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the pain of hope
It’s not just a word we hear or say.A deffenition in the dictionary . Yet it’s still the deffenition of himmanity today .we go through he’ll fire and rain to fit this mold we were given to be the puppets we were made to be .God made our souls out of the blood and tears of the ones before us .yet we still have our life stolen our freedom we cry ourselves to sleep thinking of the things you said and what you do. yet you never see weakness grows as the cut thickens do you even realize what they’ve been given does it make you been knowing you’ve caused the scars on their skin the screaming and yelling the horrible storm that you think is nothing .but its from holding in everything that you said you’ve done sitting in their rooms with tears on their faces when you can’t feel the horrible full of the bloody blade she said she threw out. thinking it’ll get better when you know it never will .yet you still continue to ruin their lives still you don’t realize that that one word could ruin it all. do you even know the feeling of not wanting to go to school .sitting in the car until the bell rings so you wouldn’t have to put up with the torture the humiliation of being called a freak .a mental copy of a copy .a gross pathetic nothing. funny thing is I actually thought I was but what you don’t realize is the words that you say in the lies that you tell they do hurt . what you don’t understand is if you go on with what you are doing when you angel will rise and one human will fall. you still seem to mock them even though they’re gone. do you want to explain this to their parents their family their mom. Or did you not know her parents left them. her father abandoned .them mother died of cancer. you left the ones you love to die .did you know she was the one who fed them. went to school work the store then home .hiding from society. struggling to keep up with her life .struggling to save there’s and those words ruin their lives .I bet you can’t even say sorry. that one word that you thought would fix everything .but really meant nothing to them now. that word that you would thought you would erase all of the hurt all of the pain .but it won’t. what you could have done was say hi how are you how was your day instead of good morning slut idiot imbecile .the pain is always there we have to open up your eyes and find out that we are all someone and we don’t have to hurt someone else to be human .to be perfect we have the realize we are our ow B E A U T I F U L And not have to feel the pain of hiding from the real world. We have to realize we don’t need makeup to feel pretty we don’t need. to be a jock to like sports. to be a geek to be smart .we have to realize we don’t need to be skinny to be a model .we can break the mold we can cut the strings and break free of the pain we have to realize we are own beautiful and accept it
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