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Short Roundel Poems

Short Roundel Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Roundel poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Roundel poetry form by poem length and keyword.

economic dilemma --- roundelet
fear overwhelms  hearts with distress.

boom--congress promise the public.

yet their debates often digress
to issues that are rather less 

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Categories: angst, depression, family, loss, political, sad, social,
Form: Roundel

Poetry in motion
Poetry in motion,
Is more than a notion,
Is more than a quotation.

Poetry in motion,
Is for more than one nation,
Is for more than one situation.

Poetry in motion,
Is quite an inspiration, 
Is quite a realisation.

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Categories: anger, appreciation, art, blessing, celebration, class, cute,
Form: Roundel
you should not fear ROUNDELET
You should not fear,

though their brawls are so unyielding.

You should not fear,

though the deadline is very near.

Congress will raise the debt ceiling,

despite your skeptical feeling.

You should not fear.

**Roundelet contest (CORRECTED WITH NEW RULES)...

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Categories: confusion, faith, introspection, political, sad, social, uplifting,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member AN EASTER WORD
I am

      I am

              the source

the source
         of all

yesh u a
         yesh u a

**Jesus the head(source)of all in His church,mariage and family....

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Categories: christian, song,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member My Heart Gets Broken
My heart gets broken, I can't cry
Feel the fall as words are spoken 
Harsh ideas, that you imply
My heart gets broken

Mind spirals, as old wounds reopen
Entire self, on you I rely
Eyes closed plain sailing, now woken

My every fault you magnify
Overshadowed, life does darken
I took no time to fortify
My heart gets broken...

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Categories: anxiety,
Form: Roundel

On the Sharp Side
On the sharp side of a raindrop
I felt the ice as I fell through
The deceiving of a cloud top
On the sharp side

Not fragile in the midst of blue
This toiling hailstorm workshop
A sudden jarring breath I drew

Yet places I would never swap
Plunging toward the earth, I knew
It’s not here me or rain will stop
On the sharp side

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Categories: freedom, nature, storm,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member To be so rich
To be so rich that we can buy 
whatever we desire to
They'll envy us, who just scrape by
To be so rich...

We'll lust and love, just me and you
What need our souls to edify
With pleasure's bliss, our rendezvous...

Do I detect a faint soft cry
of prayer unread from empty pew
The profligate sure mocks life's why
To be so rich......

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Categories: jealousy, lust, money, prayer,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Who Am I
Who am I to whine and complain
About things I cannot change,
Nor think ill of those who obtain
Who am I?

I must admit I find it strange
Some do not hesitate to cause pain
To others, I think, in exchange

For personal and political gain.
I find other’s lives I cannot arrange
So think of them having only half a brain.
Who am I?

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Categories: perspective, philosophy,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member A Childhood Memory

We climbed the fence
but I must say
in our defense

it seemed a good idea

but on that day
childhood’s pretense
said “it’s only play”

a dog immense
not trained to stay
reinstated common sense

it had seemed a good idea


Writing Challenge, Feb 2019, Roundel Form – Poetry Contest
Dear Heart - sponsor


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Categories: childhood,
Form: Roundel
God Hung
God Hung in our sky a circle of fire,
And an orb the color of a pearl
For us to admire.

God Hung in our sky
Clouds to add to our colorful world
Which I aspire
To understand how God has each in its own whorl.

It wasn't in its entire
Until God added the stars to the twirl
They added the sparkling attire
To what God Hung in our sky....

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Categories: art, beauty, color, creation, encouraging, inspirational, spiritual,
Form: Roundel
Carousel in roundel
Carousel inn on highest peak,
Round and round they quickly spin,
Beacon invites as we speak,
Carousel inn.

Tent for a carousal din, 
Memories lost they seek,
Floating feets under Natures basin,
Festive aura sound and reek. 

Flying with the spinning wind,
Emotions fast and thick,
Carousel inn.

by Danesh Morgan
on 3th August 2013...

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Categories: adventure,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member A lovely vision
A lovely vision in a bonnet
  Her golden braids a-dangling down
Her rosy cheek with dimple on it
  The fairest maiden I have found
Her slender waist, my hand upon it
  Devoted to her beauty bound
A lovely vision...

If this tiara, she would don it
  The populace would raise a sound
Proclaim her queen of verse and sonnets
A lovely vision...

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Categories: beauty, romantic,
Form: Roundel
A Childhood Memory
I sat upon a stair
and saw a little man;
he smiled, but oozed despair.

A sad and lonely guy.

I didn't like to stare.
I waited for my gran,
and hugged my teddy bear.

He said it wasn't fair;
it didn't go to plan...
and then he wasn't there...

A sad and lonely guy.  

A childhood memory, written 13th Feb for Constance's roundel contest...

