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Famous Surveyed Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Surveyed poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous surveyed poems. These examples illustrate what a famous surveyed poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Rich, Adrienne

The silence strips bare:
In Dreyer's Passion of Joan 

Falconetti's face, hair shorn, a great geography
mutely surveyed by the camera 

If there were a poetry where this could happen
not as blank space or as words 

stretched like skin over meaningsof a night through which two people
have talked till dawn. 


The scream
of an illegitimate voice 

It has ceased to hear itself, therefore
it asks itself 

How do I exist? 

This was the silence I wanted to br...Read More

by Schiller, Friedrich von
...felt the want, and therefore souls were made,
The blessed mirrors of his bliss!--His eye
No equal in His loftiest works surveyed;
And from the source whence souls are quickened, He
Called His companion forth--ETERNITY!...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...fle afterward
A thing occurred
I'd not believe it if I heard
But state with creeping blood --
A snake with mottles rare
Surveyed my chamber floor
In feature as the worm before
But ringed with power --

The very string with which
I tied him -- too
When he was mean and new
That string was there --

I shrank -- "How fair you are"!
Propitiation's claw --
"Afraid," he hissed
"Of me"?
"No cordiality" --
He fathomed me --
Then to a Rhythm Slim
Secreted in his Form
As Patterns swim
P...Read More

by Alighieri, Dante
...ting lies, 
 On the shelved shore, and turns his eyes to see 
 The league-wide wastes that held him. So mine eyes 
 Surveyed that fear, the while my wearied frame 
 Rested, and ever my heart's tossed lake became 
 More quiet. 
 Then from that pass released, which yet 
 With living feet had no man left, I set 
 My forward steps aslant the steep, that so, 
 My right foot still the lower, I climbed. 

 No more I gazed. Around, a slope of sand 
 Was steril...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew
...would his place dispose. 

Ruyter the while, that had our ocean curbed, 
Sailed now among our rivers undistrubed, 
Surveyed their crystal streams and banks so green 
And beauties ere this never naked seen. 
Through the vain sedge, the bashful nymphs he eyed: 
Bosoms, and all which from themselves they hide. 
The sun much brighter, and the skies more clear, 
He finds the air and all things sweeter here. 
The sudden change, and such a tempting sight 
Swells his...Read More

by Browning, Robert


Page after page as I played,
Every bar's rest, where one wipes
Sweat from one's brow, I looked up and surveyed,
O'er my three claviers yon forest of pipes
Whence you still peeped in the shade.


Sure you were wishful to speak?
You, with brow ruled like a score,
Yes, and eyes buried in pits on each cheek,
Like two great breves, as they wrote them of yore,
Each side that bar, your straight beak!


Sure you said---``Good, the mere notes!
``St...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Not every blossom ripens into fruit; 
Minerva, the inventress of the flute, 
Flung it aside, when she her face surveyed 
Distorted in a fountain as she played; 
The unlucky Marsyas found it, and his fate 
Was one to make the bravest hesitate. 

Write on your doors the saying wise and old, 
"Be bold! be bold!" and everywhere, "Be bold; 
Be not too bold!" Yet better the excess 
Than the defect; better the more than less; 
Better like Hector in the field to die, 
T...Read More

by Milton, John
...'s daughters with like heat, 
Whose wanton passions in the sacred proch 
Ezekiel saw, when, by the vision led, 
His eye surveyed the dark idolatries 
Of alienated Judah. Next came one 
Who mourned in earnest, when the captive ark 
Maimed his brute image, head and hands lopt off, 
In his own temple, on the grunsel-edge, 
Where he fell flat and shamed his worshippers: 
Dagon his name, sea-monster,upward man 
And downward fish; yet had his temple high 
Reared in Azotus, drea...Read More

by Milton, John; all things smiled; 
With fragrance and with joy my heart o'erflowed. 
Myself I then perused, and limb by limb 
Surveyed, and sometimes went, and sometimes ran 
With supple joints, as lively vigour led: 
But who I was, or where, or from what cause, 
Knew not; to speak I tried, and forthwith spake; 
My tongue obeyed, and readily could name 
Whate'er I saw. Thou Sun, said I, fair light, 
And thou enlightened Earth, so fresh and gay, 
Ye Hills, and Dales, ye Rivers, ...Read More

by Milton, John
...not be last, and, with the voice divine
Nigh thunder-struck, the exalted man to whom
Such high attest was given a while surveyed
With wonder; then, with envy fraught and rage,
Flies to his place, nor rests, but in mid air
To council summons all his mighty Peers, 
Within thick clouds and dark tenfold involved,
A gloomy consistory; and them amidst,
With looks aghast and sad, he thus bespake:—
 "O ancient Powers of Air and this wide World
(For much more willingly I mention Air,
...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
...mile from the Main Stock Route, and started to feed along, 
And when Stingy Smith came up Bill said that the Route was surveyed wrong; 
And he tried to prove that the sheep had rushed and strayed from their camp at night, 
But the fighting man he kicked Bill's dog, and of course that meant a fight. 

