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Long Salaam Poems

Long Salaam Poems. Below are the most popular long Salaam by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Salaam poems by poem length and keyword.

Maranao Poem - Muri a Kapagodas

Magodas ako Gadong,
a igagador ko Alam,
na Sagayanan onSnang,
ko Gapa a Simalawn,
a Dayamonthaya ragat,
ko alabat sa Slangan,
a inikarantangadat,
na Piyaladkho Marinaw,
so inambar o Pakato,
sa bapya pha-paroman,
ka oba mBolanaw Mobar,
na Kabayomboran Maog ,
So Lombay a Mitatandp…

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Categories: salaam, analogy,
Form: Ballade

Premium Member Memoirs
Although born in Scotland I have no memories of there as we left when I was two.
My first recollections are of Las Palmos in the Canaries.
I recall the donkey passing daily and being told he...

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Categories: salaam, adventure, africa, life, places, voyage, mum,
Form: Bio
The Pain of Hope
It’s not just a word we hear or say.A deffenition in the dictionary .
Yet it’s still the deffenition of himmanity today .we go through he’ll fire and rain to fit this mold we were given...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, betrayal, bullying, childhood, crazy, depression,
Form: Salaam
Premium Member A Soulful Cry of Anguish Against Fate
A Soulful Cry of Anguish against Fate

(“The Tale of the Lonely Ghost”, a film (2013) by ANUP SINGH - who collaborated on the screenplay as well, an Indian, a Sikh born in Dar-es-Salaam but settled...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: salaam, death, first love, grief, parents, religion, suicide,
Form: Elegy
Does Change Change?
For history is wont to repeat itself
Ever reneging, constant turning on the hinges
For the old in nature’s obeisance 
Enter oblivious existence
That the present may succeed the past
For things now visible and feasible
Were once...

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Categories: salaam, philosophy, social, visionaryold, time, change, old, time,
Form: Free verse

Touristy Tanzania
Dar es salaam where I live means heaven of peace
But to me she has proved as well to be a haven of peace.
A peaceful place for any peace-loving person or race.
Atleast selfishly from here seem...

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Categories: salaam, places,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member John of Patmos Prophet We Offer Up Praise and Salutations-
we praise you,
we praise you,
we salute you,
 a greeting and offer a celebration
to you of the holy prophet
you one of the holy prophet
prophet John
John of Patmos
I salaam
I greet thee
 I believed that prophets you are...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, devotion,
Form: Salaam
The blessed month of Ramadan is here
Casting its shadows upon us
A chance to purify our hearts and soul
So with devotion we keep our fast
It’s for us to strengthen our souls
This is the most important...

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Categories: salaam, life, prayer, relationship, religion, religious, society,
Form: Light Verse
Listen Sister HEARING this makes you WONDER…
I am a PHOTOGRAPHER and I can be a RAPPER...
And If I would; I could play in MANCHESTER…
All I wanted with HER, was to be her, BROTHER…
All I wanted...

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Categories: addiction, adventure, africa, arabic, december, desire, i
Form: Salaam
Weaving Forms- a Parody
Weaving Forms

Abc, Abecedarian, acrostic, alliteration alexandrine
  Salaam, sehraa senyru, sestina, sijo, shape, sonnet
      The list of forms of writing poesy is hopelessly endless

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Categories: salaam, allusion, humor, hyperbole, imagery, metaphor, poetry,
Form: Light Verse
11 Eleven Types of Facebook Users Muslim Version Part Two
Eight: The sinning
show-offs who love
to brag -
They’re sinners as
they have bad
They post updates
and photos of their
And loads of albums
of their vacation.

Their bad motive is
to show to their
That they have so
much wealth and
so-called feats -
They seek...

