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Surveyed Poems

Surveyed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surveyed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surveyed.

New Poems

We can’t go out so what to do?
How do we spend our time?
Imagination, racing thoughts
My brain on overtime.

There’s gardening, painting, DIY
Non urgent jobs to do,
They’re boring and predictable,
I need stimulus, tried and true.

That lazy dog could do a bit,
He snores...Read More
Categories: surveyed, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme

My mind was left to think about
"dust scent through cold trampled field 
whilst butterflies hung by their wings to dry"  

- 'Time lost all realism'  

I've surveyed the road from 'time' to 'time' and saw Savoir-Vivre.
I will never be that woman; I've tied goats...Read More
Categories: surveyed, seasons,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The Real Intimidator
I strutted a bit on my branch as I surveyed the others 
They were commoners mostly songbirds, and two of my brothers.
Is that a great horn? A beautiful red cardinal asked in a trill.
I knew my stance was giving her...Read More
Categories: surveyed, 10th grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Personification
Ode to a toilet on a mountaintop
I climbed a mountain in a land of sun
Of epic landscape and of sweet cuisine
But scarecely had my lone ascent begun
Than woke a silent urge for a latrine

Too long must I have lingered at the wide
And bounteous smorgasbord in the...Read More
Categories: surveyed, adventure, anxiety, beautiful, emotions, endurance, happy, mountains,
Form: Ode
My Family tree
Poem by Koffi Mtonga

If I could have one tree in the garden
It'd be a sculpted tree with white roses

The women, Beautiful and elegant in their stature, 
would be the white roses that blossom earnestly.

Like branches frolicking in the twisting wind,
the...Read More
Categories: surveyed, africa, children, community, dad, fashion, father, father
Form: Narrative

I met you amid the branches
of an old, evergreen tree –
we were wary at first,
dangling like flushed and obscure fruits
from twisted limbs;
exchanging precious gifts
of blue-black berries and tentative smiles
until we gained the other's trust.
We clambered ever higher,
full of that clumsy...Read More
Categories: surveyed, love,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Peacocks

Preening trains of iridescent blues and greens spread to full boast

Exquisite eye markings with blue, red and gold jewels foremost.

Adored by man, lots were made pets over thousands of years spread.

Corruption creeps need only take trains that are annually shed.

Only...Read More
Categories: surveyed, appreciation, beautiful, bird, color, creation, image, nature,
Form: Acrostic
The 80s Green View

The 80s Green View
The natural landscape was vast and green
I could see it from the front windows of our house
And further still to the distant hills and counties
This area was where I lived and still do
Between waking and dreams, reality...Read More
Categories: surveyed, memory, remember, teenage,
Form: Prose Poetry
With bated breath
Detected overpowering odour ascending by degrees
Rational thought dissolved in fear
Animalistic unearthly roar transpiring
Gigantic mockery of every living thing
Oblique it’s huge amber eye surveyed
Nostrils twitching rapidly to detect
Stagnant atmosphere all pervading
Tantamount aversion restrained
Onerous task to undertake
Nihilism mindfully conjured despair 
Extinction of...Read More
Categories: surveyed, fantasy,
Form: Acrostic

Who was she?  They wondered
No one knew her name
Where did she live?  They wondered
No one ever saw her playing
How old was she?  They wondered
Did she have any friends?
What happened?  They wondered
Will this travesty ever...Read More
Categories: surveyed, angel, anger, betrayal, child abuse, courage, grave,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Hills
Hills have always made me wonder
what it's like to stand atop
each and every one of them,
surveying every thing below
be it small, large or in-between
as if all I surveyed
belonged to me
as part of my mystical domain.

Hills have always made me wonder
who...Read More
Categories: surveyed, allegory, change, confidence, courage, encouraging, inspiration, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Herstory, not History
(for Virginia Woolf)

She wanted to buy some flowers but drowned Herself instead,
drifting along the ebbing flow of time, with warm
water cracking Her slim figure and airless lungs.