So they sparred and fought, and they shifted ground, and never a sound was heard 
But the thudding fists on their brawny ribs, and the seconds' muttered word, 
Till the figh...Read More

by Goldsmith, Oliver
...up their sports beneath the spreading tree:
While many a pastime circled in the shade,
The young contending as the old surveyed;
And many a gambol frolicked o'er the ground,
And sleights of art and feats of strength went round;
And still as each repeated pleasure tired,
Succeeding sports the mirthful band inspired;
The dancing pair that simply sought renown
By holding out to tire each other down!
The swain mistrustless of his smutted face,
While secret laughter tittered roun...Read More

by Wordsworth, William rock.]   Can I forget that miserable hour,  When from the last hill-top, my sire surveyed,  Peering above the trees, the steeple tower  That on his marriage-day sweet music made?  Till then he hoped his bones might there be laid,  Close by my mother in their native bowers:  Bidding me trust in God, he stood and prayed,—  I could not pray:—through tears th...Read More

by Lanier, Sidney
...stockings and wild robbery

When Hal and Nimblewits invade
My cash in Santa Claus's name)
In full the hard, hard times surveyed;
Denounced all waste as crime and shame;

Hinted that "waste" might be a term
Including skates, velocipedes,
Kites, marbles, soldiers, towers infirm,
Bows, arrows, cannon, Indian reeds,

Cap-pistols, drums, mechanic toys,
And all th' infernal host of horns
Whereby to strenuous hells of noise
Are turned the blessed Christmas morns;

Thus, roused -- t...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
...s chieftain's hand,
     No law but Roderick Dhu's command.

     That summer morn had Roderick Dhu
     Surveyed the skirts of Benvenue,
     And sent his scouts o'er hill and heath,
     To view the frontiers of Menteith.
     All backward came with news of truce;
     Still lay each martial Graeme and Bruce,
     In Rednock courts no horsemen wait,
     No banner waved on Cardross gate,
     On Duchray's towers no beacon shone,
     Nor scared the he...Read More

by McGough, Roger
...en the ammo was well spent
with blood on every chair
Silence shuffled forward
with its hands up in the air

The teacher surveyed the carnage
the dying and the dead
He waggled a finger severely
"Now let that be a lesson" he said...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...e and more acumen
The bitter irony of Fate,
The vanity of all things human.
Why, just to-day some fellow said,
As I surveyed Fame's outer portal:
"By gad! I thought that you were dead."
Poor me, who dreamed to be immortal!

But that's the way with many men
Whose name one fancied time-defying;
We thought that they were dust and then
We found them living by their dying.
Like dogs we penmen have our day,
To brief best-sellerdom elected;
And then, "thumbs down," we sl...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...ose worst alarm
Is lest itself should see --
And perish from before itself
For just a scrutiny --

The Horror not to be surveyed --
But skirted in the Dark --
With Consciousness suspended --
And Being under Lock --

I fear me this -- is Loneliness --
The Maker of the soul
Its Caverns and its Corridors
Illuminate -- or seal --...Read More

by Seeger, Alan
...of wine, but he, 
Staunch in the ethic of an antique school -- 
Stoic or Cynic or of Pyrrho's mind -- 
With steady eyes surveyed the unbridled scene, 
Himself impassive, silent, self-contained: 
So sat the Indian prince, with brow unblanched, 
Amid the tortured and the torturers. 
He who had seen his hopes made desolate, 
His realm despoiled, his early crown deprived him, 
And watched while Pestilence and Famine piled 
His stricken people in their reeking doors, 
Whence g...Read More

by Crane, Stephen
...n importantly to the father, crying:
"Pray, come hither!
See this unjust thing in your garden!"
But when the father had surveyed,
He admonished the tutor:
"Not so, small sage!
This thing is just.
For, look you,
Are not they who possess the flowers
Stronger, bolder, shrewder
Than they who have none?
Why should the strong --
The beautiful strong --
Why should they not have the flowers?"
Upon reflection, the tutor bowed to the ground,
"My lord," he said,
"The stars are displ...Read More

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