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My name is James, and I am 51 years old and from New York, just outside of New York City.

I write for fun, but unfortunately I find passion in writing about death, but also love. I am very new to sharing for sure, but also new to writing of course.

I am a PC technician and network administrator, but have been a stay at home Dad for a pretty long time now.

I love discussing politics, for fun and not as much for any fighting, but don't write about it and will leave it away from this little oasis that I am blessed to have found.


Finding inspiration to write

Blog Posted:8/6/2019 12:09:00 PM

As a very beginner, I find it very very tough at times to write, to find material, to figure out what is in my head and what is in my heart, and find the words out there to put together. I watch others do so effortlessly and that actually makes it harder for me! :)

So I cannot write daily, but I am ALWAYS thinking of writing and inspirations, and then I write down or record little things to get me started - even if I'm driving at the time. But then when I see snippets later, or the next morning, the thoughts don't come back to me as they did so naturally when listening to music while driving, for one example. But not really the best time to put the pen to paper, or to put the keyboard to use.

And I know this won't be read likely, as I'm new here, but I still want to write down my thoughts right now, however lame and confused it may sound, so I can reflect on it later.

I've been going through a depression for about a month now or so. With that said, it brings me to continual writing about death, but also love for some reason. I think the negative things are for the obvious reasons while depressed, while those love words are coming from a few lost ones and from the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" that I'm always searching for to get out of such funks. Anyway, my short thoughts on writing, and inspiration and what sometimes spurs my initial thoughts. And then makes me think of how others not only are finding inspiration daily - but are also finding such fantastic words!!  -Jim

