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Short Cobra Poems

Short Cobra Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Cobra by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Cobra by length and keyword.

Haiku on Cobra
the lunatic dog
and the insane creature
mean splitting cobra...

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Categories: cobra, depression,
Form: Haiku

Spitting Cobra Attacks
hooded cape hovers 
dark shadows send thermal beams
hydraulic jets fire...

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Categories: cobra, animals, nature
Form: Haiku
The snake-charmer
The snake-charmer’s flute
Makes the cobra dance with it –
All watch it keenly! 

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Categories: cobra, animals, life, nature, on work and working
Form: Haiku
Miss Hiss
I'd rather cuddle with a cobra,
And chance its lethal venom
Than to fight with female spite-
Cause to strike is like such women!


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Categories: cobra, anger, women,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member peace lilies
peace lilies' cobra blooms reach over jacuzzie.. achoo peace disturbed
To me the Peace Lilies blossoms look like a Cobra's Hood......

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Categories: cobra, health, nature,
Form: Haiku


                               Rain just stopped
                               incessant cry of frog, stopped
                               a creeping cobra...

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Categories: cobra, nature,
Form: Haiku
The Cobra-

                                   sheds its skin 
                                   glows and dazzles anew
                                   the fearsome beauty...

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Categories: cobra, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Ekphrasis CoBrA
day a
made an
impression on

cobra=COopenhagen;BRussels;Amersterdam namely 
expressionist artists..Appel/Corneille/Jorn

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Categories: cobra, art
Form: Lanterne
The poison of cobra
She has bitten me so many times
With the poison of cobra
Still I love her so much
Still I need her so much
Still I want her so much
I need something to breakthrough
The world of sorrow.

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Categories: cobra, hope, life, lost love, love,
Form: Free verse
A Cobras Words
The words said to me
Well they're not very kind
They keep me up late at night
And tear me up inside
They suffocate me
And slither through my mind
Then like a cobra closing in
They strike...

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Categories: cobra, bullying, depression, symbolism, teen, teenage,
Form: Rhyme
Love Strike
Upon shy reach,
His fingers touch mine—
Quickly though, they move away from me… 

I bite his lips,
Crushing his coiling coy
And snatch his hands back onto me

I am a cobra…
I dance to the beat of his anxious worship

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Categories: cobra, adventure, anxiety, cute love, emotions, feelings, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Your Silent Butterfly Wings
Deep inside 
Those green-black cobra eyes,
Are black-yellow butterfly wings
That hypnotizes you with a deadly sting 
Return to thy hand weaved basket, from the land of Nod
Then, we shall rest upon your silent butterfly wings

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Categories: cobra, imagination, inspirational, introspection, butterfly,
Form: Free verse
The Trouser Snake
There once was a king cobra called Lance,
Who heard music and went in a trance.
People thought he was asleep,
As his thoughts were so deep.
Then he reared up and lunged for their pants.

Jack Horne for Dr Ram's Music and Meditation...

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Categories: cobra, animalsmusic, music,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Manipulation
Mephistopheles cons Faust
Snake charmer tricks a Cobra
to dance into submission...
forgetting to strike!
Date written: 02/26/2020 ...

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Categories: cobra, allegory, corruption, metaphor, power, sin,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Violated by My Own Imagination
Creepy crawling slimy wiggly thing
Feels eerily strange against my pajama leg
I wake up suddenly
Thinking cobra
or sleazy wet rat
violated by my own imagination
Snatching my explorer hat
out of the clutches of the crocodile
in the swampy forest floor

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Categories: cobra, dream,
Form: Free verse
crafty Casanova clown
Character like fizzy soda
Charismatic bubbly citrus cobra
Slither like a quicksilver persona
Persuasive chanter of poetic chatter
He has the aroma of one who is
A chiseled chest square chin
Chilling mister chinchilla Casanova
And quite the master enigma...

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Categories: cobra, art, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Cobra
                 venomous, dangerous, 
           slithering, hissing, injecting
            striking the prey, killing the cobra
                 protecting, fighting, attacking
                    remarkable, friendly,

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Categories: cobra, analogy, best friend, betrayal,
Form: Diamante
Carnivorous Mammal
M-ongoose fights cobra, 
A-iming to kill the fierce snake, 
E-ating the latter.

R-odent runs away, 
E-vading the smart mongoose, 
Y-et rat is consumed, 
E-ven the earthworms and birds
S-eem to be afraid of him.

Topic: Birthday of Mae Reyes (March 19) 
Form: Acrostic Haiku-Tanka...

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Categories: cobra, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Unleaving an untitled archive
for the blind turner
the sizzling weather was over –

as the hawk descends
on a wounded hyena
digging a grave.

Each mortality had a price,
the justice had to pay
for unfaithful wife.

To be far away from the image
in the eyes of a queen
the king cobra strikes back.

Satish Verma

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Categories: cobra, art,
Form: ABC
are you happy
ancient laws 
of tedious wisdom
egocentric desires
of wanting flesh
neurotic minds 
are you happy
limping mangose
chasing a pregnant cobra
repressions suppressions
deep seated impressions
poison could be healing
purging of the disturbed minds
are you happy
wandering in the shores of love
singing the  expression of your soul...

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Categories: cobra, allusion,
Form: I do not know?
It's said there's some irreplacable
and it's said they're iridescent
but from realities wakeup call
and the knives that peel at your delicacy-
gently puncturing the senses,
triggering the knots that erupt deep inside
when they are no longer butterflies-
but cobras,
infecting, misleading and wrong-
surfacing the venom of worry

*not finished*...

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Categories: cobra, animals, love,
Form: Blank verse
Famous for committing mistakes
in solstice.
Now breached.

What was the immediacy
to uncover –
the parallel skin ?

Abandoned on road in a sac:
you were running,carrying
a severed hand holding a pen.

Not wanting to become 
human again. What was
your dream O god ?

Gorgeous was the scar
on your chest. The cobra 
was bedding with you.

Satish Verma

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Categories: cobra, art,
Form: ABC
There was no inscription 
to interpret the fresco.
It leaked through 
the yellow roses.

The distant moon was 
very upset. Jumped over 
the hills, like  mammae,
and tore away the façade.

Let the night stay for a while. 
I had to explore the 
mutilated galaxy, cannibalized 
by the overzealous lovers.

A cobra bite paralyzes the sun.

Satish Verma

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Categories: cobra, art,
Form: ABC
You had placed floating 
garden on the crest
of five-headed white cobra.

The hooded death,
strikes; when you were
tending to bonsai.

Over to moon,
you send the message. But
The book was incomplete. 

On the way to
tiny thoughts,an odyssean
task to put the right words.

I will go and
stand on the edge, to
watch the glorious senset.

Satish Verma

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Categories: cobra, art,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Asp Clasped
Listen to poem:
I gasped, as asp clasped fast
around my head like a plaster cast cap.
It was coiled round and round
like a ringlet of hair wrapped
around a curler, with head reared up 
poised like spitting cobra.
What spell can I cast to uncoil, unclasp the asp?
For I'm too scared to grasp the asp
and cast the serpent skyward.
Perhaps wearing the Uraeus asp cap
means I'm a Pharaoh!...

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Categories: cobra, clothes, nature, word play,
Form: Free verse