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Short Cry Me A River Poems

Short Cry Me A River Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Cry Me A River by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Cry Me A River by length and keyword.

Cry Me A River
at the mouth of cave
aqua insurgent brushstrokes
cry me a river...

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Categories: cry me a river, adventure, art, education, funny, imagination, inspirational, mystery,
Form: Haiku

cry me a river
two things i've given my heart to
two things for which i've cried
my dear dear love april
and my little dog that died
tears are sometimes expected
but really somewhat a surprise
the secret of how much you love someone
are hidden in the eye's...

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Categories: cry me a river, loss, love,
Form: Dramatic monologue
looking for love
looking for love
where can i find my love
my heart is on fire
and love is the water
to quench this fire
honey is sweet 
but love is much sweeter
the lion is strong
but love is much stronger
I am hungry and only love
can satisfy my  hunger
cry me a river
only love takes me higher
this conception is deeper...

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Categories: cry me a river, love,
Form: Sonnet
greener, greener, greener still
"The grass is always greener on the other side."
"The sun shines brighter for others and not me."
Boohoo, cry me a river. I have a tiny violin.
You can borrow it when you sing your sob song.
It plays rather well to the tune of, “POOR ME!!!”
Further more the grass isn’t always greener.
For your information my grass is pretty damn green.
They just wont let me walk on it.

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Categories: cry me a river, confusion, love, sad, me,
Form: Free verse
Tell me to love
I'll start loving
Tell me to work
And i'll start
Tell me to weep
And i'll start crying
Tell me to stop writing
And i'll stop breathing

Say cry me a river
I'll give you an ocean
Say give me some love
And i'll give you my heart
Say live life like theres no tomarrow
And i'll give it a shot
Say that i'm a failure
And i'll close the book before its done...

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Categories: cry me a river, dedication, faith, inspirationalme, me,
Form: Free verse

'' let it be ''
let it be what it is why not me listen to this cry me a river ride me on a spoon let it be written on the moon let it be more than time consumes try it against the wind denying it while trying friends it it it have you hatter'd us this it effect calm me let it be follow me ? ... .. . first line title same contest write 8~13~17 ... .. .

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Categories: cry me a river, art,
Form: Blitz
Cry me a river
I know iv'e done the same
You cut me into peices
As i hide my face in shame

Not ready to let go
Because i love you so
No matter the pain
Or the scars iv'e yet to gain

Bruises up and down my arms
And scratches all over my face
You sure lost your charm
And i'm tired of this race

People ask day to day
Why i would stay
I'm scared for my life
I better grab a knife

Say my last good bye
Here's to my only escape
I hear you ask why
But baby you chose my fate....

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Categories: cry me a river, dark,
Form: ABC
Cry Me A River
You said you'd love me forever.
So why am I standing here
On the sidewalk in front of your empty house
With the rain beating on me
And blending in with my tears?
Because you lied.
Because everything we had together,
All the memories I saved
Were a lie.
So when you finally run back to me,
With a pleading look in your eyes,
Begging me to take you back,
You know what I'm gonna say?
Cry me a river.
And then I'm gonna walk away.
From you.
From us.
From the memories....

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Categories: cry me a river, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, teenme, me,
Form: I do not know?
Cry Me A River
All that we've been through, all you've put me through, you can cry me a river.

All the lies you told and broken promises, you can cry me a river.

All the hanging out late, just cry me a river.

I just don't understand why i put up with all of this, i suppose its due to me loving you.

However, as they say, you don't always have to be with the person you love, especially
when they don't love you back.

So as you cry me this river, think about how far i am up the stream....

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Categories: cry me a river, loveme, cry, me,
Form: I do not know?