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A big apology xxx

Blog Posted:1/19/2013 3:36:00 AM
To all the soupers that have entered my 9 contest, its run 4 shy of the needed amount and my premmie runs out on the 19th, I didnt want your poems to be lost out there in the atmosphere  So i've added them to this blog, I want to thank you all for entering once again you all amaze me...

Sorry I dont know who the poems belong to unless there named but wanted to share them...

So a whopping BIG first place to you all...

Love Tracie x0x 


9 contest

Nein is German for no to that we agree

Maybe if you had said it you wouldn't be

Pregnant, with time to stew over a babies name

Will it be Tanya or Zoe or maybe William

Up on cloud nine is where you will stay

All dressed up to the nines until that day

The baby arrives I see smiles on your faces

All the anger, bad moods gone with no traces

What name have you chosen, no hints so far

You have named him Oscar he is your star



He had asked me out on a date today

"Restaurant I know,but not the time",I sigh.

So standing in the corridor, signaled him in class

He threw me a paper and we waved bye.

There was number six written on it ,I rush

To get ready quick and look beautiful to surprise.

I get there, wait until patience crossed the line,

Then angrily call him up when he doesn't show up..

Just to hear him say,"Baby,I meant nine!"


Number 9

"You say you want a revolution" screamed the four,

John, Paul, George and Ringo beat down the door.

Melody and harmony and Brit sex appeal gone anti-war

Nine times round the turn table with Yokko, hardcore.

Fab stereo artists with composite collages for musical scores,

they kicked, whined, smoked and dined in venues top-drawer.

Number 9 was the cut most radical by lore

chaos, poetry, and prose composed with sound effects galore,

a sandwiched montage of "what are you looking for?"


Nine Conceptions

Nine tiny verses sitting on the table go unfinished

Set aside until the day my muse is replenished

Little bits and bobs of words written without rhyme

Trivial ideas scattered about to revisit when I’ve time

Trifling thoughts scribbled down over a month or two

Left alone gathering dust until more words come through

Nine scraps of different paper sit within my sight

Waiting, uncaring, for when I feel the timing right

Poems beginning and never ending remain the poet's plight

Written for the “9” writers contest. 1/10/13


Nine Lives

Nine lives are bestowed upon a cat to live,

In this world full of danger we travel through.

None may escape the final time appointed to them,

Even the cat has it's last moment to breathe.

Living a life of adventure, demands some extra chances,

It's the curious cat, trapped, who really needs it.

Vain cats cleaning themselves on a slim, lofty ledge.

Excitable cats trying to catch the mysterious red dot.

Silly cats flipping their tails at a dog pack.


Nine Times

A view beneath the oak tree was sure beautiful

She waits for him to come, a heart bountiful

Her eyes viewed only what was lovely and wonderful

A tenderness she held deep within her pure heart

Living with peace, she waits for a new start

Water laps up to the shore near her feet

Making her warm life whole and surely, wondrously complete

Nine times has she ventured down to this lake

Her soul’s his if he would come and take

Russell Sivey


Old Tom

Eight times he looked death right in the eyes,

sometimes facing freezing nights when nobody heard his cries,

sometimes getting into fights with others of his kind,

left almost crippled twice, and one time nearly blind.

Another time he got run over by a car.

No matter, though, he had a mighty lucky star.

That old, bold, grey tomcat, forced to live outdoors,

often fell off walls but landed on all fours!

Now going on nine lives, Old Tom still thrives.


Where Was He

In a tiny Kingdom, in some far, distant land,

lived 9 hundred subjects, whose ruler was "The Shan"!

With a horrendous temper and prone to take fits,

his subjects walked on eggs, keeping their wits!

For some time, no problem, and it was great,

then a sudden fit, led to a perilous fate!

Now everyone was affected, except for one little man!

I just can't tell you, in fact nobody can,

his exact location when "The fit hit the Shan"!


When life is seen in nines

The sun shone bright and the wind was cool

On the road to that place, I was ecstatic

Expecting the nine of all that life can drool

Now and then I did dream of a picnic

With my host, the prince charming of my dreams

Laughing in love was no more made of whims

Never did I see behind this facade of falsity

Love turned instantly to what is known as cruelty

Into a slave he made me, of craving liberty!

Anoucheka Gangabissoon



Hot, unforgiving heat, ravaging the land with seasonal torture.

A place where the weak die and the strong survive.

A place where the soul destroying sun, beats daily.

Shifting daily winds along with shifting sands, move frequently.

Hot, sapping days, draw every ounce of ground moisture.

The vegetation gets gnarled and twisted from intense heat.

Day after day, the fight for survival becomes real.

The strong will push, and the weak will perish quickly.

In nine months, the rains will revive this land.


Nine months

For nine months I wove garments of soft wool

Each knot I wove ,is wrapped in endless love

Dreaming of holding you ,caressing you in my lap

How would It feel to touch your soft lips?

