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Short Margin Poems

Short Margin Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Margin by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Margin by length and keyword.

Premium Member Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin
was a margin
off his rocker when he, ashamedly,
got caught swinging from a tree....

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Categories: margin, humorous, image,
Form: Clerihew

took his
day job home-
on a billboard 

Ekphrasis after The Margin Between by Rosenquist...

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Categories: margin, art,
Form: Lanterne
Premium Member The Question
Am I just a doodle
in the margin 
of the book of life?

Image: Cubism clipart,

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Categories: margin, life,
Form: Verse
Bird play is Word play,

forming sentences
in the blue margin
of the lake,
punctuation follows
in their wake....

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© Nola Perez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: margin, introspection
Form: Blank verse
Morning sun putting 
balm on the green leaf margin
Beetle-chewed whole night

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Categories: margin, care, insect, morning, pain,
Form: Haiku

Time and Space
Time: Past formerly Present occurrence now and Future subsequent. Space: Cavity margin Dimensions in which all things Exist continuous. Written: 10/23/15

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Categories: margin, future, space, time,
Form: Haiku
Smile it hurts my pride
Arising rage, a rising tide
And it all just began
So you better start beggin'
For I'm a pagan,
I'll have you walk out the margin
My gods are unforgiving
And i aint for giving...

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Categories: margin, anger, conflict, confusion, emotions,
Form: Rhyme
Happy place
Perched by the water margin,
the hushing flow that aids reflection.
Cherry blossom flutters softly,
a sporadic serenade of raining pinks.
Outstretched boughs present the stream
tranquil in refracted beam.


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Categories: margin, nature, peace,
Form: Light Verse
Once there was a writer by name Jacob Distemper,
fellow is no doubt an excellent writer,extempore.
Children’s jungle story writing!
all time adult poem writing!
bloody, who cares. What margin this December?

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Categories: margin, humor,
Form: Limerick
Marvel at the meeting!
The mixing of friend and foe
To discern themselvs in debate
Weighing the cons and pro
The margin of error is listed
while lacking diplomacy!
Catcalls, flags and waving hands
all spell democracy...

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Categories: margin, beauty, community, conflict, judgement,
Form: Epic
Premium Member ACROSTIC
All the initial words
At the left side margin
Are arranged in a way
A vertical word will
Appear before your eyes
Accent letters with bold
An easy form to write!

Pleiades 3 Poetry Contest

Sponsored by Joseph May


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Categories: margin, poetry,
Form: Verse

You laid down my rights
In your ennobled embrace
I relegated them into minds margin
Lest they bother us,
In our high noon revelry
I roam, carefree, for you are alive.

Lips down the isthmus, unto
rolling hills and dales, in quest
for the golden fleece, I may not find
in a lifetime....

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Categories: margin, adventure
Form: Free verse
A cherished book
The best books have a little
love in them. Whether it be
a taped spine or a
half-creased cover
a forgotten dog-ear or
a few margin-scribbles
a browning of the pages
or perhaps a signature
the more time a book spends
in the company of men
the better it learns how to tug
at their heartstrings.

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Categories: margin, introspection, life, mystery, on writing and words,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Jaramana
Jihad bears no margin,

       Jaws of war gnawing hope,

Jezebel of malice ...

              Justice forsakes children,

Joining flesh with metal,

       Jagged teeth of Evil ...

Jeering at the horror.

** 5th Place in the "Pleiades J Poetry Contest", Kim Merryman, Sponsor **

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Categories: margin, angst, horror, war, world,
Form: Verse
Horn Hillary Trilogy Hiaku
Horn Hillary Trilogy Haiku

Woman finally
I sure am starting to see
In White House should be.

God us He did bless
Narrow margin could care less
Remove all the stress.

What a woman will (5)
Duty rightfully fulfil (7)
So we can sit still.

Her confidence produces
restfulness to me.

