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Life Lost Poems

These Life Lost poems are examples of Lost poems about Life. These are the best examples of Lost Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Alas, I Thought You Loved Me
Alas, I thought you loved me
But you did not in reality
I know for facts that you love money
Success, my dreams, and property.

Yes, you did not...

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Categories: lost, desire, heartbroken, inspirational love,

Lost Cities of Indus Vale

I hail thee ruins of Indus Vale! 
With scented rhyme, with scented gale
Come on from world of mortal dead! 
O come and lively wind inhale!...

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Categories: lost, adventure, god, history, loneliness,

He Doesn't Love You Anymore
Wistful as you may be about him
He is never coming home
So gloomy and melancholy all the time
Come out of your room, please
But when you do,...

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Categories: beauty, cry, lost love,

Like art, hope is the cradle of life
with zeal, this cruel world
from frustration, our haunting zones
ours' are tormenting chapters untold
when tomorrow has nothing to offer

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Categories: anger, depression, grief, lost,

I reached a point in life where I was so disillusioned,
in my head there was nothing but chaos and confusion

I had trunkloads of trouble
piled up...

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Categories: lost, how i feel,

Weeping Joker
Who are we in this wicked land
The boat I row in the sea of truth
Is getting emptier day by day
My hands are getting tired

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© Kash RK  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost, anger, dark, deep, emotions,

Premium Member Lost

In spite of my fear
Allow me to hear – Your gentling,
Your light, Your inspirations so bright

In spite of my darkness
Allow me to grow – through...

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Categories: lost, appreciation, blessing, christian, conflict,

Premium Member Holding You High
Is the connection coming across?
I knew we were tethered,
Dreams speak volumes,
Now in need of a response.
Can one bide their time
For the right answers?
I know you...

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© Lee Norton  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost, change, emotions, freedom, love,

If I Could Love You
Dear poet, if I could love you,
I’d dive deep into the depths of your soul,
I’d unravel the mysteries that make you blue,
And discover the secrets...

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Categories: inspirational love, kiss, lost

Premium Member CROSSROADS
Crossroads of life,
Many paths, many goals,
Destination unknown,
Mirages of Hope abound.

The journey on the past path,
Hoped for happiness and blessed life,
Lost track, lost companion,
Wandered alone for...

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© Jay Narain  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost, life, lonely, love,

Our Children Must Not Be Lost
In shadows dark, a warning I must weave,
Of a predator whose presence makes hearts grieve.
A topic grave, a tale of caution, I implore,
To raise awareness,...

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Categories: lost, 12th grade,

Premium Member Broken Heart
"A dagger of pain, a tear of grief,"
by Constance La France"

Pain, like a dark secret, will descend
it cares not how we fit into life
a recurring...

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© Ann Peck  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: grief, lost, love,

Special 'You'
Eyes so lifeless, gone is the sparkle.
Limbs so frail, like living after a disaster. 
The only remedy, you, lie so far on the other shore...

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Categories: longing, loss, lost, love,

Premium Member Other Plans
I have other plans to suit my life.
The time has come when you just have 
to stop pretending that you really care.
I care...

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Categories: lost love,

The Tragedy of Reginald King, Part VI
Reg looked from the dinner table,
heard the door take a hard pounding.
Jolene frowned, said, “He sounds sober…
He’s much worse when he doesn’t drink.”

But Reg knew...

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Categories: history, lost, love, myth,