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A Canadian's Letter to Americans: A Thousand Points of Light
A Thousand Points of Light! ! ! ! ! Once a beacon of democracy A shining light on the hill The ‘American Dream’ Anyone can ‘make it’ Never more than aspirational Structurally delusional Always susceptible to its Achilles heel of secessionism Some of its best assassinated Or by monied politics defeated First flag on the moon Space dominance presumed way too soon Despised for arrogance Its citizens abroad Stars and Stripes now Fraying fragments of flags Whole garment failed stitching From asynchronous rags Once feared for its might Lauded for leadership Now pitied for lack Red states and Blue states Lives, alliances, treaties Rendered asunder Loudest voice ‘on the air’ A narcissist’s thunder Country ‘On edge’ Another civil war? Only uncivil Likely pre-armed Pathogens viral Two at a time Both pathological Prey on their hosts One is genetic The other --- simply pathetic Both challenge immunity We fear with impunity The narcissist’s tree Spreads deep its roots Succoured by racism systemic Slavery endemic Economy touted To all ‘trickle down’ Not even believed by Despotic clowns Adulation for autocrats Fictional ‘Deep State’ disdained Putin holds reins Interference disclaimed Ethicists exiled Whistleblowers reviled Demagogues Speed dialed Conspiracies multiple Fake News? A hoax! Twitter ablaze Lies to amaze GOP Mafia dishonour the name Show neither honour nor shame Rules not applied Accountability denied Chloroquine, QAnon conspiracy condoned Confessed criminals pardoned American oligarchs Feeding on democracy, frenzied like sharks Self-dealing, obnoxious corruption Norms, institutional disruption Sows seeds of anxiety, distrust Empire his lust People’s House Malignantly defiled Call in the thugs, antifa to blame For chaos he fomented Dares to compare His historical place With Presidents on Rushmore His face would disgrace Trash the troops Poor losers, suckers, and dopes Then lie and deny Is there room left for hope? Send them to War manufactured Perhaps a despot’s Last gloat Bought ‘peace’ deal where There had been no war The prize, if he’s awarded… Nobel gone to hell Thousands eligible to nominate He’s no Carter, Sadat, MLK, Mikhail, Mandela, or Malala Hitler, Mussolini, Tito, Stalin, and Putin These more the class he’s within Senate Klansmen White vestments disrobed By their push to spoil Justice With anti-choice Handmaiden exposed Gerrymandering not its purview Says GOP’s Supreme Court review Voting suppressed Post office crippled, mailing repressed Two hundred dollars he dupes Will buy seniors’ votes Promises for health care, the sorts He’s challenged in courts Drop boxes pretence High Covid risk? Tamp down the testing Truth tally telling Way too unsettling Lower numbers they’re betting Leave voters forgetting This pathogen Was spawned from within Might make defeat razor thin Election is rigged, But not if I win No low…Too low…Too stoop! A Thousand Points of Light Nearly extinguished In the Hitlerian obscenity Of ‘White Supremacy’ Northward wafting on wildfire smoke A stench of democracy’s Decomposing detritus To join, please don’t invite us Pray for Republic reprieved From this nepotist’s dream We the People’s… …Nightmare RBG ….. RIP Mel D. Gill 9/26/20
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