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© jack horne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member The Things I Do
The things I do for what I love; 
Passion has left its residue,
a shine I cannot get rid of; 
The things I do;

Staring wide eyed at the preview 
fiction could never script this stuff; 
Believe me, the stories are true;

Hit my limit then I call it’s bluff  
‘Do not enter’ I walk right through 
Fine line is just not bent enough 
The things I do....

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Categories: emotions, feelings,
Form: Roundel
A Roundel - United
It is a great joy to be united
Hearts held together without division
Full of grace and unlimited power
It is a great joy.

The reign of happiness void of tension 
The sight of great minds greatly excited
Ready to obey in all submission.

Winning victories clean and unscathed
A mighty formidable men of valor
Laying off enemies' ground sighted
It is a great joy....

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Categories: friendship, patriotic,
Form: Roundel
Mind Games
Let the mind games begin
Turning facts into fallacies, urgh! What a mule
Good deeds? With evil grins
Ousting an honest man, and condemning his sins?
Bright minds unbecoming, using the press as a tool
Deceiving the masses, presuming we are fools
And yet you still go on, thinking you can win
Well then my friend,
Bring it on!
And let the mind games begin...

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Categories: political, pride, today, truth,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Silent Ambience of Love

Chill shadow fall covering gray 
Spark ember glow in the distance
Field reverberate muffled bray

Soft cool silk silent ambience

Earthward lonesome darken path lay
Veil on penchant earth's fluorescence 
Two romantical waltz their way
Full laughter and lost innocence
Whereas a billion stars astray

Soft cool silk silent ambience


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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: imagery, love,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Sweet Rhapsody
 Crimson dress in rhythmic sways
 She moves just like a burning flame
 Her swirling moves, a dance ablaze
 Sweet rhapsody

 This rhythmic fire no one can tame
 Kindling the cadence to amaze
 As her dancing ignites acclaim

 The guitar strums ecstatic ways
 To a dance of artistic fame
 Her movements glow as music plays
 Sweet rhapsody


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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: culture, dance, music,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Life of Music

Music brings life, sometimes joyful
Smiling dances, swirling the floor
Magnetic romance, it can pull
Music brings life

Or it plays sadness, pain and more
Notes fall teardrops, silent encore
Memories like bruises, so sore

But, can always truly inspire
Motivation from shore to shore
Each breath ignited like a fire
Music brings life

Heidi Sands



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Categories: feelings, life, music,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Then A Rainbow Came
 No sunshine came with warm refrain
 No kids came out to laugh and play
 Just gray clouds and the falling rain
 Then a rainbow came

 A lad came out that rainy day
 Filled with wonder he couldn't contain
 Amidst the rain and skies of gray

 An umbrella he did obtain
 Red, with white polka dot array
 He gazed across the misty plain
 Then a rainbow came

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, rain, rainbow,
Form: Roundel
Level Worry
My current level is ceaseless worry
Unflinching doubt occupied state of mind
Wonders and what ifs whipped in a flurry
My current level

Features disheveled with nose to the grind
Nowhere to be in the biggest hurry
Just to get there and wish I could rewind

If my own view were a bit less blurry
If common kindness were a common kind
I'd dial back few notches from worry
My current level...

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Categories: anxiety,
Form: Roundel
Ghostly Figures Roundel
the ghostly figures plea is to attend  
the mantel of life, to be and to see
if they are forgiven, needing a friend,
the ghostly figures plea.

heavy hearted, weary to be set free.
moonlight filters many shapes to amend, 
listening to Satan, not meant to be.

these figures once had a garden to tend, 
ignoring the warning ate of the tree,
now evicted, their souls can not prehend 
the ghostly figures plea....

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Categories: lost,
Form: Roundel
As Dawn Breaks
As dawn breaks I have no humanity.
The hurt goes really deep
I can't even sleep.
I didn't know all the cruelty
When I decided to go live on the streets voluntarily.
The cold in to my bones doth creep.

As dawn breaks I have no humanity.
The hurt goes really deep

At my own stupidity.
I can't weep
As I try to keep
My sanity.

As dawn breaks I have no humanity.
The hurt goes really deep.


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Categories: abuse, anger, betrayal, confusion, dark, evil, loneliness,
Form: Roundel
I Declare
I saw a small 
Child with blonde curly hair 
Talking to a cat with out a care
Sitting on what looks to be a tall
Brick wall.
This was something I had to share.
I saw a small
Child with blonde curly hair
In a black and white picture as I recall
She had a movie star air
Which made this picture rare.
Could it have been a young Shirley Temple after all?
I saw a small
Child with blonde curly hair....

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, cat, change, character, happy, identity,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Visions can come true
The clouds took over the whole sky
While I held onto thoughts of you
Sunshine memories from up high
         Visions can come true

The birds chattered a song or two
I listened while I wondered why
It takes time to resolve things through

As I watched the changes go by
There will always be something new
The birds called, as they left to fly
         Visions can come true

Heidi Sands


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Categories: beauty, bird, change, sky,
Form: Roundel