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Long Tampered Poems

Long Tampered Poems. Below are the most popular long Tampered by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Tampered poems by poem length and keyword.

Justice is Crying in The Street
Oh my soul what hails you?
Oh my soul what awaits you?
Oh my soul why are you in despair?
Oh my soul I have not deserted you
Oh my soul I have something to share
Oh my soul I...

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Categories: tampered, anti bullying, conflict, courage, desire, discrimination, education,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member REAL People

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Categories: tampered, family, people, tribute,
Form: Verse
Mental Breakdown
Nastalgic from another night of no sleep.

symptoms of my illness.


i breath in the moring air into my lungs only to feel more empty.

the silence becongs me to sit and enjoy the morining seclusion.

left defencless to...

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Categories: tampered, depressionworld, pain, night, hope, me, night,
Form: I do not know?
The Summer of 2019
I know that one day I won’t feel this way
I know that this summer will be a blur
When someone mentions the summer of 2019 I will smile absentmindedly and whisper that was a good summer

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© Scarlet At  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tampered, age, change, friendship, growing up, growth, how
Form: Free verse
A Parent
 Convoluted; buoyant, defiant contention,

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Categories: tampered, allegory, faith, introspection, love, mother, visionary, time,
Form: Rhyme

To this brokeness of women, the world flopped and flipped out.
How life flawed and tampered the ice of the girlchild!
How green became red images to their eyes is still a misery to our flammable fable...

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Categories: tampered, abuse, africa, art,
Form: Blank verse
Journal Entry of Rome
Confusion, it’s all I feel
Conclusion, unreachable; my focus is preoccupied
Contusion, I may own a few but I can’t let up
This fight I’m in, this desperate fight I’m in
(Ha-ha)  so worth it; I’m only coherent...

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Categories: tampered, confidence, conflict, confusion, courage, devotion, friendship, hate,
Form: Free verse
Augury of the Great Eagle atop the Tree, part I
  the looming sky  
    above the modern world
    tampered with the patience of wrong gods 
    and so by doing

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Categories: tampered, angst, faith, mythology,
Form: I do not know?
Watermarks of the time and tide - First part
Watermarks of the time and tide! (First part to abide by the word count)


I was born as an innocent looking baby, as everyone always is!

Just a tiny cuddly body with a pure soul, with not...

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Categories: tampered, age, childhood, emotions, family, identity, life, me,
Form: Free verse
Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
Do you like what you see when
You look at my inquisitive face?
Sometimes I like what I see though
Sometimes it’s a scared face
Worried about my worst fears.

Mirror, mirror, mirror on the...

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Categories: tampered, beauty, cheer up, cinderella, emotions, mirror, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
what it took me all
In search of summer though hopeless but in vain I cry for summer. Pain broken heart sorrows and hopelessness I had to deal with to get to my destination. Pain over here pain over there,...

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© betty njie  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tampered, death, life, me, heart, pain, summer, longing,
Form: Bio
"Malicious' Father"
Ànd I thought to myself how I do, stand within astonishing disbelief

When I behold once more the manifestation of his maligned and malignant face....

Like somehow viewing an apparition appearing, before the gates of grace

Disguisingly vague;...

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Categories: tampered, history, life
Form: I do not know?
The Chopper Cyclone
The Chopper Cyclone

Oh Wild Wind!  Why so rude?
Oh Dear God! Why no mercy?
Waited for rains; what we got is rage
Nursed hopes; only horror remains

December last, unbridled floods,
December this year, the Wild Wind
Gory events; misfortune...

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Categories: tampered, betrayal, environment, heartbroken, horror, pain, rude, wind,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member A Brave New World
A xerox copy of a species has become more 
prevalent in two-thousand seventeen-
There are different processes used to 
produce a genetically identical biological entity.
Cloning sheep is the most common form of 
duplicating genes, cells and...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tampered, books, life,
Form: Rhyme
I, I don’t understand the book known as bible
The book that is mostly common to many doors 
But the book that is not known and read by many souls
The book that is carried by many

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Categories: tampered, books, christian, confusion, inspiration, religious,
Form: Couplet
God is Dad

dialog with myself invariably involves others
we are all perceivers nobody escapes
no really and truly trust me on this
no manufacturing of childish evasions
maybe it is best to be born into a family
with family values
ablaze with comfort...

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Categories: tampered, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
the example
while s/he was playing the game
following the rules
doing what her/he was told &
living the life of a 
good citizen,
s/he was walking evidence of 
a system which had worked,
grinding its gears to churn out the
proper amount...

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Categories: tampered, life, life, life,
Form: Free verse
Twisted Reality
When I step inside your twisted reality ...
this is what my spiritual eyes see,
your soul revealed in it's totality
A scaly skin of self-serving morality ...
you always ask, what's in it for me,
what can you do...

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Categories: tampered, corruption, dark, hate, metaphor,
Form: Verse
The fight to finish
Into our peace they plunge unexpected
Arresting our innocence battered black and blue
Inspirations flying through our mental track like punches
Our clustered brain box an oilrig outburst
Beyond and into the future have we projected
The road seems to...

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Categories: tampered, blessing, encouraging, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Hour glass
As I waltz with a whim awareness begins to wander within
And whistles that whisper of wicked waves as I walk in the wind
My conscience is dim, it seems the sky has just fallen again
With a...

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Categories: tampered, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Each subsequent process of cell division    
i.e. mitosis sans biological parlance 
erodes chromosomal cap re: telomere if u can envision
some juncture senescence prevails – 
apoptosis no chance to prevent natural degradation 

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Categories: tampered, age, birth, character, creation, humanity, perspective, psychological,
Form: I do not know?
Dear, You
Dear, You
I don't know if I'm meant to be anything other then broken
I'm like shattered glass, you can put it back together but it will never look nor function the same
I know I'm not perfect...

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Categories: tampered, absence, best friend, betrayal, boyfriend, break up,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love Is On The Way

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tampered, betrayal, childhood, conflict, deep, grief,
Form: Free verse
The Ethical Dilemma
Ever came across a situation when your heart and your mind are in a state of conflict?
Your heart speaks one thing but your mind is in stark contrast!
Yes I have.
And not just once but...

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Categories: tampered, career, character, confusion, deep,
Form: Verse
coup d etat


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Categories: tampered, autumn,
Form: Dramatic Monologue