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Customs To Getting Old
abuse, age, discrimination, health, introspection, lonely, old, Customs To Getting Old © There are very ingrained customs noted when getting old Getting accustomed to old age is not one of them One has to be blessed with 65 years of life to be noted As Senior Citizen you are given rank status from the start Living and ‘recently’ dead is one as it comes to my mind I am still with a doable durable mind and very much alive! Grandchildren love us for hugs, kisses and granting treats We get to be called anything along the realm of 'Grandparenthood' There is ‘Ganny/ Gampy, Granny/Poppers, Nanny/Papa, Grandma, Grandpa’--- etc. This lists goes on and all for a ‘love made’ successful act for begetting offspring at the start Aging parents we might be, but really now, we are becoming 'ageless' old lonely souls But it does seem a great era to live-up to and be remembered for a time We all have legacies, monumental or financial rewards that will be passed on But most accounts to moneyed estates are something being chewed up and spat out Cost of living is too high today and pensions but a trivial godsend gifted for accumulative worked years Due to endless insurances ‘rendered’ and especially now ‘senioratised’ we are made to claim prematurely We are gifted and very lucky with monthly- income Government (payouts) from dues paid for service rendered, thank you citizen Old Age Pension and Government Pension checks do arrive ‘all’ on time each month Helps our old-timers out somewhat because security in senior living is out dated These splendid silver/golden years under the roofs of children who nurture us aid Is something of the past too, gone out of style with the coming in of the new age Great medical care for the elderly is a given to the times and rightly so But so many cut-backs are manifesting because as baby-boomers our numbers are high So costly a ‘society’ entanglement we seem to have become and too greedy in want That to assist us in our living accommodations and day to day care seems over the top And it is all for breathe and feed when all is done and said so we can be able to enjoy our retirement years We are in this great era of computer/phone hacking ‘whiz-ding-dongs’ and are their hopeless prey So susceptible to these scams that trick and bleed us dry and take us to the cleaners is the catch of the day “And I wasn’t born yesterday” refrain is outdated and holds no truths as “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” ever did Our instinctive ‘sound alarms’ over time wisdom gatherings have been faulty battery sensed We are used, abused unfairly ‘counted’ to self-care restrictions to gain our rightful place It is no wonder natures culling is backlogged as we short-change her call with ‘longevity’ Losing one’s mind/memory faculties seems on an up-rise and could be a curse or the cure to what ails us I think I would like to play that mind-game ‘Alzheimer’s and be taken out All the mind-set games accustomed for us is indeed overplayed this day I think I would like to be ‘red’ game piece and just throw the dice out to the floor It is my favourite colour and stands for ‘stop, don’t go and caution for evermore.
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