How would it feel to touch that baby skin?

What emotions would that first look, evoke in me?

Dreaming dreams of you, counting each day going by

Trying to figure what your each movement is conveying

Just be sure baby, that your mother is waiting



I remember being nine when summers were fun filled,

Before all of the responsibilities of life crept in,

Before work, before girls, except of course my sister,

And just before I was expected to be "grownup"--

Between a little kid and a screwed up teenager--

Still thought of as cute but not yet awkward,

And Mom and Dad still knew more than me.

Things were easier then but we didn't think so.

Then nine turned to ten and youth raced away.


All About Nine

After my youngest brother, we were family of nine,

my mama and daddy, five boys and two girls.

I thought I would have those loving folks forever

until they started leaving. Now only Sis and me

survive with all the memories of that strong family.

I have children and grandchildren whom I deeply love.

but they don't share the memories of long ago.

I'd like to be transported back to that family

for just 9 days perhaps, to relive fond memories.



The dark walls shake in apartment nine o nine,

Nine Inch Nails blares as bodies bump and grind.

Nine wrappers lie about and not the food kind,

Dregs remain of a bottle of Block Nine wine,

Wrists tug nine loose knots, that supple leather binds,

She has followed his nine rules, a dozen times,

This cool silk against her eyes, truly doesn’t blind,

Lost in lessons, yet parts of herself she finds,

As he nips her neck, bends her willing spine.


Nerves x 9

Through the screen door her eyes rose with mine

feverishly I rehearsed each romantic word in my mind

caught in a tongue tie still desperately I searched

luckily for me the spring flowers had just birthed

along the leading pathway to the doorway of dreams

I turned for one moment falling to my knees

plucked nine white roses setting them at her feet

still without a word sweat streaming down in beads

I caught my first breath and quickly ran away.....


Nine Lives

Safe to say there are never too many cats,

Meowing to say hello greeting you at the door;

Stepping silently, jumping all around snuggling on the couch;

Nine lives I am told? The chances they take!

Climbing trees, in and out of situations with ease;

They do what they want and they fear nothing;

Dodging cars! Always a kiss away on the street;

Content to roam until they finally find a home

We fall for those eyes that hold 9 lives.


Tipsy by 9

Last night I was in curious about number nine

Many articles said number nine is the perfection number

All that related with nine come back to nine

Try the multiplications of nine and see the results

Plus the two digits all will come in nine

Some say nine is "God's number" pretty much convincing

But still not catch the correlations God with nine

Seek for further they offered some calculation of pythagorean

Mind squeezing, brain stunned, black out, tipsy by nine



2x9= 18=1+8= 9

3x9= 27= 2+7= 9

4x9= 36= 3+6= 9

5x9= 45= 4+5= 9

And so on...



First kiss meandered through Sci Fi by the purple

wall. The tender second kiss arrived around the bend.

mumbling 3rd and 4th excuses as she frog jumped

twin matrons chatting with their dead and absent friends.

Sweet and slow-- the next three left her breathless--

Zinged and knocked her senseless to her bony knees.

She braced herself--for just two more--oh, please--

At 9pm she's startled by a subtle shoulder tap,

Bodice ripper pages shuddered with a final schoolgirl snap.


The ninth sea

Meet me at the bottom of the ocean that

lies beneath the sea. Where all that is heard

is the songs of the sea. The waves that

crash, the winds that are howling and palms trees

that quietly creak. Meet me at the bottom where

nothing is beneath our feet. Have you heard the

myth…regarding the secrets of the nine different seas?

They're beneath the bottom of the oceans, quietly…unseen…

Meet me at the ocean that hides a sea.



A baccarat player will just adore a natural nine.

No other hand in the game is so fine.

The worst he or she can do is tie.

That is the best card pair nobody can deny.

When any nine combination comes out of the shoe,

just sit back and relax. There’s nothing to do.

Baccarat is the card game James Bond would play.

From the first movie up to the modern day,

to win, double o’seven would always find a way.



In the middle of the woods lived nine women,

each woman was unique in their own special way.

Pd walked around wearing one sock everywhere she went.

Andrea lectured all the women on the English language.

Everywhere Tracie and Gail went they made funny faces.

Linda Marie could be found swinging from a tree.

Anna Lise likes mustard and cheese on crackers please

Carol, Abby and Melissa played jokes when they could.

this was a three ring circus in the woods.