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© Mariam M.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: salaam, internet
Form: Rhyme
The Birth of Jesus and Mary
( fact research)

The birth,of legends discovered after the 21 century
Would of never been known after all these years
Or is it just me.
Research are great like a Egyptian discovery.
Digging for truth and history of legends 

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Categories: truth,
Form: Salaam
Premium Member Give Us This Day Our Daily
Give us this day our daily…

I do not even have to move my bottom much
remote control in hand I choose what they call
news just the old stuff in new wrappers blown
apart by endless bombing greed...

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Categories: salaam, humanity, , western,
Form: Free verse
Looking back
It is beauty that is carved into
Every moment of our lives
Every moment of our near deaths,
Every moment of our death.

A song reached out to me
In my winter bed,
A simple song of simple love.
Transcending me...

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Categories: salaam, beauty, death, faith, life, memory, me, song,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Taking the Oath
For those who are born again through the Oath of Citizenship	
at the Onondaga County Courthouse, Syracuse, New York!  

The morning prayers over
the neighbor’s car cold, the ride
to the court house quiet as...

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Categories: salaam, immigration,
Form: Free verse
As-Salam Alaykum
I meet a Muslim brother in San Fernando
I tell him As-salam alaykum
It was time to break his fasting
So he invites me for dinner to his home

There was very a big gathering
It had about 45 people

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Categories: salaam, freedom, friend, friendship, introspection, life, relationship, religion,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Places
If I could be any place I have Lived
it would be back in dear Dar-es-Salaam
this is where I left my heart moons ago
a simple yet enthralling and lovely place

Everything one needs on the doorstep
exotic fruits...

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Categories: salaam, africa, creation, england, happiness, home,
Form: Verse
Toto the God
Attire of snobbishness and hatred
Juju quiet sure in hand
Made him feel he was peerless
He built his hut high up a mass
Where he was living just as God
He made people bowing for him
Calling himself an unexcelled

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Categories: salaam, encouraging, faith,
Form: Light Verse

Date: Sat, Nov 7 2015 at 11:47 PM

All alone on this "Path"
But God with on my "Wrath"
Do the "Math"
This the Future of my "Past"
Blast from the "Past" the "Backlash"
This the Wrath of Israel and "Iran"

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Categories: salaam, i am, leadership, spoken word, word play,
Form: Free verse
The Meaning of Life
One day, while walking in the park,
 I met an old man sitting on a bench,
 looking up at the blue sky.
 I sat next to him. He looked at me
 Like I was his...

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Categories: life,
Form: Salaam
I'M a Pessimist
I’m a Pessimist 
We will cry even more 
The misery will increase
The suffering won’t stop 
We won’t get away from life with ease 
We are the gloomy creatures 
We are sentenced to grief 
What life...

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© Anas Hana  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anger, evil,
Form: Salaam
Kiss of Peace
Sure it was a wave
Ended in a scratch 
Across my temple. And much 
I could do to tell this maiden
It wasn't her I dared my precious 
Moment to laud. And she walked by
Frowning, since perhaps...

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Categories: salaam, art, imagination, love, me, smile,
Form: I do not know?
Jai Hind Happy 70th Birthday To India
Mother India
Each August 15th since 1947, a day of expectant waiting –
Either terror from India’s enemies and frenemies
Or the terror of weather, some natural happening
Or holiday hazards, even hospital tragedies …

This year, 2017, has...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: salaam, absence, africa, beauty, birthday, identity, independence day,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Howdy, Y'All!
Nothing warms the cockles of the heart like a cheery, "Hello!"
'Twill put a spring in your step and set your face aglow!
'Tis nice to hear a southern lass say, "Hi, shuga, how y'all!"
Or be greeted...

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Categories: salaam, friendshipday, day,
Form: Rhyme
Pakistan, Paraguay, Papua, Philippines, Poland - Pray For P Peoples, Countries, Territories
LORD, I humbly greet Thee who got me up, gifted me another DAY
God in THREE PERSONS: Father, Son, Spirit, I love Thee as YOU first loved me
I have a prayer list, and "P" countries, for...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: salaam, america, humanity, international, pashto, political, prayer, prejudice,
Form: Sonnet