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Short Jackal Poems

Short Jackal Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Jackal by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Jackal by length and keyword.

His Jackal Howl Fills The Room
chained in shackles
dark dungeon wall
ghost of doom
jackal howl fills the room...

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Categories: jackal, imagery, imagination,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Halloween Ready
Smackely, crackely, dackely, boo.
Goblins and ghosts do not scare you.
Hackley, facklye,  jackal-ly crew.
I obviously do not have much to do.

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Categories: jackal, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Standing In A Garage

Going to church on Sunday doesn't make you a Christian Any more than standing in a garage make you a piston This made me cackle Like a happy jackal Then walked into a lion's den and it made me a chicken

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Categories: jackal, truth,
Form: Limerick
The Jackal
I'm which you want to avoid on your path at night.
I'll follow you home and you'll never see me in sight.
I'll snatch your cub from your paws while you sleep.
I'll devour it whole while you search and endlessly weep. 
I am the Jackal....

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Categories: jackal, howl,
Form: Light Verse
Join together in packs
Journey in Africa
Jaunt as prowling wolves and
jabber like little dogs
Jaws grip prey like a vice
Jugular bites will kill
Jolting Willis movie

March 5th, 2017
Kim Merrymen Contest
Pleiades J

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Categories: jackal, animal,
Form: Verse

It is the end of day
And the ending of days
The cheese runs away
And the atheist prays
Just over broke
The leash takes the strain
It is mist not smoke
Free speech used in vain.
And here broken beasts
To dejected pastures go
And where the jackal feasts
In vain the white of snow....

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Categories: jackal, social, war, , atheist,
Form: Rhyme
You are my faithful friends
You are my faithful friends,
forever with me until the end.
As artists painting art,
you have touched my heart,
with your generosity's compassion 
and affection,
changing a vicious jackal into 
gorgeous creature.
With my heart's transformation,
I hereby pledge friendly fidelity....

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Categories: jackal, friendship
Form: Verse
Premium Member JACKAL

Jungle's deadly wolf roams,
Jaws tightening as limbs
Jut out from black of night;
Jeering its prey for  one
Joust between man and beast:
Jingling its canine paws,
Jolts rip a hunter's flesh!

Pleiades-J Contest of Kim Merryman
Checked with


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Categories: jackal, animal, strength,
Form: Verse
Don't Much Care
I wish I knew where time went,
Washed clean away,
Jackal jaws ate it up
And swallowed down the day.

The very sun ignores me,
Moon cuts me dead,
Spattering of solitude
Anoints my empty head.

Don’t much care for dreams
Nor sleep’s domain,
Nothing equals nothing,
Begets more of the same.

Don’t much care for waking,
Walking into walls,
Frozen frames of judgement,
Whatever befalls, befalls.

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: jackal, life, nostalgia, sad, care, care,
Form: Verse
“Daddy, I’m afraid.
It’s dark outside.
The jackal is wailing.”
“Do not worry, son.
It’s a light.
For my fear the jackal
is wailing.
Since the night further
we’ll be all the time
Go out of the pavilion
like of the past.
And firmly
to stay in a sound.
Chest to chest
and flesh to
In front of the stone.
And with the knife.
tries Himself out.
Before to send you
as Life
to Life. 

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Categories: jackal, faith
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Evil Personified
There is no beating in this hollow, heinous Heart
Eternal empty eyes emitting, inexcusable iniquities
Jutting juxtaposed jackal jaws, tearing Love apart
Anathematize abandoned, always forgive Atrocities
This is how I live, how I grow, how I stay in control

                                 To be Continued

Inspired by TPS’ blog “Integrity“; this is the Liege you do not see
          Dedicated to those who do not believe, like me


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Categories: jackal, death, integrity,
Form: Rhyme
It has to be deeply personal, you said
As if the sun is not so
Nor the moon
As if the verdant lane
Fenced in by memories of you and me
And the lonely jackal on distant moor
Are enough to create human mystery

When through shimmering haze the moon is full
The web is shut, the famous mistletoe 
has dripped its cool,
A weak and trifling heart will peep out silently
To whimper at the startling beauty
Singed and dyed in many splendored wool


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Categories: jackal, romance
Form: Free verse
By her tongue, honey gold, 
Tipped with steel lashes; 
Eyes behold with narrowed ire, 
Stinging welts; and crashes 
Through the barrier of skin, 
The naked perimeter fence, 
A culture clashes in some 
Past or present tense. 
Substituting words to heal 
With jackal-lipped unkindness, 
Juxtaposing dark for light, 
My love accepted blindness 
At each and every stroke, 
By her tongue, poison black; 
I forgive and kiss her lips 
For all the times she took it back....

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: jackal, forgiveness, life, love, mystery, passion,
Form: Verse