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Short Cole Poems

Short Cole Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Cole by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Cole by length and keyword.

Premium Member Unforgettable
Dedicated to Natalie Cole

Click on the link above the photo to see poem, music and photos!!!!...

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Categories: cole, beauty, bereavement, death, dedication, music,
Form: Acrostic

Slow your role
A story needs
If you don’t get
Try not to let
bother you much
stay in Touch

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Categories: cole, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme
Likeable Emotion
R-ema in

E-mot ion

Topic: Poet (Lamar Cole) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: cole, poetry, poets,
Form: Acrostic
The Four Seasons en Weesianuh
We got four seasons
Hot, hotter, and...Daaamn this heat!
(With a few cold snaps)

In Cajun English:

We god fo seasonne
Hod, hoddah, an...Dhaahm diz heat!
(Wid a few cole snap)


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Categories: cole, funny, nature
Form: Senryu
Skiffle was on a roll,
we danced to Nat King Cole,
Elvis was King;
Rock 'n Roll made all things swing,
And Jiving was the 'thing'

Fifty years have just slipped by...
Since that day that we said 'Hi'

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Categories: cole, anniversary, love, wife
Form: Bio

The Elegant Voice of Audrianna Cole
Elements synthesize

Establishing brilliance


Sound elevates

Electric symphonies


Vocals ascend

Ricocheting amour


Speech perishes

Shock scarves


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Categories: cole, life, love, passion, uplifting,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Crooners From The Forties

How many remember the crooners from way back Frankie Boy, Perry, Der Bingle, and the King, Cole Nat Little Richard, Deano They were the cream Brings tears to my eyes to remember the pack

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Categories: cole, memory,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Dancing-Acrostic
Dance ballerina dance
All the stations played it
Nat King Cole was the star
Couples smooched to the music
In every club and bar
Naughty things happened after dusk,
Girls wed, babies all premature.

Penned September 23 rd. 2013


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Categories: cole, dance, love,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Nat 'King' Cole
The man they called 'King' 
   On Chicago's South Side
With a voice smooth as silk
   Pearly teeth smiling wide

Hit after hit, from 'Mona Lisa'
   To 'Unforgettable'
Not a number one hit among them
   ~ Whites wary of his ghetto pull


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Categories: cole, music, prejudice, race, song,
Form: Rhyme
Ol Dumd Cole
'Ol Dumd Cole,
Was a merry 'ol soul,
When he lit up...
His crack bowl...

Butt da' dwug dunn made hyme dumd,
Of da joys 's crack he a'ways sung..
Some daze he mitta lit up dung..
Now hez siten in a cozee place....
King 'a da masta race....
King 'a cwack....
Still fly'in high....
Even if he doon nokw y....

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cole, adventure, caregiving, confusion, parody,
Form: Ballad
For Gabriel - who can barely talk
Gabriel -  my autistic nephew 
speaks few word but has a loving face
He has a place in my heart
I try to talk with hm
Even taught him a few songs
A couple of tiby the Lemon Pipers
and one by Nat King Cole 
Let poetry and music guide your days
and thinks of people like Gabe
who enrich our lives


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Categories: cole, love, music,
Form: Free verse

Hoje e sempre,
faça o que é necessário, 
depois faça o que é possível
continue e faça um pouco a mais
e, de repente, 
você vai fazer o impossível.

Copie e cole em seu navegador o link mostrado e compre livros para aumentar as suas capacidades.

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Categories: cole, business,
Form: Free verse
He can barely talk
   since he was born with severe autism 
I taught him a Lemon Piper and a Nat King Cole song 
He likes music! 
But will never have a girlfriend 
or work for pay 
   Friends, if you feel bad about missing out 
on fame or fortune 
Consider the case of Gabriel - whom we love 
Be thankful you can talk!!

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Categories: cole, jewish, love,
Form: Free verse
Nat King Cole
(in Memory of the late, legendary singer, Nat King Cole)

Once a great balladere, was
Nat King Cole
Singing like captivating US,
was his main goal
A tendency, he had to swallow
Us up, whole
Having a Big voice full of Power
and Soul
How it often kept Us in Spirits,
"on a roll"
Why, he could make come from
under- a mole
It's No wonder, He, many hearts,
had stole...

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Categories: cole, epic
Form: Epic
Is heaven a place where flowers always bloom?
Where fruit is delectably sweet,
And birds flitter in a celestial ballroom?

Is heaven a jewel crested mountain,
With silvery wispy clouds,
Raining ambrosial nectar,
From a majestic crystal fountain?

Is heaven the sounds of,
Beethoven, Brahms and Nat King Cole,
Or, is heaven not a thing,
But a aspiration that lives in the,
Chasm of one’s soul?

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Categories: cole, encouraging,
Form: Light Verse
I'm a billionaire
I escaped her coil
Her incessant boil 
Back into the soil
Stronger than ever like a pole
Buried like a piece of cole
Alone and blinded like a mole
Digging for gold with my nail(s)
From life’s endless anaconda toil
And into the world I can rule
One of seven billion soul(s)
With so many hands to catch me when I fall
So many ears to hear me when I call
So many eyes to help me see my goal
I can never fail


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Categories: cole, inspirational, world,
Form: Monorhyme
Old King Troll Had a very long pole And a very long pole had he He called for his wife (she’s his trouble and strife) And he called for his mistresses three King Troll sat in the middle … his wife said you’re on the fiddle This fact King Troll couldn’t deny All the women took a swipe at him and gave him a black eye! Alexis challenged me to do a parody of Old King Cole nursery rhyme 10~03~16

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Categories: cole, betrayal, nursery rhyme,
Form: Rhyme
She's all blah
Unlike aha!
Needle on a thorn
A single kernel of corn,
Deserted land
An empty hand,
Vanilla ice cream
The kind you don't scream
For, strawberry without a straw
Makes for a boring berry cole slaw,
She's all blah
Unlike Moore's law,
A single star
Seen from a parked car,
In a simple night
Like a barren kite,
Kool aid without the cool
A non Swiss army tool,
Such is this her bore
An eaten apple core,
She's all blah
Unlike an outlaw......

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Categories: cole, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Custa Muito caro
Custa Muito caro

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mais de 9 milhões de reais ano.

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Categories: cole, business,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hail to Rock and Roll
My favorite time span, the sixties’s of course. When blues and soul, and rock and roll combined to give us Isaac Hayes and Nat King Cole, and Elvis sings across the land. Boston Pops on stage and the three stooges a rage. I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could see Grateful Dead, or catch Cher on the scene, revisit Tiny Tim’s obscene, get into Melanie’s head, I would, surely would. May 24 2011 For Nette's contest

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Categories: cole, nostalgia
Form: Rhyme
Cole Hamels
He is a San Diego native southpaw. One of the best young pitchers I ever saw. The Phillies chose him first in 2002. In 2006 was his big league debut. He has made his presence felt with all the teams. He can baffle the best of hitters, it seems. With wins and strikeouts, he will be the team’s ace. Nobody can knock “King Cole” out of his place. He will be pitching with many home crowd cheers. May he delight Phillies fans for many years.

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Categories: cole, dedication, sports,
Form: Rhyme