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Lost Poems

Lost Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about lost. This list of lost poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of lost poetry. This list of works about lost is an excellent resource for examples on how to write lost poems.

New Poems

A George Michael poem
I may never know you 
But you music excited my heart
I may never know you
But your music make legend
I never knew you
It's that time a year again.  Were I miss you
I never knew you
I dedicate this Christmas to you...Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Personification

Nuttin boot mieskeit goyim
Nuttin boot mieskeit goyim...
lives among this nebbish atheist of Jewish ancestry

Tongue in cheek Yiddish
humor to playfully scold
often time sounds
like a compliment
yours truly, (a run
of the mill Shlimazel) behold

only knows a smidgen,
yet grew up within household
where foter and muter
kibitzing did unwittingly...Read More
Categories: lost, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Speckles of dusts sparkled through soul
Numbed from dreams that held cost
Rumbles awaiting to carry forth whole
Staying awake to what was lost

Arrays of light washing clean
Inside true dome of frayed cloud
Forms of life scurrying around scene
Whispers of words shushed aloud

Gust of...Read More
Categories: lost, dream, heaven, imagination, metaphor, mystery, race, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
I Saw You Yesterday
I saw you yesterday.
You smiled a remember smile.
Too late was my response.
I saw that old, yesterday- tear in your eye.
I have one too....Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Choka
A Very Merry Christmas Card

It only happens but once a year
A time to spread the Christmas cheer
to friends and family far and wide
where hand in heart and light collide
with all the need of hope...Read More
Categories: lost, beauty, bible, birth, celebration, childhood, christmas, emotions,
Form: Rhyme

The Devils Circle
Tramped in a loop
Spinning around and around
Lost - confused
No meaning or purpose to be found

I know what I want
But the extreme feelings of fear
Brings me right to the same place
To the years I still hear

The screaming - The drinking
The dark...Read More
Categories: lost, abuse, addiction, fate, forgiveness, repetition, strength, suicide,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tasmerelda - a fairy tale
Tasmerelda – A Fairytale?
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher

En Tigeray, es Tasmerelda
yearning err the Hooded Elder
and the Knight who rides in white
sighs Tasmerelda through the night

As tapestries sway back and forth
the midnight breeze comes blowing forth
and White Knight stands near hooded horror
Calling...Read More
Categories: lost, evil, fantasy,
Form: Verse
The Grey Skies
Staring into the bleak grey sky
Words cannot adequately supply
The reason... the meaning... why..?
I can only turn away and sigh

Much more out there to see
But how on Earth can this ever be?
Is there anything out there for me
To quench a soul...Read More
Categories: lost, depression, introspection, longing,
Form: Rhyme
The journey of a loving poet
The journey of a loving poet

My fingers are like the twigs
in the autumn
having the construction of the sadness

Sunshine burned my skin,
unwitnessly comes as cancer.

Apple is sweet
eroding my teeth
-My silent faith

basked under the sunshine,
betrayed the fragrance of that girl

The stars in...Read More
Categories: lost, feelings, sorrow,
Form: Verse
In a broken land, sits a broken man
Trying to let go of a dream he had
His eyes forlorn, his thoughts are sad
Hoping some day, they will understand

It all went wrong, and didn’t last long
The fragility took him by surprise
Those times...Read More
Categories: lost, heartbreak, loss,
Form: Rhyme
A Ton Of Bricks
It hit me like a ton of bricks
I realize
I don't love you anymore
I know its been coming
I wished our love
Was something
That would last forever
I realize
That's in the past
The strange thing is
I'm relieved
...Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member White Angels, Glowing Lamps
White Angels, Glowing Lamps

When the wind blows, 
down from the great north, 
it brings a mighty frost. 
Do not be afraid. 
Just because something, 
makes you tremble, 
does not give it the right…
to win. 

