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Paradise Lost Poems

These Paradise Lost poems are examples of Lost poems about Paradise. These are the best examples of Lost Paradise poems written by international poets.

Better To Be
Better to be an honest and shrewd man than to be an innocent dolt,
Better to be an enlightened pagan than to be a short-sighted piece...

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Categories: lost, courage, motivation, tribute, visionary,

Premium Member Lost Stars
The stars of my birth
Have abandonded me
They don't seem the same
As they used to be
As far from the heavens
As the deepest sea
As far from paradise

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Categories: lost, depression, grief, stars,

The Ruins of Paradise
I had a dream of a joyless man,
sitting in the ruins of paradise.
With flat voice and cold words
he told me his tale,
While the biting wind...

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Categories: lost, dark, evil, light, loss,


Dark circles

Creepy eyes

Heavy breath

Weeping sigh

"Won't you miss me when I'm gone",

She cried.

He fondle her while he choked up

His misty - eyed;

Unaware that she'll be gone,


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Categories: lost, best friend, deep, heartbreak,

Premium Member Why Sweetheart Why Do I So Love, Then Life So Carves Me Up
Why Sweetheart Why Do I So Love, Then Life So Carves Me Up

As I wrote a surging stab of pain splashed into my brain
Electric agonizing...

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Categories: lost, art, break up, creation,

Premium Member True Tragedy Whenever a Great Romance Dies
True Tragedy Whenever A Great Romance Dies

She was my beautiful flower, her soft colors enthralling me
Breathtakingly sweet her most tender kisses and warming hugs
I had...

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Categories: art, beautiful, lost love,

Premium Member I Loved You Once
I loved you once like sunrays kissing earth,
like drenching rain that brings with it new birth.
I loved you once like waves that reach for shore,

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Categories: longing, lost love, romance,

Premium Member Let Me Tell You a Story

I remember like it was yesterday
but it was years ago and another lifetime ago
that I fell in love with a man
it was a love...

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Categories: lost love,

Premium Member On Dark Dying Sunless Beams I Went To Wait
On Dark Dying Sunless Beams I Went To Wait

Destined to be valor was a granite block
World had no idea what lay ahead;
Intuition was dreamed, I...

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Categories: lost, art, conflict, cry, evil,

Premium Member Lost Pieces
Flinging open the passenger door - I retreat
Deep behind my sinuses - I feel the sensation to weep
On and off all day and night -...

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Categories: lost, boyfriend, break up, corruption,

Premium Member Shadowed Night Grew Cold
I was crushed and miserable from love unfulfilled
Like a mourning dove whose blood had been spilled

I cried in deep lament as shadowed night grew cold

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Categories: lost love, sorrow,

Niagara Falls
I often think to write on thee
In holy eves oh waterfalls! 
Thou captivate all heart that beat
Thy magic everyone enthralled
 All pouring clouds by thee...

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Categories: lost, adventure, dream, happiness, heaven,

Premium Member Paradise Lost
paradise lost in
gentle eyes that twitch at sounds
~ garden of eden

posted on May 3, 2023...

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Categories: garden, innocence, lost,

Premium Member The Tree Hugger and the Lost Paradise
"The Tree Hugger and the Lost Paradise"

They called her 
the tree hugger,
her forest was full 
of trees that watched
silently, they had 
no mouth to speak,

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Categories: lost, dark, light, muse, mystery,

Premium Member No Regrets On Hills of Destiny
Exploring lovesome impulses of quixotic themes
Promises we exchanged of allures romantic
Enticing maiden passions in realm of fantasies
Strumming heart rhythms’ emboldened music
Embellishing sweet lyrics of enchanted...

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Categories: break up, lost love,