed upon. Some nights I would feed on 10 or 12 women in one night and that would just barely cure my hunger.
Now, I am not warning you not to come to the party but if you get a strange phone call early on a weekend evening telling you a place and a time for the party of parties....take care. It could be me looking for someone to feed up. I do promise that you will enjoy the experience but your life will never be the same.
© Robert Taylor 2012
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Date: 10/1/2012 10:54:00 AM
Great story, RT.
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Date: 10/1/2012 10:37:00 AM
Good Halloween story.
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