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Short Vegan Poems

Short Vegan Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Vegan by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Vegan by length and keyword.

Premium Member Meat
“Meat is bad for you,” said the young vegan, lighting up a cigarette.

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Categories: vegan, food, health, satire,

Premium Member Vegan
Eugenie Smog was a Vegan,
Who lived on seaweed and rice.
But craved a plate of fried chicken;
Oh Yummy, I bet that tastes nice.

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Categories: vegan, desire, food, funny, nonsense,

The Cannibal Terror
This terror I now share with thee
Some cannibals had captured me
A dinner for clan
What worse could fate plan
We’re vegan a man said to me

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Categories: vegan, culture, food, funny, humor,

Premium Member Born Again Mary!
Chef Mary serves vegetable patties
cause she knows they don't have any Daddies!
She the vegan Queen
of the San Fran scene
for no meat does her store front carry!...

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Categories: vegan, animals, caregiving, childhood, food,

Vegan Stuffed Peppers
Medium stuffed bell peppers All full of good eats Like wild rice dotted with corn Tomato paste and Onion smothered in Hot Swiss cheese Superb!

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Categories: vegan, appreciation, culture, drink, food,

Fabulous Fajitas
Warm tortillas, bell peppers, Sliced onions, corn and Tomatoes too, piled so high; Seasoning and sauce Black olives sautéed; Till cooked soft Smash!

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Categories: vegan, appreciation, food, imagery,

james hetfield buying soymilk

    you may think that soy is not made of metal
    but i saw james hetfield filling his kettle.
   full of that sh$% in the vegan isle.
   so i just starred at him for awhile.


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Categories: vegan, allegory,


A Limerick man who ate jam with his ham
And his oats soaked in Irish goat’s milk,
Who had cream with his bream
And drank ale with his quail,
Went vegan,  with beans and greens of that ilk.

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Categories: vegan, food, funny,

I Bought You The Vegan Shoes
I bought you the vegan shoes, 
but you still got pissed 
because I told you makeup 
was made of whale blubber. 
I was sad when you broke up 
with me, but it makes a  
really funny story now....

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Categories: vegan, break up, humor,

Squark - for reindeer limerick contest
The family left Santa some claret
But Rudolph would not eat the carrot
No vegan, not never
He spat out a feather
Because he’d just eaten their parrot

10 December 2018

Funny reindeer limerick contest

Sponsor Tania Kitchen


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Categories: vegan, christmas, funny,

Creative Thinking

Like many, Joan struggled, was poor

To feed her sweet fam’ly of four

All their vegan food came from

Sixteen-inch terrarium

The secret’s eat less, never more

Tax and Finance Contest entry
Female, size 6, Russian Diopside

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Categories: vegan, humor, poverty,

Sound Mind in a Sound Body
An abode so divine
Soul’s own address
With no trait malign
Folks play with fuss
Drinking and smoke 
Tobacco cigar drugs
Make the heart choke
True with many shrugs
Let’s create scenario
Be sensitively vegan
Be friendly with eco
Let’s have vices shun
Organic diet is melody
Preventing all malady..!!

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Categories: vegan, anger, angst, appreciation,

Premium Member Perfect Life With One Exception
Perfect Life With One Exception

It does not make sense
You watch your body
like a hawk at war
You run, you yoga
You watch what you eat

You're a vegan
a healthy nut
bottled water
plenty of sleep

Great family
with two kids
and a dog

Yet why
do you


connie pachecho


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Categories: vegan, addiction, analogy, health,

Behind a Vegan Moon
No one likes dead lettuce
It must be crisp and cool
And dousing wounds with vinegar
Is certainly not cruel!

For Vegans can not see
Why lettuce choose to be
On a different frequency
Than Donald Trump might be

A salad will pass away
Shivering with cold today
Disgusted Vegans will say,
"I never heard lettuce pray"...

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Categories: vegan, culture, food, funny, nature,

you've got religion on your breath
and existentialism hanging in your closet
politically correct
cannabis vapor
give me purple diesel
or give me death star
some mental exercises
for longer life
and longer eyelashes
taste another green world
vegan parmesan cheese
saved by zen medicine
and rapid weight loss
philosophy isn't books, honey
it's a skin care offer 

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Categories: vegan, clothes, culture, fashion, money,

Moving up the food chain
We were vegan
with a brain smaller
than a peanut
and then we started eating
our brain got larger
we became higher primates
moving up the food chain
larger brain
smarter men
bigger hearts
higher blood pressure
and now
we moved back
to green
forget the red meat
to the trees
and to grass fields
became vegan again
up and down
the food chain
hopefully the brain
stays the same...


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Categories: vegan, funny, parody, food,

Field Roast Vegan Chao Slices
I want to eat
cheesy down home goodness 
I want to be mozzarella vegan great 
to eat the best flavors right off 
a non-dairy plate 

but, honest finance 
has told me so 
I will never know 
vegan in this price range

I could stretch out my dough 
I could save up multitudes of pennies
but let's face it 
I will just have to 
let the dream go    

seventy-seven dollars
for vegan cheese  
I guess sadly 
vegan isn't for me   

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Categories: vegan, black african american, body,

Virgil the Vegan Eats Out
Virgil the Vegan Eats Out

By Elton Camp

When to a café Virgil did go
Any type meat was a no-no

Even milk he would eschew
Cheese and butter were too

“My meals I require to be
Totally made cruelty-free.”

Although Virgil never knew
That veggies have feelings too

Beans scream when he comes near
Tomatoes and squash also fear

One chef got orders mixed up
In an outage, Virgil did gulp

He yelled, in a voice firm and clear
“Get that flesh away from here!”

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© Elton Camp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: vegan, food,

My Uncle Irv
My uncle was a vegan
Back before that was a word.
As kids, we always found
His eating habits quite absurd.

His veggies he refused to cut
So there upon his plate
Were carrots, leaves and peppers – 
We could really not relate.

Especially because that meal
Was on Thanksgiving Day.
We stuffed our faces, laughing at
His colorful display.

If he were still alive today
He wouldn’t seem so odd,
Though I’m sure the turkeys way back then
Considered him a god.

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Categories: vegan, food, thanksgiving day,

The Problem With Art Nouveau
Is that I do not like gargoyles staring at me
Or dragons or lions perched above me
As if I will become something to eat
Any second now I am so happy
Every second now to live in America
Where I stare at white walls 
Grateful I am not known as part of the food chain
However vegetarianism started
However I admire vegan
I gave up trying to understand and find
My own power animal
Reasoning I must not like art nouveau,
I am on my way to becoming
Exclusively a cubist implant!


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Categories: vegan, animals