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Force Poems

Force Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of force poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for force.

New Poems

Premium Member Silent Thoughts
think of me as a poem;
hear the words that fall
from the faint whispers of my heart,
it bleeds for you, more so than whitened lids
that prop themselves open
as if the backdrop of night.
they see nothing 
without the gleam of stars
that fall...Read More
Categories: force, emotions, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Those Slithering Serpents Of World's Hidden Abyss
Those Slithering Serpents Of World's Hidden Abyss

Through pleasant meadows they slither and soft hiss
pushing down nubile flowers as they go
they of dark, giver of serpentine kiss,
sowers of blackest curse that hatred grows,
a malignant force, masquerading as Light
of corruptible hearts, beasts...Read More
Categories: force, art, conflict, emotions, humanity, motivation, perspective, rude,
Form: Rhyme
The tree of senses keeps me close to my conscience,
liberating the bondage of believes in existence.
In certainty of identification to belong in effect,
by family as race and nationality towards self-image detect. 
The individual perspective by self awareness in social situation,
maintains...Read More
Categories: force, 12th grade, humanity, identity, patriotic,
Form: Ballade
Twinkle Again
A twinkle within the polluted luminous starry sky reflecting a single star dangling of like on a skyscraper caused my eye to attract thee,
heaviness and relief fell with my eye slowly as I inhaled looking back at you due to...Read More
Categories: force, blessing, change, courage, desire, fate, for him,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Can't Be Done - LM
"Reality is something you rise above".
Liza Minnelli. 

To rise above our daily reality
Is indeed a most intriguing concept,
To face our flaws in all their totality
May be very difficult to accept,
Even supposing our minds are adept;
While I appreciate the idea,
I do...Read More
Categories: force, character, day, desire, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme

He told her he was broken
But she saw him differently
A priceless clock
That was slightly off 
A little complicated
Just needed timing, winding, 
Some small adjustment
She thought she could 
Do the necessary repairs, 
It should’ve been a cinch
It would’ve been worth it
But he turned out to...Read More
Categories: force, addiction, anxiety, dark, depression, feelings, longing, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cletus O'Toole Yearns To Fly
Cletus O'Toole had always yearned to fly

   He joined the Air Force to give it a try

      He tried a daring chandelle

         It didn't go...Read More
Categories: force, flying, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member GREEN

Ah to be three again
to have the world
by the tail
out in full force
by the seat
of our pants
the universe
lining up to
hand out opportunities

posted on February 15, 2020...Read More
Categories: force, childhood, children, future, hope, innocence, world, youth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member THE BRINK
Long narrow alleys without any lights 
With a smell of decay 
Lost in silent hemispheres where the fear really bites
Where the cross is sent on its way 
Where tenderness has never been 
And none of the children dare to play...Read More
Categories: force, betrayal, deep, introspection, life, memory, perspective,
Form: Free verse
First came Storm Ciara 
On Sunday the ninth of February
She caused total havoc throughout the UK
Heavy rain brought serious flooding
Her gales so strong brought buildings tumbling
Whilst on the Isle of Wight
The most southerly tip of England
Gusts of ninety seven miles...Read More
Categories: force, environment, storm, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The First Dance
Can you dance with me?
Can you match me step for step?
Are our souls in sync, 
Our bodies a natural fit?
Does the music playing harmonize our soul movements?

The precarious titillation of those first steps.
Matching skill for skill
While looking earnestly for grace.
Counting...Read More
Categories: force, love, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Gone without doubt
Gone without doubt.

Black lungs charred that glisten like coal,
Try stand and stumble like new born foal .

Bludgeoned and shattered by what’s inside me,
The force of disease you cannot see.

Surrounded by shadows lurking with fear,
Inevitable death gaining ever so near.

