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Superimposed Poems

Superimposed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of superimposed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for superimposed.

New Poems

Premium Member Colonel Orenthal Thaddeus Simpson

Colonel Orenthal Thaddeus Simpson

A gentleman of confidence and ambition, whose impression superimposed upon the common folk, a speech concerning absolute existence and the result of it. A self-built and well-constructed plane is valueless if it is without an engine, wings...Read More
Categories: superimposed, allegory, future, humanity, meaningful,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Became An American From Shangshi

Jasmine petals fall same as ashes from burnt incense,
Superimposed the demised who lays in hallowed rest,
A jar and vase on a marble stone, near a picket fence,
A man of the Buddhist faith who fought with the best,
Died for his country,...Read More
Categories: superimposed, character, death of a friend, faith, military,
Form: Quintain (English)
The children of the world are born naked

Historians are mere men.
They sail in the high seas of people
To catch a glimpse at the elusive whale of peace.

Yes, History is not just,
It is the poor outline of the book of Life.

Everyday historians climb their intellectual mountains
And observe their...Read More
Categories: superimposed, courage, culture, fear, identity, self, war, yellow,
Form: Free verse
The Curtain of Pain Fell Upon Us
Scream, Vomit, Cry, and Cuss
As the curtain of pain fell upon us
  Yet it covered nothing for me
Each person outside still peered inside
     ~   my soul to see  ~
It persisted, It literally...Read More
Categories: superimposed, betrayal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Remembering Stuff

Remembering “Stuff”

Some memories, become asphyxiated by time,
Others perish quickly, or retreat into the regions of non-recall;
That leaves only a few,
With a faint glow superimposed in our minds;
Each is a souvenir of a recollection past,
And some will remain until we breathe...Read More
Categories: superimposed, memory,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member POTENTIAL
   of the
a vivid
an image
an amalgam
in...Read More
Categories: superimposed, hope, people,
Form: Verse
The Joy Of Birth The Sorrow Of Death
I saw the face
of the Madonna weeping
superimposed on the Christmas tree
tears for the joy of Christ's birth
tears for the sorrow of Christ's death....Read More
Categories: superimposed, christmas,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ebony Velour
Shining stars confetti the night
creating a magical sight
as a molten moon starts to flow
through the blackness of outer space. 
Within night’s velvety embrace
Luna’s light has a golden glow
while shooting stars unzip the sky
visible to the naked eye.
And it appears that...Read More
Categories: superimposed, 10th grade, beautiful, imagery, imagination, metaphor, night,
Form: Verse
Thinking there was something going wrong,
It was situation of praise.
Something that couldn`t let black communities be on craze,
But emotionally, puts smile on the entire world face.
Urging and expanding the number of observers through unfailing phase.
On the street, I see passers...Read More
Categories: superimposed, adventure, analogy,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Hippocampus saddled in the vast sea, one of God’s superimposed dreams.
In miniature form these seahorses be, an aquatic burst of genius it seems.

Hippocampus in old Flossie form, spotted from the Scottish shores.
A frightful nightmare, not the norm,...Read More
Categories: superimposed, fantasy, image,
Form: Couplet

A Beast of Chirality
I blink my eyes and then the world is gone. 

Open once again to see some peons upon the lawn.

They came to hear the Lion yawn and swipe a wife by dawn.

That's why I keep my pride and believe,

to conceive...Read More
Categories: superimposed, anger, conflict, courage, hyperbole, pride, religion, truth,
Form: Free verse
Total Eclipse Of The Sun August 21, 2017
Though the starry eyed corona sporting sun dance 
cosmic phenomena (stealthily slated to describe mid expanse
night during broad daylight), this astronomical event common at a glance. 

