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Long Pets Poems

Long Pets Poems. Below are the most popular long Pets by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Pets poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member CareGiving Stories Reprise
Wounded Sacred Dementia: Part Two

Dementia's derelict WinLose SocialWorker
suboptimizingly hesitates
when I tell her
I have not changed my mind
about not adopting Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
into my vulnerable home
with a seven-year-old AfricanAmerican boy
and unable to defend himself,
or even run...

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Categories: pets, caregiving, culture, earth, health, integrity, love, parents,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member The Interview - for Contest
This situation has no basis in reality; in fact, it is ludicrously unreal. However, the likes and dislikes shown of its author are completely true!

Scene: A comfortable office where Andrea Dietrich is finishing up with...

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Categories: pets, fantasy,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Autumn Atonement
Face to the sky,
Breath of the Caribbean
Woven with earthy Autumn,
Saturates the alveoli of my lungs,
Pouring raw impulses into the neurons of
My pleasure centers, so triggering a myriad of
Memories ... the demurring requiem to summer tide...

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Categories: pets, autumn, heartbreak, metaphor, october, solitude, soulmate, true
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dear Neighbors
Dear neighbors,

I realize we have not met,
other than the guy next door
but that doesn't really count
cause that was just to put up a fence between us,
and I have met Marvelously Mad Max,
behind me, on the...

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Categories: pets, baptism, health, heart, humor, passion, religion, wisdom,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member A World Without Pity
After wishing me a good morning, he said that it was all set,
It was time to raze the house, even though I wasn't in debt!

But they wanted to build a big highway, exactly in this...

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Categories: pets, adventure, fantasy, home, lost, time, world,
Form: Couplet



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Categories: pets, daughter, daughter, school, baby, nature, beautiful, age,
Form: Rhyme

A nuclear disaster, in the Russian town Chernobyl,
An odor-less killer, the invisible force.
As the radiation escapes, from the crumbling reactor,
We must cool it down, before it blows.

Evacuate Pripyat, the employee’s town,
The town of 35000; first...

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© Aa Harvey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: pets, cry, death, sun, world,
Form: I do not know?
He stood and aimlessly watched the parade of patrons and volunteers that wandered daily past his kennel.  All so familiar, so ordinary.  Just like every other day he mused.  Nothing new. ...

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Categories: pets, animal, care, dog, friendship, hope, joy, loneliness,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Warlord Wars No More -2
Pay heed to those deeds from whence the heart must confess...
You're far from Rome Proconsul Caesar...
As they say, "All roads lead to Rome" Ariovistus
and all tresspasses are treated as threats of war...
My recent conquest of...

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Categories: pets, history,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Premium Member First Love
Oh, where on earth do I begin….Twenty years ago…

There he was. Standing by the door of World Literature Class in 1996. 
There I was. Walking past him in the hallways of high school.
Our eyes met...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: pets, beautiful, desire, love, passion, , literature,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Unlit Flame at Blue Feather's Cross Roads

"The Unlit Flame at Blue Feather’s Cross Roads"

Words these days are seldom Red
like drops of lifeless blood falling cold on a hot frying pan,
sentences are scattered, stuck in Go Nowhereland,
semi-solid, immovable coagulating gelatinous, turning dark...

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Categories: pets, angel, muse, mystery, romance, sensual, symbolism, word
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member My Knight in Shining Bone
I opened the emails: nothing.
I looked through the mail: nothing.
I checked my cell phone: nothing.
The elders always remembered Valentine's Day, but not the children. The youth I had saved from death, spent thousands on to...

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Categories: pets, addiction, death, kiss, love, moon, rose, water,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Inside Outdoor Voices
Just as honesty plants seeds of integrity
so too
vulnerability plants seeds of honesty.

My primary vocation
in this my gay grandfatherly retiring age
is to parent mindbody challenged adolescents
of diverse colors
as ecotherapeutically as possible
to optimize their and our wealth

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Categories: pets, environment, family, health, love, mental illness, parents,
Form: Prose Poetry
Strawberry Sweet
Strawberry scent 
At the picnic place
Late in the afternoon
Birds singing up in the trees
With the joy of spring season`

The basket half empty all the pies gone
Red wine from one glass, but we had...

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Categories: pets, love, romantic,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Holy StandUp Matters
In April of this year I began preparing a new organic gardening patch,
planning to have it ready for next year's expansion from a too-small garden
in front of my recently acquired Connecticut Cape Cod home.

I have...

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Categories: pets, culture, garden, health, humanity, humor, nature,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Moving Times and Spaces
Moving into a new home
with anonymous neighbors,
whom you typically have not even met
before deciding where you will replant yourself,
and perhaps also your significant others,
sometimes including multiple generations,
and pets and plants,
all takes place before you have...

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Categories: pets, earth, environment, health, humor, marriage, parents, political,
Form: Political Verse
The Utmost For The Legacy
each of us gives in from a faithful friend,
Watch through the beaten tower
We give in way to soon...
This Newest piece, "The utmost for his highest."

covers all known bases to fuel the fan in
look deeper in...

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Categories: pets, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
    She stirs first..restless..looking longingly over..senses awakened.
Their feet shuffle slowly under warm covers. The moonlight shines thru the window catching her face. .illuminating it…her tousled hair frames her face.
She looks up, hopefully...

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Categories: pets, passion,
Form: ABC
Premium Member She A Dream Raven, Ghost Of Ill Repute
Beware, Nightmarish Dreams Are Oft By Raven Sent,
(In Tribute To Edgar Allen Poe)

When incantations stoke fiery embers,
eerie nights, their sounds roust to remember
ghosts of yesteryears, so birthed to dark play
within nightmarish dreams, as monsters slay.


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Categories: pets, appreciation, art, creation, dark, fear, humanity, life,
Form: Rhyme
My momma was big on naps when I was a girl.
Until I was eight years old, she sent me to my room on summer afternoons.
It was probably because of the heat in the south,
The way...

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Categories: pets, abuse, childhood, death, grief, growing up, innocence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member God's Utopian Church
I was listening to a Christian theologian friend of mine
speaking about the Messiah's,
and St. Paul's,
original intention when singing praises of God's here/not-here Kingdom,
and potential as a multiculturally inclusive Church,
as a countercultural extending family,
creolizing out to...

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Categories: pets, christian, culture, education, health, power,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Where Did You Come From
Where did you come from,                              ...

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Categories: pets, angel, dog, heaven, love,
Form: Free verse
Shelter Me In II
today I exist as a vapor then I am no more
some may equate logic for fear that brings nothing near
my chest is heavy and my pulse is setting in
yesterday was such an easy game we...

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Categories: pets, art,
Form: Free verse

I've witnessed seasons
Year in year out
I've seen faces dark and fair
I've met pple strangers and known
Many of a kind, humble and arrogant
I've met, meeting and still gonna meet

Not all the thick clouds...

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Categories: pets, angel, best friend, boyfriend, deep, eulogy, girlfriend,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Tige
(Circa 1910)

Grandpa had a bulldog whose name was Tige. 
They were close – as close as honey and bees. 
If Grandpa felt a cold comin’ on –
 Well Ol’ Tige was the one who would...

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© John Posey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dog, heart, love, me, money, pets, school,
Form: Rhyme