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Strength Poems

Strength Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about strength. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for strength.

New Poems

Premium Member India's National treasure
You are the pride of a nation
revealing the beauty of it's people
you reflect a nation's heart, mind, and soul
more brilliantly than pavo cristatus...

With grace and agility
you embody the power of your people
youthful energy unyielding strength
rivaled only by panthera tigris...

You are...Read More
Categories: strength, friendship,
Form: Free verse

Malaise in My Heart
There is a void in the hollow of my breast
where once my heart beat, undeterred
It flurries now in lethargic rhythm 
quelling emotions its never repressed
unraveling its three-fold cord of silken threads. 

I never imagined they would come unbraided 
believing their...Read More
Categories: strength, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Do What Is Right
We should try to do what is right.
Having the strength to fight.
Not ever doing it for spite.
But intending to shed some light.
Upon shadows in the night.
That hide the truth from sight.
Knowing we must hold on tight.
If we do, oneday we...Read More
Categories: strength, care, how i feel, rights, wisdom,
Form: Monorhyme
Winter Chills
Winter Chills
likely crept up on me
I shivered,  
less than a snowman name Frosty
but breathlessly magical than the beginning of                    ...Read More
Categories: strength, celebration, christmas, december, eve, for her, for
Form: I do not know?
Grind you down touchdown
Earth bound but for a moment
Pieces found a puzzle gleaming back at you

Tried but true, a burned cliché
All substance broken
Father of the lies stares back at you

Demystified a self, composed yet shatter blasted
Strength defies those passive aggressive
All...Read More
Categories: angst, strength,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Reasons I heart You

                        True               ...Read More
Categories: strength, love, marriage,
Form: Shape
Premium Member Woodburning Stove
( Wood Burning Stove )

I remember sitting close to it, the aroma made me smile
Going into the forest gathering the wood, a unique style
The snow getting in the boots, really made me cold
Technology has changed so much, I know I`m...Read More
Categories: strength, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hands laid bare

Interlaced fingers, 
palm against palm,
warmth and tenderness emanate…

Love and affection 
abound within the clasp.

Comfort and strength, 
passion, emotion -
all laid bare within each caress…

Mind, body, soul 
revealed within the grasp.

These fingertips alone 
hold the vastness of the sea;
these hands you...Read More
Categories: strength, heart, love, passion, truth,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Past Present
I look to you, one of many.
You are my past, now my present.
With me still, surrounding me always;
saying; stay steadfast!
Bend your knees when hope is gone.
Cry out HIS Name when you are unlearn.
I listen, as you speaks HIS truths.
I follow;...Read More
Categories: courage, encouraging, growth, inspiration, inspirational, strength, trust,
Form: Free verse
Inch by Inch

And love by its surrender
in its power play
may come to break its scaffold
from your heart

Inch by inch 
and by love
they are picked apart
and then to the bare bones of love
reduced to silence
and seen by sufferance
all their weakness
and how it makes...Read More
Categories: love, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member STRENGTH
Be amazed by your strength;
it was given to you before your name was spoken.
Your strength is adored upon you by many;
many who knew of your arrival.
They waited, patiently, knowing you are their merit.
Humble, mighty people who paved your way.
You stand...Read More
Categories: strength, africa, black african american, celebration, confidence, courage,
Form: Free verse
Another Heart Break in My Collection
Well another heart break to add to the collection,
This one hurts just as bad to my recollection,

We had a nice little chapter to add to my book,
One i will glance upon with a happy look,

It brings tears to my eyes...Read More
Categories: strength, cheer up, emotions, farewell, growth, heart, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme
my purpose
My Purpose 

I live in a house of Pain
and it reflects the neglect and hurt
of the children who live here. 
The furniture is broken or torn 
and the floors stay dirty.
No matter how hard I clean
I can’t wash away the...Read More
Categories: strength, abuse, forgiveness, hurt,
Form: Prose Poetry
My Heart Cries
~My Heart Cries~

Darkness welcomes me 
So I fall into its 
liquid ebony night
Drowning in its 
black solar waves 
not knowing
my surroundings

The unknown is quiet 
with it's unspoken words
Holding a calmness that's 
terrifying in a beautiful way
Only adding to secrets 
hid...Read More
Categories: dark, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Merry Christmas my love
Merry Christmas my love!
Its Christmas time once more and I want you to know; how special you are to me.                    ...Read More
Categories: strength, appreciation,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Ophelia's Song
Her face tawny and weathered
Is richer than the earth of a thousand years
With flowing furrowed lines of contented history
That are written deeply at each union, worn like a scar
She lifts her native face to compose a melody of love
As a...Read More
Categories: strength, beauty, color, courage, dance, endurance, hope, identity,
Form: Free verse
They called me turtle cause of my tough shell
I wasn’t born that way it comes from the ghetto a place called hell
Single parent home never knew my father
I felt so alone
Men thought they were going to win but I refuse...Read More
Categories: courage, deep, endurance, identity, self, strength, woman,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Promise of the Dove
We find ourselves in the garden continually
Searching for the answer, connecting to the divine
Seeking to know our answers of who we are spiritually
Relishing in knowing the truth, the sublime

We fill our soul and heart with transgressions
That falls from the grace...Read More
Categories: strength, courage, devotion, god, heaven,
Form: Rhyme
the bearer of the light
I once had a light, so bright And yet so splendid, that Darkness abhor and hated The light. for it exceed Human strength and the will The will to survive . so the Day came when evil became Restless, and...Read More
Categories: strength, angel, christian, courage, destiny, devotion, dream, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
Poem about life
Life is hard and sometimes overwhelming,
Sometimes my life seems so depressing,
I’ve been dragged down to rock bottom,
Which seems all I do is keep on stressing,

I’ve through hell and back,
But somehow I found the strength to comeback,
But now I know my...Read More
Categories: strength, inspirational,
Form: ABC
Moody Love All
The Masked " You Might Know Me"
Made his in ring debut, Mangeged
by " Gone Tour Me" he challenged
Dale B. Finer. Out classed by Y.M.K.M.
Finer sucummed to a Grall Gamers
Bearhug .

In what's said to be 
A world class series of
"The...Read More
Categories: strength, death of a friend, music, science fiction,
Form: Ballad
Moody Love All
The Masked " You Might Know Me"
Made his in ring debut, Mangeged
by " Gone Tour Me" he challenged
Dale B. Finer. Out classed by Y.M.K.M.
Finer sucummed to a Grall Gamers
Bearhug .

In what's said to be 
A world class series of
"The...Read More
Categories: strength, business, death of a friend, music, science
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Let the Spirit Move You
The memories arise
 from the classes of the catechism
 lessons learned with each decision;
teachers bent on revealing all of God's written words
 are not the only wisdom I have heard.

Something else reaches for the sky
 the blessings of God's love...Read More
Categories: strength, faith, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Shelter Me
Shelter Me.
Give me the second chance I need.
Shelter me that I may see the world through different eyes
Broken and disregarded I may be, but my heart is still beating
I need your hand to help pull my heart out of ashes...Read More
Categories: growth, peace, prayer, strength, trust, truth, women,
Form: List
Premium Member DAY of the LORD an epic to come
        a clear perception
the day
        of the Lord

east west north&south
           in dimension
   ...Read More
Categories: strength, christian, destiny, hope,
Form: Verse