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Date: 8/18/2019 2:36:00 PM
Hello James Lutz's I get inspired by things happening around me. Also I awake from a dream to get an ides for a poem. Then write down the title and when i have time i write a poem from it. Works every time. have a nice day my friend. Welcome to poetry Soup. Have a nice day.
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Date: 8/7/2019 10:53:00 PM
Muse on The Loose, My muse is on the loose in this blank page At times I search for hours between these lines An open notebook is an open cage And when she leaves she's very hard to find I try arousing her to no avail With doodles in the margin killing time I'll take a break, go out and check the mail But she remains as silent as a mime And yet I know that she will soon return She's staring from this paper now at me I guess you'd think by now that I should learn When inspiration comes then there she'll be She seems to come out when it's late at night And always wakes me up and makes me write original poem by Daniel Turner
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Date: 8/7/2019 11:16:00 AM
Hi Jim. Thanks for sharing. I understand what you're saying, I do the same thing, become inspired by something and think of things I want to write but then when I go to do it later, I'm not inspired anymore, I just lose the words. Oh well, as the others have said here, you can't force it, but keep writing anyway, write and post and get feedback and I think you'll find it gets better ;) A lot of cool people here to encourage you. Welcome to PS
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Date: 8/7/2019 9:42:00 AM
Hi, James. Welcome to Poetry Soup! I've been where you are. I just went through a 2 year dry spell where I didn't write anything. So frustrating! But now I'm writing again. (Thank God) I have found that by checking out the contests sometimes sparks an idea. A lot of my poems are the results of attempting a theme or form for a contest. Hang in there! Blessings, Kim
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Date: 8/7/2019 6:37:00 AM
There is so much beauty around us that will give you plenty of inspiration. First the seed, when something comes to mind jot it down and over the coming days make a few notes when ideas come into your head and they will Decide what form you want to use and write a rough draft. Then 'polish' it up until you're happy with it, Spocks right though, don't try and force your muse it doesn't work. Your patience will be rewarded and we the readers will benefit from your work. Welcome to soup. Tom
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Lutz Avatar
James Lutz
Date: 8/7/2019 8:06:00 AM
Thanks, Tom! That sounds about right along with my thinking. Write bits as I go and then take it from there, but never force the words as it fails that way. Thanks for the welcome!! -Jim
Date: 8/7/2019 3:54:00 AM
Jim, I don't think most poets have the great daily inspiration. I found it helpful and productive to shift from waiting for inspiration to a model of a disciplined daily writing practice where I reliably show up at the desk and work, whether I feel inspired or not. Just journaling and filling the page helps ideas to come,thoughts to organize. If I have no new idea, I work on editing or submissions. If your best ideas come while driving, you could experiment with talking into your phone and recording. Also, reading a lot helps. Good luck on your journey.
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Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 8/7/2019 4:57:00 PM
"The morning sun when it's in your face really shows your age, but that don't worry me none in my eyes you're everything. Oh aggie I couldn't have tried, anymore..."
Lutz Avatar
James Lutz
Date: 8/7/2019 8:04:00 AM
Thank you, Agnes. That's 2 for a recorder. :) I never feel rushed much anyway as I refuse to post anything more ridiculous than what I have already, which at least makes sense. Thanks for the advice! -Jim
Date: 8/7/2019 12:55:00 AM
Writing for me is rarely fun, often rewarding, and always surprising. I would rather re-write a piece 5 times than create 5 different poems. They always seem unfinished to me and it drives me crazy! Jus sayin.
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Lutz Avatar
James Lutz
Date: 8/7/2019 8:03:00 AM
Hi, Keith! I rewrite 500x as I'm going often, and still come out with basic poetry. But it is from my heart. I figured that allows folks to learn who I am and what I'm about until I grow in the poetry world. Thanks, Keith -Jim
Date: 8/6/2019 9:54:00 PM
Welcome to PoetrySoup, Jim. I trust you will enjoy your fellow poets here.
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Lutz Avatar
James Lutz
Date: 8/7/2019 8:00:00 AM
Thank you, Line! I'm having much fun thus far reading SO many great poets here in one place! And learning, and getting great advice and warm welcomes! Thanks, Line!
Date: 8/6/2019 4:44:00 PM
For several years I was on an adrenaline fueled writing spree. Lately? Not so much. I've written and posted a handful of new, but more of some of my best oldies. My advice? Don't force it. You'll end up putting out mediocre poetry (or worse), a bane of amateur sites. Wait for true inspiration and then post
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Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 8/7/2019 9:13:00 AM
(Hands softly wiping away those tears) Oh Keith, you know you inspire!! In many ways!! Now turn that frown up-side down. :) Or sideways in this case.
Lutz Avatar
James Lutz
Date: 8/7/2019 7:59:00 AM
SoS - if you don't mind the shortening? Thanks much!! I did just that already, as I know my stuff is new/raw, and want to learn a lot first. But I want to try a tad here and there as well. But I'll certainly be waiting and learning and trying in between. I got inspired by reading a music poem of yours yesterday! Thx again!! -Jim
Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 8/7/2019 12:42:00 AM
Oh Brandy, I thought I was your muse (hands on head uncontrollably sobbing). Boy, way to kill a dream!
Nicole Avatar
Brandy Nicole
Date: 8/6/2019 9:38:00 PM
I agree!! Never force it. I never rush my muse, she finds me when she is ready.
Date: 8/6/2019 2:07:00 PM
Jim, poets have been writing about death since poets wrote things down, I write a lot about death because I have known death and grief and love, I have fallen to the bottom of the pit and clawed my way back up many times, so these feelings you feel are the emotions of a poet... like you, thoughts come at me at odd times of the day when I cannot write them down and just fly away... I use meditation a lot and have learned not to run from my grief and sadness, but to use it in my poetry, learn to do this and you will be on your way to being a poet exceptional, I once heard that a poet must suffer to be good and I always recall that ~
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Lutz Avatar
James Lutz
Date: 8/7/2019 7:57:00 AM
Dear Heart, I liked just writing that BTW, thanks! Makes a lot of sense and sounds like me. I will remember all of this advice, as much I copy and paste as future inspiration. Thanks!! -Jim
Date: 8/6/2019 1:50:00 PM
Dear James, emotions linger within and soon- they fall upon the page. As I like to say, and I find it true in my case. "When the time is right" Inspiration is found, even in the simplest of moments. Sometimes- writing comes in sections. It does for me at times. I may write a thought, and then come back to it later. There is no set time in writing. The heart knows what needs to be said, and when. Welcome to Poetry Soup. My best to you. :) Brandy
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Lutz Avatar
James Lutz
Date: 8/7/2019 7:56:00 AM
Thank you, Brandy! - I have about 200 writings in a folder on my desktop partially started and then left like that. I go to them, and then get tongue tied, but always leave them. Thanks for the warm welcome!! -Jim
Date: 8/6/2019 1:29:00 PM
Try turning your recorder on when driving, or just talking to yourself ... To get you kick-started, have a look at my website Suzette - Poet & Author. You might find an idea to spark your next poem, short story, or musings. Enjoy the writing process - no pressure to perform ... Regards, Su
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Lutz Avatar
James Lutz
Date: 8/7/2019 7:54:00 AM
Suzette, thank you so much once again for the great advice! A recorder, so simple and yet remained out of my brain. LOL But I have SO many ideas at times, and then when I get home, many are lost and others get confused. -Jim
Richards Avatar
Suzette Richards
Date: 8/7/2019 1:05:00 AM
Just write. Polishing your writings (poems or musings) can come later. Poetry is one of the best forms to advance the healing process, regarding your comment about depression. It lends itself to kick over the traces and to vent feelings, without prejudice. Welcome to a nurturing community here on PoetrySoup.

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