Said Hal lens neigh saying Trojan Horse 
   advancing into Troy i.e....Read More
Categories: superimposed, adventure, angst, anxiety, blue, community, cool, innocence,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Resistance
It's a term coined
for the times

propelled by actions
ceremoniously indulged

whimsically by the populace.
It's growing daily,

masses in tune
bubbling to surface

rife with rebellion.
Senseless conventions

imposed by the machine,
discrepancies enlightened

with blinding rays
of rationality

superimposed upon circumstances.
Keeping up the fight

against all odds
baffling to mindfulness

as they scramble to...Read More
Categories: superimposed, freedom, patriotic, society,
Form: Free verse
I put myself 
Between and under 
Love's on the left, Father 
Sunshine and thunder 

I put myself 
Between and under 
Love's on the right, Son
No waste, no squander

I put myself 
Between and under
Spirit's above
A pure white dove

All that is love
Love...Read More
Categories: superimposed, love,
Form: Quatrain
Frogs Love Flies
While resting my soul
on the banks of a lush pond teeming with life,
I saw the spiritual superimposed on nature divine
My soul was lifted to an elevated state of mind
Upon hearing the buzzing of a bee,
this thought entered my heart and...Read More
Categories: superimposed, humanity, symbolism, truth, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Strutting swans
Elephant met a snooze cushion. But at an appropriate angle. Only then can one ensure the ultimate snore. Signalling should be done twice really. To adequately summarize a neutron. Oh just won't you look over there. The baby vol aux...Read More
Categories: superimposed, baptism, beauty,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member WE ARE NO MORE
By Vicki Acquah on Thursday, April 18, 2013 
Prince Kennedy & Oladeji Vicki Acquah

We- are gone
diluted into oblivion
we have nothing left but our footprints
The handwriting is no longer on the wall
The noses are broken off 
we are no longer us
Obscurely...Read More
Categories: superimposed, art, emotions, racism, writing,
Form: Free verse
Cerulean Pearl
As I breathe, I hope
for a better tomorrow
As I blink, I can cope
with the promise I borrow

In through the nose
and out through the mouth
Palimpsest superimposed
Arrow pointed south

My mind is scattered
like seeds on a field
Insulted, yet flattered
When it is congealed

I sigh...Read More
Categories: superimposed, analogy, beautiful, blessing, day, earth, heaven, image,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Just Another Day

Drifting through the millennium
to a world
of surprises and delight

You think about
what the future beholds
beyond the remedial

circumstances driven by
perseverance, thoughts
scholastically superimposed

upon realities drudgery
when you understand
it's all whimsy

upheld by rules, laws
etched into meanderings
circulating the realm

beyond your wildest imagination
you drift through
turmoils of preponderance

into...Read More
Categories: superimposed, destiny, humanity, introspection, psychological, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Her elegant soul
It was just a case of long nourished infatuation,
Until, I got to explore her concealed elegant soul,
Grit and resiliency with which she has won her battles,
Caring and empathetic heart that made her unique,
A woman of her calibre can change agony...Read More
Categories: superimposed, beauty, cute love, how i feel, love,
Form: Free verse
A special Solar Eclipse
Awesome to witness this extraordinary phenomena 
The famous  rare' Ring of Fire' right over Africa!!
Today the sun's a terrific ruby ring in Tanzania
A fiery stunning cerise circumference, special effects, credits Creator Allah
As the luminous moon is bid to veil the...Read More
Categories: superimposed, africa, earth, moon, science,
Form: Blank verse
I  look within my bag, and baggage more unquenched desires.
N erve wrecking mental state, thus illogically surmounts.
T he wisdom of sages to simplify life ends in absurd futility.
R ather than emptying my burden, I trudge along heavier.
O ptimistic spirits...Read More
Categories: superimposed, desire, peace,
Form: Acrostic
in the waterfall

in the waterfall 
of random thoughts
spherical occurrences
linear streams
tentative transitions
blurry-edged scenes
where is it
from whence did it come
I am superimposed
in it  
frothing about
tossing it out
world in peril
running out of time
everywhere I look
there’s all the signs
daring dances
in lemon glow 
autumn rhyme
in the...Read More
Categories: superimposed, angst, confusion, emotions,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Where Souls Exist
Imagine if you will, squares of light  
superimposed on ebony space.
And these twin portals defy the night
where dreams and reality embrace.

Subtle shades of a violet hue
seamlessly push the darkness away.
And as more colors comes into view
they adorn this magical...Read More
Categories: superimposed, allusion, beautiful, destiny, dream, fantasy, humanity,
Form: Quatrain
From Beginning to End Haiku
From Beginning to End Haiku

So must I ask you
Have you written a haiku
To put on our tree.

Is superimposed
Spirit on me as I dosed
Now free from all foes.

Leaves did fall from tree
Now we have humility
In land of the free.

Winter now was...Read More
Categories: superimposed, autumn, blessing, christmas, encouraging,
Form: Haiku