‘will I freeze the river?’ She thought, wondering if the trees
would still rustle in...Read More
Categories: surveyed, art,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Preta's Slumber Tiime
Day was beginning
Preta had to hurry
Floating casually
Landing delicately
Landing on her favorite cottonwood leaf

She surveyed the meadow
Bunnies hopping to pink clover
Drone of grasshoppers fed her ears
All seemed well 
A glorious day

Her leaf bed greeted her softly
With whispers others did not hear
Lady...Read More
Categories: surveyed, fairy,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Queen's Appreciation

He knelt upon his self-respect to hide his bloody knees
          His lips pressed tender to her foot to properly appease
           ...Read More
Categories: surveyed, anger, conflict, corruption, fantasy, judgement, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
The Day I Saw That Fate Exists
"The Day(s) I Saw That Fate Exists"

"What Makes You Flinch" poetry contest
Sponsored By: Julie Leigh Rodeheaver

Today began as most of many days do
Today I woke, a tad bit hungover

Opened my eyes, rubbed my head
Said F+-k  feeling like S-+t...Read More
Categories: surveyed, addiction, anxiety, brother, confidence, conflict, confusion, fate,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Pastrual Quilt
Pastoral Quilt.

A pastoral quilt
Of varied greens
And russet tawny browns
Surveyed  by adoring eye
On verge of a hill
High above he ground
The provaling wind 
Reddens my cheeks
With a slight bite
And tussles my hair 
As I breath in the pure clean air

Towering sisters...Read More
Categories: surveyed, beautiful, beauty, creation, peace,
Form: Verse
Sometimes we must steal and loan kisses
Sometime we must steal and loan kisses

Beautiful lady arrived at the Austin's tavern at twelve trying to escape the Texas Summer heat.
Once she wanted everything and more,
now she need the Long Islands ice teas.
She was a beauty and the men...Read More
Categories: surveyed, dark, poetry, women,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member The Lady with the Lamp --------
In the flickering light of the lamp,
Despite the chilly night, air so damp,
She surveyed books so avidly read,
Studied the guidelines now in her head.
Time came: she departed for the war,
Sure she'd care for all those wounded sore.
Many followed as she...Read More
Categories: surveyed, adventure, books,
Form: Couplet
The Ruins
From afar only
I have surveyed the things once known,
now decayed and crawling
slowly, yet inexorably,
toward a time I’d rather not see.
I have not stood with you
in the desolate places we knew,
places we knew before their desolation,
I fear to stand there
and I...Read More
Categories: surveyed, depression, loss,
Form: Free verse
a little off
nothing seems to work out
the way i have it planned
when the crowd sits down
that's when i decide to stand

things always seem to go
a tad bit different for me
just a tick or two off
from what's considered life's normal beat

when they're no...Read More
Categories: surveyed, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Weathered Old Barn
A Sequel
The Weathered Old Barn
By: Tom Wright

A stranger came by just the other day,
with an offer that set me to thinking.
He had seen my old barn from the state highway,
and up my driveway he sped just cranking.

He was typical city,...Read More
Categories: surveyed, age, friendship, health,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member EGOS
Crux of the Matter
Written: by Tom Wright

At times in life when I’ve struggled along,
I’ve surveyed hinder at measures taken.
And because in my being I claimed no song,
Fright oft prevailing and leaving me shaken;

Life approached me like a breath of wind,
With...Read More
Categories: surveyed, desire, god, life,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Thaw time Tune:a Change in the Weather
I remember the thaw 
when I headed South to crawl 
through Carnegie's tunnels 
in a Saab that would stall 
in the mist or the rain 
Spring, Winter, and Fall-- 
O I remember the thaw 
and the chance of a change...Read More
Categories: surveyed, memory, repetition, weather,
Form: Light Verse
Old, Who, Me
Old, who , me?
I am told I am old,
Old, what is that?
I am old in my body,
This I have to agree,
The lying mirror tells me,
This is what others see.
When it comes to my head, 
And I ask if I'm old,
Another...Read More
Categories: surveyed, age,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member From Our Perch In The Gnarly Gumdrop Tree
Greeting the day's offerings, we cat souls 
Were watching for scampering voles and moles.
Five vigilant cousins and I, perched up high,
watching the sun rise in the eastern sky.

From our perch in the gnarly gumdrop tree,
We surveyed the meadow, calm as...Read More
Categories: surveyed, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Personification