Stand tall, all who guard the...Read More
Categories: lost, appreciation, emotions, hate, how i feel, internet,
Form: Free verse
Between The Sheets Of Byzentine
When I close my eyes all I can see is the pain I feel inside 
the wounded crevices of yesterday the caves of solid night 
and while the moon slow hesistates the shadows soon invite 
a woman bound and tearful,...Read More
Categories: lost, heartbreak,
Form: Quatrain
Young Girl
If a young girl cries in her bedroom, 
And no one’s around to hear it, 
Does it make a sound?

What say of the echoing of her screams,
Her whimpers in the night,
And her fists she'll use to pound.

Disregard her furrowed brows,
Her...Read More
Categories: anxiety, depression, for teens, heartbreak, heartbroken, lost,
Form: Rhyme
Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Version - 2 - 15

To the right,
where God's light had shone bright,
Warrior Queen,
know your beast is come, 
all may not be lost,
he comes from his land of endless night,
indeed, he has heard your plea.
The thunder and lightning,
they now play your symphony, 
this is terror's...Read More
Categories: lost, dark, death, dream, fantasy, light, love, war,
Form: Epic
Premium Member The Cane
The Cane

Not made of candy, but real wood. 
It belonged to my father’s father, 
and his father, before him. 

No, they were all good man. 
all equally healthy and mostly happy. 
The one thing they all had, 
that was shared…...Read More
Categories: lost, abortion, abuse, allah, morning, political, psychological, sorrow,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Tale Of Lemuria, Master Poe, Pen And I
(Lemuria: A hypothetical "lost land" variously located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.)

The Tale Of Lemuria, Master Poe, Pen And I

Its birth a shake of Neptune's golden trident
Its glow a diamond glitter on the moon
As stars bow to its powers...Read More
Categories: lost, appreciation, art, creation, imagination, inspiration, mythology, writing,
Form: Narrative
And again she was in that same situation, where she could only nod in painful negation.
When His friends called the other day, and she didn't even know what to say.
When people ask her: if his posts did she...Read More
Categories: absence, angst, break up, lost, memory, sorrow,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member An Alliance
An Alliance

The world is calling out, 
for a time…
when things the are true, 
they are not, 
and they should be.
yet ordained opposites,
facts instead of dreams. . 

the normal…

got my scripts.

The weak and the lost, 
a band...Read More
Categories: lost, abortion, adventure, allah, america, angel, anxiety, atheist,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Missed Opportunity
A mistake
     and tragedy
lost love
         lost forever
a few words
and he turned away
he left in the night
...Read More
Categories: lost, life,
Form: Verse
I'm learning, to not be lonely
I'm learning, to not be lonely
And coping, but the darkness is soaking
Inside my mind, to the point I can't find
The line, and the sign.
I want to get well, but I feel like in hell
Locked in a cell, so you can...Read More
Categories: lost, anxiety, cry, depression,
Form: Rhyme
In quiet breaths he sings your name


If on this eve of glistened skies
when crystal snowflakes fall
Amidst the hush of tempered sighs
where heartbeat whispers call

Your mind is lost another place
as moonbeams dance above
In wishes that you long to trace
of visions filled with love

Remember as the evening nears
and...Read More
Categories: lost, good night,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Christmas Pageant Past
It wasn't a memory as such but a story, 
Recounted time and again by parents loving and proud.
Young men are too occupied chasing visions and fleeing demons 
To remember.
Middle age concerns lean towards practicality, keeping or escaping it.
If there was...Read More
Categories: lost, age, christmas, family, memory,
Form: Free verse
Can you hear me
God can you hear me?
I want to get this straight
What’s this reality
Is this really fate?
What kind of cruel joke is this
Ripping up our family
So far gone in the abyss
Can’t cope with this tragedy
What is life, if it’s not Hell
A million...Read More
Categories: lost, anger, death, depression, emotions, loss, morning, mother,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Stirring In The Stable Part Three
After making this exclamation, Othniel took off again in a flurry of feathers, circling around the roof and landing again. 

Chava in an agitated voice boomed , “Could you please stop with the aerial acrobatics and tell us about this...Read More
Categories: lost, animal, bird, birth, christmas, god, jesus, perspective,
Form: Narrative

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