Worry lines...Read More
Categories: force, death,
Form: ABC
Unshackled through force , gliding on air 
Liberation complete , nothing compares. 
My journey essential in hope of my kind 
A task not made easy by concrete and iron 

My fuel carry’s on with occasional fail 
Longevity unknown to...Read More
Categories: force, flying, freedom, nature,
Form: Rhyme
The Curse of Conquerors Past, Part III
...Not many people could unite such a force,
it was Williamson who was the lynch-pin,
if he could be killed they all would splinter,
amongst the horde civil wars would begin.

This, it appeared, was the best option left,
even if it meant many more...Read More
Categories: force, adventure, conflict, dark, evil, history, scary, war,
Form: Epic
The Curse of Conquerors Past, Part II
...Khan Williamson, for his troops called him that now,
split his forces and swarmed in from the west,
million of Uighurs joined him for revenge,
and all in his path could quickly attest

That if you surrendered to his great horde
he’d let you live,...Read More
Categories: force, adventure, conflict, dark, evil, history, scary, war,
Form: Epic
The Curse of Conquerors Past, Part I
I write this down not knowing what to think,
or how to make sense of what I went through,
my name is Blake Jones, I was S.A.S.,
and everything that I write here is true.

This tale tells how we killed Khan Williamson,
the tyrant...Read More
Categories: force, adventure, conflict, dark, evil, history, scary, war,
Form: Epic
Categories: force, 11th grade, 12th grade, 2nd grade, 5th
Form: Ballad
Premium Member STORM
In leaden blue it musters force.
There comes electric blink,
then roll of drums reflects from hills.
Our spirits start to sink. 

Aloft the cauldron stirs its curse,
a potion for attack.
It starts to tease with brisky breeze
then rips in with a smack.

Now we...Read More
Categories: force, storm, weather,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member As Blacken Monsters Paint Themselves As Glowing White, Dedicated to, Ghost Writer
As Blacken Monsters Paint Themselves As Glowing White,
Dedicated to, Ghost Writer

As darkness wields its deep slashing demonic blades,
sanity seems to be malignant tour de force,
corruption flows along hiding in wicked shades
as malicious malady on a tragic course!

One must hold steady...Read More
Categories: force, appreciation, art, creation, dedication, poetry, poets, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Flying on the Wings of Words
We began the dance with a saucy flamboyance.
You called to me playfully teasing;
I responded with a newfound banter

Our steps were smooth, our rhythm steady.
Fast-paced, whirling with the wind
barely a breath could pass without a word, a smile.

Our rapid-fire flirtation floats...Read More
Categories: force, sexy,
Form: Free verse
Poison Ivy
Those nights be crazy but livid while my imagination runs wilder than poison ivy which could be deadly 
but with the right antidote could be inoculated in a way by means of inoculation metaphorically yet I like the deadly part...Read More
Categories: force, beauty, blessing, change, encouraging, inspiration, journey, joy,
Form: I do not know?
Fired Out, Fire At Will, Depression Kill
I am fed up of falling this failing fall 
no person has fallen this far before 
have fallen through the very floor 
can’t force further (crack) there’s more!

How much farther can I take? 
rather damaged worn down straight,
dumbstruck as to...Read More
Categories: force, cheer up, hope, inspiration, inspirational, motivation, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Poindexter and His Minion
She had no one but Poindexter but he was more than enough
As a cat he was a force to contend with and rather wily and tough
It is Valentine’s Day and it is only these two supportive friends.
He is waiting patiently...Read More
Categories: force, cat,
Form: Rhyme
Trump Times
Trump knows when he offers a prayer
That its not going anywhere
Trump's Space Force can't budge
A sky filled with sludge
Trump unleashed into our fresh air...Read More
Categories: force, pollution,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Glass is Empty
Hindsight 20/20
Writer's block
My glass is empty!

Creative process
Transparently fragile
Must find my muse!
Must be mentally agile!

Struggling through
But no inspiration
Need some relief
From brain constipation

Oh, what a thrill!
My muse returns
My glass starts to fill!

From immovable object
To unstoppable force
Manipulate physics?
My muse can of course!

My glass...Read More
Categories: force, inspiration, muse, poetry, writing,
Form: Rhyme