Jim Horn


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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: margin, allegory, analogy,
Form: I do not know?
I Still Do Dread This Air
I do dread this air
Blown from the far side
of despair
With that still hearth
Rusting unburnished
Among those barren crags
Never to shine use after use
Living life to the lees
Though much is taken
Though many abide
Whose mere margin fades
While that great world
grows weak and old
I still do dread this air......

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Categories: margin, earth,
Form: Cinqku
Premium Member The Small Joys Matter Most
 Morning solitude is best
The once dark margin of the sea
is all at once, a sparkling pleasure
To hear the  sprightly magpies
as they wander over dewy grass 
warbling a wealth of sound 
the like of heaven 
Air so fresh it equals joy
and the jewel in the crown;
on the vacant lot beneath the sign -
a lily has bloomed.

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Categories: margin, appreciation, joy,
Form: Free verse
Swine flu Vs Corona virus
Hi , I am Corona
 That's my persona
I am the number one Virus
Better than queen Fiona 

I am worse than you Swine flu
By a huge margin too
Just a weak virus?
You  are the number two

Call me the demiser
Because I am the killer
You could only scare me
If you were a sanitizer 

                         By Mina Tamer Gamal

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© Mina Tamer  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: margin, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 10 Lines 5 Words

Either side the river rise 
High banks guarding valley town
Neath ever changing tropic skies
From margin we gaze down 

The old village spreads below
Waking in the morning light
That tints with warming glow
Reveals coffee shops to sight

Their nectar makes cares allay
Giving hope for breaking day

26 December 2017...

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Categories: margin, drink, good morning, happiness,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Short Night Messaging
Thoughts of you influence my soul like dry gin
the day which felt long
is gradually pulling its blue jean
yet your absence has made our bed
an unwanted virgin
separating comfort and peace with a wide margin
this is another weary night slowly aging
for me to be pushing for your presence once again
the moon and stars will not stop urging.

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Categories: margin, care, crush, humor, romance, romantic, romantic love,
Form: Rhyme
Edge On The Competition
E-dge on the competition
L-ets you have an objective; 
L-osing the goal is forgotten, 
E-ven a plan to think

C-limb every mountain
O-f test toward victory; 
R-each the steepest hill
T-o gain fame and glory.
E-mploy your advantage, use your margin with passion; 
S-eptember sixth Wednesday, you have an edge on the competition....

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Categories: margin, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Winner's Badge
Margin was short,
minute and hair breadthed,
he smiled outwardly,
and inwardly grimaced,
hid the inner pain,
and buttered the whole main,
His lordship came forward,
quite ingratiated,
waving hands,
he conjured an ace,
of his grace,
which now began to race,
lordship had obliged,
had the margin hedged,
he came out with a winner's badge.


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Categories: margin, inspirational, life, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
 I wander lonely as a leaf that floats on high over hills and green marshy grass,
Beneath the trees that dance along to the musical blowing air. 
I walk outside and gaze, the moon risen above wisps of dark clouds.
I grace and brace myself as I sit outside with a pen and paper listening to the words through the breeze and along the margin of a bay.

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Categories: margin, peace,
Form: Light Verse
Damped Death Drooling
gaunt ghost jolting
lusty lurch fermenting
felon higgledy-piggledy fostering
busted hurly-burly blistering
hoisted emotions hankering
strife strove, surging

damped death drooling
after ghost galloping
scared fate sobbing

at mystic margin:
pulpy pace shrinking
death met banshee

callous war's conceived
death feigning defeat.

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Categories: margin, death, gothic, horror,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Contrary Kisses
Snow fell in dollops, in kite like laziness
too wet to stay white except in the margins.
The contrary air kisses each flake
melting each heart of ice.
Bittersweet the temperature falls.
Teardrops cling to greedy braches
reminiscent of hand stitched jewels
on a queen's gown.
The matted margin of lingering grass
crisps like spun sugar
snow flakes on the lash of night. 


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Categories: margin, inspirational, introspection, nature
Form: Free verse