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Long Susceptible Poems

Long Susceptible Poems. Below are the most popular long Susceptible by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Susceptible poems by poem length and keyword.

Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 10
“Clap your terrible wings, vivacious serpent of old!
Imagine my plight as dangerous as your spite,
Stomp your clawed feet on these prison floors,
Peace shall always follow the sink of your fangs…”

Silenced were the wailing demons round,

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Categories: susceptible, adventure, confusion, growth, imagination, psychological, senses,
Form: Free verse

Customs To Getting Old
abuse, age, discrimination, health, introspection, lonely, old,

Customs To Getting Old  ©

There are very ingrained customs noted when getting old
Getting accustomed to old age is not one of them
One has to be blessed with 65...

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Categories: susceptible, abuse, age, discrimination, health, introspection, lonely, old,
Form: Epic
Premium Member EGG-STANT HISTORY 5
“Well we shall have to do our best and 'keep on smiling'” said Dumpty to the Owl, who he was worried could possibly get into a' flap' after all it had heard. “Yes it never...

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Categories: susceptible, anti bullying,
Form: Narrative
See below for title
Insomniac attack is back or Animalistical (I'm not even sure that is a real word but F.I.(that is an anachronism that means fudge it( unless you’re an adult then you know which word fudge is...

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© Nathan D.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: susceptible, absence,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Harriet Harris circa November 13th 1935 May 4th 2005
Harriet Harris circa November 13th, 1935 - ~ May 4th, 2005
(untimely death sentence ordained ~ early February 1935)

Test teasing prophylactics embarrassing
purchase never made at local drugstore
unsurprisingly, obviously, invariably...
birth control taboo subject, best to ignore
subsequently intercourse...

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Categories: susceptible, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Elegy

The Pit of Love
You gripped your hands around my neck.. 
Looked into my eyes with hate and I still love you. 
You proceeded to drag me with no regard for the pain you’d inflict on me 
Right onto...

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Categories: susceptible, abuse, boyfriend, break up, conflict, confusion, dedication,
Form: Free verse
Memoir of an African-American Man, Mother

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© Su Ben  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: susceptible, abuse, africa, evil, slavery, , cute,
Form: Epic
Cool Breeze
Today I saw an old woman, gaunt and brown from sun exposure,
Her legs were thin from walking round and round downtown Nashville,
My stomach dropped.
Six months ago I saw the same woman walking in the winter...

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Categories: susceptible, loss, love, me, old, lost, people, lost,
Form: Blank verse
He knows she'd do everything
Circa 2008.
Slam poetry workshop at MS.

Pressing on the pedal as our journey was far,
Having you as the passenger at the back of my car,
Fingers crossed that my driving didn't err,
As I couldn't stop stealing a...

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Categories: susceptible, absence, character, crush, longing, love, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Acid reflux 7:00 post meridiem September 24th 2019
Acid reflux ~ 7:00 post meridiem September 24th, 2019

Ah... nothing more enjoyable than acidic gastric fluid flowing backward into esophagus, resulting in heartburn, disrupting pleasant dreams, nor unsure how successful literary endeavor crafting poem regarding...

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Categories: susceptible, 11th grade, 12th grade, angst, health, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Shake You Down
Strange nights, starry eyes 
a little something to keep me going
no I don't lack in surprise
or modesty
and yet if honesty was a commodity
I'd surely be rich and living it up
or dead in a ditch for...

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Categories: susceptible, analogy, anxiety, art, beauty, bereavement,
Form: Free verse
I Speak of Pain
I speak of pain without external scars
I speak of loss for treasured things
I speak in the silence of my broken heart
The me I hold against all that tears it apart.
You think I am whole
Because I...

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Categories: susceptible, recovery from..., death, me, pain, death, love,
Form: Free verse
Wednesday The 27th
Not happy
not unhappy
not satisfied
not unfulfilled
being a cancer makes me susceptible to  the energy that surrounds me
it also makes me aware of my downfalls
i am a baptist  but hardly  pray
i am a ...

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Categories: susceptible, black african american, life, loss, mother, father,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Erotic Fantasy- A Product Of Teenage Infatuation-Experience of a girl
Gently lying on my bed with my slickly Pink Pajamas,
I fell asleep like a peaceful baby,
then the windows opened in complete excitement,
and the seas breezed in like a stampede,
raising my night dress from legs to...

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Categories: susceptible, adventure, fantasy, imagination, mystery, romance, me, me,
Form: Light Verse
Down the Mountain
Trying to come down a mountain you've already conquered is the true test, and it's a hard one. 
Like pouring cheap sanitizer 
over your bloody hands.
The 99.99 that it may kill will not eliminate the...

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Categories: susceptible, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, passion, life, pain,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Reversing Litmus
With you, life has given me an advantage
I've played with the switch and misused the voltage
I've made our connection susceptible to cancer
and created more questions, difficult to answer
I've landed us in a place of unpleasant...

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Categories: susceptible, abuse, conflict, forgiveness, friend, friendship, i love
Form: Couplet
Understanding the diffrence between spirit,soul and body
Understanding The Difference Between Spirit, Soul
And Body:
And have put on the new man who is renewed in
knowledge according to the image of Him who
created him, - Colossians 3:10
In continuation of our series on the differences

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Categories: susceptible, bible, blessing, books,
Form: Prose
The Writer
The Writer

Inspired by darkness he writes only at night;
Studying stanzas—seducing spellchecks
With the stroke of a pen he is anyone or anything
His great works are subjected to sabotage—prone to plagiarism
His ideas far exceed his lifespan
He will...

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Categories: susceptible, art, hope, imagination, inspirational, on writing and
Form: Free verse
Please dont fall Asleep
Wake up America, 
Arise from your slumber
Media has desensitized your minds
We live in a new world of technology that has made you colorblind
Meaningless, with deeper meaning
Music lyrics have been subconsciously stealing
While you think it’s the...

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Categories: susceptible, dedication, devotion, education, life, passion, sad, visionary,
Form: Couplet
Besides the oceon's kingdom 
lies a splendid land where the heart 
is made happy to its core,
and the soul finds its own freedom
to venture itself...despite of fright:
like a volture that has a need to soar!


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Categories: susceptible, life, love, nostalgia, people, places, sad, me,
Form: Narrative
Doubt also Fear
Doubts are really Fear
When I think a lot I become susceptible to everyone
So to cure such ideas comes a time of your life that you can realize
Each style, each movement, and most of all each...

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Categories: susceptible, conflict, emotions, health, how i feel, mentor,
Form: Personification
No fanfare for this common man
zealotry yawping within un
   pretentious sporty, quirky, 
   oddly, manly, kooky, impisly, gummy, 
   edgy, dorky, cocky, belly airs

to disseminate, a quick  
  literary flourishing brushstroke 

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Categories: susceptible, adventure, animal, blessing, body, courage, devotion, faith,
Form: I do not know?
Not Apologising
I am not apologizing for my sexual orientation
For loving what I want and not what society has dictated to me 
I am not apologizing for my white skin
If you think it is privilege then walk...

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Categories: susceptible, abuse, anger, discrimination, history, racism, today,
Form: Personification
Journal 1
The fog clouded the sky and sparked curiosity within me. A little shred of hope that was buried deep Inside me found its way out, past all the tragedies that created these craters In my...

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Categories: susceptible, corruption, depression, emotions, feelings,
Form: I do not know?
Glorified Babysitter
Methinks the here
     to fore purposeful inclusion
     of key word "babysitter"
a slight oversight describing
     residents at Highland Manor

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Categories: susceptible, analogy, conflict, dad, dance, fate, health, howl,
Form: Dramatic Verse