I Give Him A Nine

I gave him a nine because he’s so sublime

He’s so fine and he is a husband divine

We have been together in all kind of weather

And as the years tether, he's got even better

He’s always so kind with his sweet Valentine buys

Roses from the village, and a card with verbiage

He’s my sweet Babaloo and I love him too

I 'd give him a ten, but I broke my pen

I'll show him instead, then take him to bed xxx




Nine, the number of innings in a baseball game

If you're on cloud nine, it's happiness you proclaim

Everything included means you want the whole nine yards

Nine judges on the supreme court act like retards

In nine months a baby emerges from the womb

A cat has nine lives is what we assume

If you're dressed to the nines, then you're fine

A standard work day will usually begin at nine

All entries in this contest must have nine lines


Leaving At Nine

Schedule says last train leaves the station at nine

If I hurry I might make it on time

So many mistakes and regrets flood through my mind

A new place and friends I surely will find

No one here knows I'm leaving this place today

I doubt if they would care very much anyway

Self Pity aside, perhaps I should think once more

Be strong and face what there is in store...

She watched the last train leave promptly at nine.


My Baseball History

Graig Nettles as a Yankee wore the number nine

the New York Yankees in the seventies very fine

I’m Red Sox fan but a baseball fan first

as you can tell baseball is my first thirst

ever since the seventies I was a baseball fan

Lou Brock and Yaz and Yaz the main man

baseball my sport of choice it’s my only game

and the Boston Red Sox have plenty of fame

I’ve been to Boston a few times what a city


Road Rage Revisit Manurewa New Zealand

Memories of him are still there upon Weymouth Road

his sullen white cross nailed to the old Kauri

symbolize by countless layers of uncaring street wise graffiti,

while burdensome scars revealed by heavy metal grow faint

and the old Rose i placed withered and faded

in the over grown yet still blood stained grass,

a monument still there for the few of us

those that cared those with lives full of guilt

'when you mate ran out of life number nine!'

© Harry J Horsman 2013



There are many things of which I could write

Love, Time, Hope, Poetry, another five just in spite

Two of these prevail in almost all my work

To write again about them I’d be a jerk

Nine the goal seems in a way very vain

But word after word I write again and again

Look keeping a form is nothing new to me

For sonnet after sonnet did I write almost exclusively

This Nine by Nine structure I have completed evenly



My naughty brown cat’s 9 lives are still intact

She is very fit as a matter of fact

Thanks to the wiry little dog of my neighbor

Who chased her home tail between legs and all

Or she would have been stomped on by horses

And left fossilized on the very big dark road

Where I would have found her lying very dead

Then my tears will form pools like raindrops do

And granny’s prophecy will be coming true after all.


The Nine Muses

Calliope, gives us epic poetry, but not to me
Erato, erotica I’d rather have a cup of tea,
Clio, gives us all the is past and gone
Euterpe, gave mythology the giver of legends, every one
Melpomene, the muse gave us tragedy and many tears
Terpsichore, gave us dance, down through the long years
Thalia, is my favourite she gave a good laugh
Urania, astronomy I love watching stars from my bath
Polyhymnia, muse number nine gave us song not rhyme.

~GG~ 11/01/2013

Congrats xox

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Date: 1/19/2013 7:43:00 PM
Tracy, I came back here and saw what one poet had written under his or her entry about multiplying by 9. 9 is a very interesting number. In numerology, you can totally ignore it when adding up your numbers because whether you include it or not, your number will always reduce down to the same answer!
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Date: 1/19/2013 11:48:00 AM
Mine was Old Tom, Tracie. I have to tell you, this was ONE inspired contest. I don't think there was one poem I did not enjoy reading. It was so interesting to see a person's personality revealed thru where their minds went with numbers! Awesome, and I sure hope you are going to stay here. Luv, Andrea
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Date: 1/19/2013 10:30:00 AM
Wow you are a big peach BUT we all new that! Thanks Light & Love Too bad 4 folks couldn't just throw sometime in the contest so you could judge today Tracie did you know YOU can enter 1 [of course you won't pick yourself BUT that's 1 closer!]
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Date: 1/19/2013 10:27:00 AM
Thanks the first one out is mine , Starting Nein is German for no ..... Yes nice to see them all like this, thanks for the contest Tracie...Seren
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Date: 1/19/2013 10:15:00 AM
"Nine Conceptions" here and thanks. So many wonderful poems here !!! Great writes all !!
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Date: 1/19/2013 8:22:00 AM
thanks for placing my entry 'Nine months' here...it was fun to write for it....best of luck to u ...:)))
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Date: 1/19/2013 7:18:00 AM
Its the 20th here Joann so I presume by the time I wake it will be locked but thank you xxx Night
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Date: 1/19/2013 7:13:00 AM
Sorry, I have been very busy. If we post now, will that help out?
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Date: 1/19/2013 4:21:00 AM
Tracie sorry I missed this one, been rushed off my feet the last three weeks, hope you are not leaving here completely, I will email you soon...Congratulations to all winners..David
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Date: 1/19/2013 4:08:00 AM
Bless you Tracy and big congratulations to all that placed and we are going to miss your contests, I hope you are not leaving us altogether xx
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