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Long Swords Poems

Long Swords Poems. Below are the most popular long Swords by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Swords poems by poem length and keyword.

The Inner Chamber

Please.  Stop holding back on me.

Like a child standing at the neighborhood ice cream truck, arm outstretched, eyes huge, mouth watering.

I stand here longing to slip underneath your decades of cold-rolled steel...

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Categories: swords, betrayal, courage, devotion, love, love hurts, relationship,
Form: Prose

For All That I Remembered
For All That I Remembered
by Michael R. Burch

For all that I remembered, I forgot
her name, her face, the reason that we loved ...
and yet I hold her close within my thought:
I feel the burnished weight...

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Categories: swords, desire, dream, memory, remember, sad love, soulmate,
Form: Sonnet
Arthurian Poems
At Tintagel
by Michael R. Burch

That night, 
at Tintagel, 
there was darkness such as man had never seen...
darkness and treachery, 
and the unholy thundering of the sea...

In his arms, 
who is to say how much she...

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Categories: swords, england, romance, romantic, true love, violence, visionary,
Form: Verse
Uyghur Poetry Translations
With my Uyghur poetry translations I am trying to build awareness of the plight of Uyghur poets who are being sent to Chinese "reeducation" concentration camps.

by Perhat Tursun
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Asylum seekers, will...

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Categories: swords, allah, culture, discrimination, faith, islamic, race, racism,
Form: Free verse
Perhat Turson: Elegy translation
Perhat Tursun

Perhat Tursun (1969-) is one of the foremost living Uyghur language poets, if he is still alive. Born and raised in Atush, a city in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Tursun began writing poetry...

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Categories: swords, brother, eulogy, magic, prison, spiritual, violence, wine,
Form: Free verse

Medieval Poems IV
Medieval Poems IV

by Thomas Campion
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Booksellers laud authors for novel editions
as pimps praise their whores for exotic positions.

Brut (circa 1100 AD, written by Layamon, an excerpt)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R....

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Categories: swords, angel, mother, romance, romantic, rose, roses are
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Thomas Jefferson
It interests me to peer past the drafting
and rewriting shoulder
of Thomas Jefferson,
unhappy slave-owner,
and John Adams,
with domestic slave-owner nuisance issues,
and other principle writing minds 
of original democratic declaration and constitution shaping times,
as they listened to their...

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Categories: swords, culture, happiness, health, humor, independence day, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Chinese Translations I
Chinese Poets: English Translations

These are modern English translations of poems by some of the greatest Chinese poets of all time, including Du Fu, Huang O, Li Bai, Li Ching-jau, Li Qingzhao, Po Chu-I, Tzu Yeh,...

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Categories: swords, children, heaven, moon, sorrow, spring, water, wine,
Form: Free verse
The twins, Part 1
In the dark of night a wind took hold,
With powers charged to shake the sky,
By moody swings of gods up high,
Their breath alone enraged and bold.

In the dark of night history spoke,
Of a world alive...

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Categories: swords, brother, philosophy, symbolism, visionary, , cute,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Amberina Ballerina

A born lioness
my untamed heart.. ha! 
wild this pulsing token ruled by unruly wants
at times given, traded or stolen - sometimes
thrown down on a dare to be won or lost 
till it became a paper...

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Categories: swords, destiny, emotions, inspiration, introspection, memory, metaphor, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Megan's Quest Part 5of7
At that moment an explosion of mud filled the air
    as their tension was now largely increased.
They tried to gather their wits but all took to stare
    as for...

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Categories: swords, adventure, courage,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Highborn


Prince Zag The Freid: Son of King Othor The Freid, younger brother of Prince Zig The Freid

Duke Mor: Close friend of King Othor and an arbiter between father the king and of his son the...

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Categories: swords, allegory, character, destiny, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Whips Of History - 1
This whip is a relic of war
an instrument of severe education, 
come now Avia, look how lovely and vulgar,
it is essential for you to appreciate it's intention,
feel it's supple weight, the simple fright,
I use jasmine...

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Categories: swords, history, passion, poetry,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
The Spirits Of Culloden
The Spirits of Culloden. 
This is like a pilgrimage, a try tae come every year,
Gather at the cairn, meet old friends, wipe away a tear.
Standin on that moor, that once with blood was sodden,
Paying respects...

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Categories: swords, anniversary, death, dedication, memorial day, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Quest of the Heart: Chapter One, Cont
Of Ghosts and fiends in Twilight, Cont.

A thought flashed in my mind from the old tales told
The lore of the beast and I had felt his foul breath
I had seconds to act or be devoured...

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Categories: swords, adventure, for her, journey, lost love, love,
Form: Rhyme
Lincolns Lesson learned

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Categories: swords, america, beautiful, blessing, community, integrity,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Warlord Wars No More -2
Pay heed to those deeds from whence the heart must confess...
You're far from Rome Proconsul Caesar...
As they say, "All roads lead to Rome" Ariovistus
and all tresspasses are treated as threats of war...
My recent conquest of...

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Categories: swords, history,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Harboring Hate
Verse 1: Hating can hurt...taking off my shirt 
Fading can make you feel like dirt 
Sometimes, I feel beautiful and high as a kite
Other days, I feel like a cow patty on the love...

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Categories: swords, betrayal, cute love, deep, depression, desire, destiny,
Form: Lyric
Traditional Solitaire potential combinations
Traditional Solitaire potential combinations...
that clenched another win (today June 13th, 2021) single handedly

While in the midst of playing solitaire 
(with losing outcome foreordained 
after a couple moves), I became gripped 
with combinations predicated on thirteen...

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Categories: swords, adventure, america, fun, heart, history, imagination, literature,
Form: Free verse
The Rant
Gone now are the wondrous minds of old,
whose era treasured learning over gold,
And humble were the thoughts and words of these,
who, trothed to truth, would now be left displeased,
by hurried tempers bent on winning wars,

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Categories: swords, people, philosophy, political, society, truth, universe, wisdom,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member The Cold Doorknobs
The Cold Doorknobs 

I am sure there will be that profound moment in time
when the dog out back will stop its incessant yapping,
Its unrelenting impulse to belch out its interminable wails, 
alas, to inform its...

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Categories: swords, death,
Form: Free verse
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 20
It was a bitter morning, the ground hotter upon my flesh
I kneeled at the center of the pit on the twentieth day,
Remembering a tune sung so long ago,
A great song grieving for the incessant wars...

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Categories: swords, growth, heart, life, loss, mystery, pain, war,
Form: Epic
The soul Errand and other poems
The Soul Errand
To Sir Walter Raleigh Tomb.

Since my soul shall though go
Upon a thankless arrent too
I fear not to touch the best so
The truth shall be my warrant through 
I went since I need must...

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Categories: swords, africa, beautiful, beauty, child, death of a
Form: Ballad


The cheerful trumpet of miraculous life, imperatively sounded in 
My mother’s life-giving womb,
Heralding with its melodic tune another animation: MINE!
And as my innocent infantile heart was provoked by
The challenging divine call, 
Started beating...

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Categories: swords, birth, life, universe,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Haman And United We Fall Together We Stand
In school it was all about Greek and Latin at a stretch it proposed

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Categories: swords, absence,
Form: Free verse