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Short Minimize Poems

Short Minimize Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Minimize by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Minimize by length and keyword.

manifest, multiply
manipulate, metastasize
masticate, mesmerize
minced, minimize

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© Jo Bien  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: minimize, introspection
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Crossing Lines
Setting boundaries
A lesson learned, sometimes late
May simplify daily lives
Minimize regrets 
Lives ruined crossing lines

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Categories: minimize, life, people
Form: Tanka
Slimming Down

I strive for simple life and simpler deeds,
Cut down on needs,
And minimize the multiples of me,
And wriggle free
Of whirligig complexity.

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© Steve Eng  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: minimize, philosophy
Form: Verse
Premium Member Smile At Each Other

In spite of negative stuff in the news today We can all do our part to minimize the decay Smile at each other Love one another Wake up each morning whistling away

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Categories: minimize, smile,
Form: Limerick
Mathematics Pleiades
Math, the realm of life, let's
Multiply all pleasures
Minus entire sorrows
Manage total tie-ups
Measure mentalities
Matrix adventures and
Minimize kindred’s flaws.

Pleiades Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Joseph May 
Date: 06/10/2020
Placed : 1st

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Categories: minimize, life,
Form: Verse

Theorized heartless
Take your standbys
And your surprise
And analyze
My starting rise
This is advised
To get baptized
And Christianize
You idolize
Evils lullabies
Now memorize
These words replies
Say your good-buys
Leave all your spies
You agonizes
And minimize
Evils veils of lies

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© Tara Shaw  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: minimize, people
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Pitch-black Terror
What seems dull by day
  Flashes peril by night
Sparks far away
  A trembling fright

The rustling of trees
  Noontide's gentle wind
On nighttime's breeze
  Nearly do me in

Night's shadow amplifies
  What bright days minimize
Pitch-black terror underlies
  The scream of the Evil Eye...

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Categories: minimize, night, scary, senses,
Form: Rhyme
Love and care
Smiling faces
Simple yet complicated
Hearts are stray

Hugs and fights
Endless talks
Bold and bright
that Unbreakable lock

Dreams and wishes
Aims and hopes
Confused and frightened
Timeless talks

together they stand
Friends they are
No matter how hard
Never apart...

(an attempt to minimize words)...

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Categories: minimize, best friend, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member GOD AND MAN V

is the only perfect being 
He is characterized, among other things,
the absence of needs!

being imperfect has many wants
if Man wishes to approach God *
must first 
minimize the plethora of his wants!  

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      03 APRIL 2020

* "Be thou perfect as thy father in 
heaven is perfect." Matthew 5:48

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Categories: minimize, desire, god, men,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mother Nature
Thank you for the sunshine, that makes us smile on the tougher days
Thank you for the rain storms, that seem to ease the pain away 
And how the wind seems to hold you, if you can find its simplistic unattainable rhythm 
Even for the cold, that when applied to the wounds will minimize the illness
Mother Nature, a woman so fierce and so majestic 
There's not words beautiful enough yet to describe her image

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Categories: minimize, nature,
Form: Lyric
A king is also a man with single mind,
People in the kingdom with many minds,
The pool of minds of people,stronger than the king's sometimes,
"Your strength to compensate my weaknesses,
Your wisdom to help to minimize my mistakes",
To the hearts of his people President Jimmy Carter once spoke,
Kings have wiser,advisors,
People are the supervisors,
If the king ignores the verses of both,
The king is walking along the disastrous path!

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Categories: minimize, care, community, evil, history, judgement, political, world,
Form: Light Verse
My Stance
It's what I saw in your eyes
That made me to realize
That no matter how I disguise
Myself and try to minimize
The hatred I have for your lies
It's your being I will anathematize

If it is all about patience
Then I'm afraid my conscience
Has decided that intolerance
Is going to be the stance
It'll take for your nonsense

I'll be here waiting for you
So if there is any voodoo
That will make you to glue
To me, we will try to
Shake it off in a coup


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Categories: minimize, africa, heartbroken,
Form: Crystalline
Premium Member Deal Breaker
An online date inquired,
Via text, of my good friend,
If she indulged in what’s become
An up-and-coming trend.

He had to know, he claimed,
‘Cause her retort could break the deal,
If she had shaved “down there,” 
Which would diminish her appeal.

To say this question threw her
Is to minimize the truth,
For how could someone better prove
That he is so uncouth?

My friend has crossed him off her list
For how he did behave,
Preventing what might have become
An awfully close shave!

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Categories: minimize, body,
Form: Rhyme
think of the judgement day
Fix in your mind a prospect desire

Burst other things like volcano fire

Set your mind with lot of hope

And that should be an invulnerability rope

 You optimize the faith that what you can

And minimize the time you sit under the fan

Pray the mighty for good nature, and not even

Dream to save for your future

Think you aren’t the priority sex

And flush out your entire evil complex

We will pay for what we had done

No one can cool inside the burning sun


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Categories: minimize, passion,
Form: I do not know?
mere man
you are only a mere man 
limited in strenght and magical powers
your needs are never ending
you sweat like its a curse and minimize food like its a burden to eat
wretched is your kind 
it shows in your way of life
children cursing mothers or the other way round 
representatives causing pain 
and man takes a hole in the mountain as home
you live complainig and die dissapointed
your needs- more than numerous
your responsibilities unfulfilled
the life of a mere man is better imagined....

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Categories: minimize, imagination, nature, people,
Form: I do not know?