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Long Phoebe Poems

Long Phoebe Poems. Below are the most popular long Phoebe by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Phoebe poems by poem length and keyword.

Phoebe Smelly Cat
From the first day that we fetched it home, that cat, it hated me.
We chose it a neighbour's farm and brought it home for tea.
It ran for cover instantly we placed it on the floor,

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Categories: phoebe, cat, character, fun,
Form: Verse

Premium Member The 42 Inch Hallway
The 42 Inch Hallway

We’re stepping along the musty hallway now.
I am taking us on a fast-moving memory ride;
A mind-bending groovy slide to 1965,
When Dylan music was seeping loudly like a germ,
Down the green-carpeted hallway of...

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Categories: phoebe, memory,
Form: Free verse
Last Will & Testament
To Mr. Otto Osips Ochs
My friend, the dream is exhausted
But as long as you chase it, I will follow
Mr. Dylan Thomas 
Perhaps destiny it’s self will spare us
To yours, mine, our struggle 
Their smiles
Here’s to...

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Categories: phoebe, art, life, music, peace, people, seasons, time,
Form: Ballad
I have a child;
I have some children;
And though I didn't 
Didn't co create them;
Always be there when they cry;
My children have beautiful eyes;

I choose to honor;
You to should honor;
No, not the negative behavior;
Just continually LOVE...

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Categories: phoebe, analogy, appreciation, caregiving, children, encouraging,
Form: Lyric
We adults must come through, united;
We the watchers of others children, must step up to the challenge;
For all we do;
we must do, choose
Everyone is every one
Your child we share
We need to care
Tho! I didn't co-create...

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Categories: phoebe, 11th grade, 12th grade, 5th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse

Robert Burns translation: Comin Thro the Rye
Comin Thro the Rye
by Robert Burns
modern English translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch
Oh, Jenny's all wet, poor body,
Jenny's seldom dry;
She's draggin' all her petticoats
Comin' through the rye.
Comin' through the rye, poor body,
Comin' through the...

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Categories: phoebe, body, desire, kiss, love, lust, romantic, romantic
Form: Verse
Premium Member Visit to a Mountain River
Summer is here with its extended day light
Mountains are giving up on their accumulated stock of snow piles
The river is gushing with vigor carrying fresh cold water supply
Its dancing bubbly liquid is glittering in the...

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Categories: phoebe, animal, bird, inspiration, nature, river, tree, water,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member A Mother's Job
She built her nest of straw and mud,
anchored to the rocks on our entryway.
Through the glass in the front door,
we watched her as she sat up there

on her eggs, allowing babies to grow.
After they hatched,...

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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: phoebe, bird, mother, work,
Form: Free verse
The Hanging of Antoine LeBlanc
Here we are in the village of Morristown, New Jersey.
It is September the sixth in the year of our Lord, 1833.
French immigrant Antoine LeBlanc went on a killing spree.
He took the lives of two rather...

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Categories: phoebe, history, murder,
Form: Rhyme
Pitter Patter on my Heart
Pitter-Patter on my Heart

Do not believe that your size in any way
diminishes the depth of my affection for you.
Some may say you are mere eating-pooping machines
but ever since you traipsed into my life a year...

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Categories: phoebe, friendship, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Little Miss Sure Shot Gains A Namesake
Little Miss Sure Shot Gains A Namesake

Rhinestones and rawhide
Prancing horses and the dream
Of the Old, Wild West;
Dazzling the Old World crowd:
6 shots through a card tossed in the air,
The ash shot off of the Kaiser's...

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Categories: phoebe, history, time, woman,
Form: Free verse
wife of Lapidoth
              judge spiritual &

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Categories: phoebe, christian, teacher,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member On a Black Day - Death Survives - Series 1
I hadn’t seen a house for an hour ; talking to a social worker, is pretty short
I’m off to a new Foster home; the Courtermarshe’s, a new Big Sister; Brenda
How much longer, Mr. Hodges I...

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Categories: phoebe, family, father, life, mother, me, me,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Panagiota Cocktail
Panagiota Acrostic

A Panagiota Cocktail.
P~Phoebe, the moon goddess

A~Aphrodite the goddess of love                 
      and beauty

N~Nike, the goddess of victory

A~ Asteria,...

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Categories: phoebe, beautiful, fun, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
The Indecisive State of My Life
The Indecisive State of My Life
Like the rainbows of the sky,
Like the new moon before each month of Phoebe,
My life switches, dusk to dawn, dawn to dusk
I’m confused.

What is next? What coming next?
What is preset...

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Categories: phoebe, depression, emotions, how i feel, spiritual,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Mountain Birds
“SQUAWK, Squawk, squawk” ,the Bald Eagle’s song of Freedom, Liberty and Serenity

bird Houses, in my backyard are filled with baby Chickadees , Whining , is their Song
If they Knew by the end of Summer, in...

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Categories: phoebe, life, naturesong, song,
Form: Free verse
I remember nothing but the word hello.
He took the bag of my head and then I saw them.
Wearing nothing on but something to cover their special flowers.

I hear footsteps coming from the outside of this...

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Categories: phoebe, abuse, addiction, allusion, betrayal, conflict, evil, fear,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Hungry Thief
For the first time ever,
a Cardinal's nest lay cleverly hidden
in a juncture of two branches
of the red rose climber
on the south wall of our garage.

Over the years, we'd watched with pleasure
as House Finches, Eastern Phoebe,

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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: phoebe, baby, bird, death, grief, nature, rose,
Form: Free verse
Six wonderful people very bright and young 
shared a cramped apartment...
is that because they couldn't afford the rent,
or they loved to have fun?

What a hilarious circus, if they had teamed up!
They got angry, but still...

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Categories: phoebe, family, friendship, funny, history, life, sensual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Lesson from FRIENDS
High strung
Perfectionist freak
High maintenance

Yes….I see a lot Monica in me. “You think I’m high maintenance???? Tell me how. Make a list and we will go over it POINT by POINT!” She spouted this out...

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Categories: phoebe, how i feel,
Form: Prose
For Charlotte
Chazz your like my kitty
With your act of the witty
And your dance so crazy

I am enchanted with
Your "bubbly-Wubbly'"talk
Your the girl to be with
During A Dead Zone walk

Now my bro's making
My cat Rap
O god For saking:

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Categories: phoebe, friendship
Form: Rhyme
I have seen Beauty personified when I look at you,
I attest that you are Grace embodied 
For none of the daughters of Eve floats across a room the way you do.
The twinkle in your eyes,...

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Categories: phoebe, beauty, for her, love, senses,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member WE ARE GOD'S CHILDREN-the new Vision
Yes, we are the future,
We’re of a new age;
Yes, we are the new troopers;
New soldiers on the new page

We are God’s children
We are His vision
We are our parent’s new dreams
Let us awaken and be seen


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Categories: phoebe, 11th grade, 12th grade, 3rd grade, 5th
Form: Rhyme
a poet never knows it
phoebe, write your poetry 
and then when you're grown 
they'll leave you alone 
it's such a terrible crime 
you're next to nothing 
till you die, till you die 
some men never make it...

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Categories: phoebe, poems, poetess, poetry, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Confetti


Dreams just dreams;

Sweet Neapolitan
Ice cream cool
Blueberry eyes
Strawberry Crush
lick cherry ripe red lips
cheeks flushed 
burning blushes 
desiccated life
before stealing a 
long kiss

you’re burning 


velvet skinned
all mine

(LadyLabyrinth/ 2020)

"Every Night" / Phoebe Snow


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Categories: phoebe, love, magic, romance,
Form: Romanticism