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Long Ode Poems

Long Ode Poems. Below are the most popular long Ode by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Ode poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Translation of Eric Mottram's Poem 33 in Interrogation Rooms 1980-82 by T Wignesan
 Translation of Eric Mottram’s Poem 33 in Interrogation Rooms by T. Wignesan

33.  on a vu un homme courir/ de la scène de crime un homme est maintenant en train d’aider/ la police avec...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ode, america, conflict, culture, , literature,
Form: Free verse

Above Under
Verse 1: We held hands and I fell under your are the hell from above
My heart has turned to ashes, but I rose again like a Phoenix because of you and I's love
I bled...

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Categories: ode, deep, desire, emotions, universe,
Form: Lyric
The only northern northern star
As winter hazes of January spraying
While I was meditating on how
To write this riveting poem which
Seemed to be for someone who
I never cast in my sight.
Despite her name is not an odd in me
But I...

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Categories: africa,
Form: Ode
The Back Burner
I heard you calling my name in an echoing whisper 
I saw a bird take wing in the whirling wind of disaster 
I put my weary head on your broad shoulders
The moment we touched, I...

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Categories: ode, deep, depression,
Form: Lyric
Visit to Antietam
Alone I arrive, walking from Frederick
over the gaps, across gentle hills
out onto a knoll
overlooking this burnished landscape.
Before me I see countless writhing rows
of indiscernible shapes gathered
in terrible rituals mid fire and smoke
darkening the sun.
From distant...

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Categories: america, conflict, history, together, war,
Form: Ode

Randomlings 1-34

Randomling 1:  Matthew Macfadyen

I believe I'm in love with Matthew Macfadyen
He inspires in me a terribly bad yen
But as poetry goes
His name 'spires woes
Cause nothing rhymes with "Macfadyen”.

Randomling 2: Birthday Wishes
For my birthday,...

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Categories: ode, cat, deep, depression, dog, emotions, funny, love,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Poetic Encryption Like Ancient Egyptian
Poetic Encryption Like Ancient Egyptian

This terror and threat to poetic clarity,
Becomes a pet rock for some poets.

Words do count for sure, but so does
Clarity unless poets put a mask on.

Encryption can be used to mask...

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Categories: ode, allegory, analogy, emotions, imagination, metaphor, passion, symbolism,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Beary Tales Episodes 7-14, Poet's Notes

7. Playing With Fire
My mom IS quite clear on the dangers of fire,
But if boy'S hooked on flame, then it'S hard to obey,
There'S a longing for “MATCH GUN” (6) that most boys acquire,
Small'S the chance...

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Categories: ode, adventure, appreciation, best friend, blessing, innocence, love,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Young Brilliant Poet That Left Us Far, Far Too Soon Second Poet In Dedication series
Percy Bysshe Shelley,  Born 4 August 1792
Horsham, Sussex, England[1]
Died , 8 July 1822 (aged 29)
Gulf of La Spezia, Kingdom of Sardinia (now Italy)
Occupation	Poet, dramatist, essayist, novelist
Alma mater	University College, Oxford (no degree)
Literary movement	Romanticism
Spouse	Harriet Westbrook
(m. 1811;...

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Categories: ode, appreciation, art, assonance, beautiful, blessing, encouraging, poets,
Form: Rhyme
The Aura of Time: Don't Ask Why I'm an Ambivert
***I KNOW IT'S LONG...please don't tell me to shorten my poems or songs because I'm expressing myself through poetry. Thank you ahead of time. I did write concise poems. Check those haikus I wrote on...

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Categories: ode, angst, deep, depression, emotions, feelings, hope, how
Form: Lyric
Nervana - You Got the NeRvE
*warning: sexual theme*

My mind and heart of gold...
Never once...growing mold as we both grow old 
Nervana sells out
I'm without a doubt
That I will love you till I die
That I will love you as long as...

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Categories: ode, deep, drug,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I am Me, Set me Free
I am given to you by Creator Himself
My Limbs long to grow straight and tall
Bathed in sunlight from above, paying homage
Fulfilling my God given task
From the dawn of creation, in the Holy Books I’m told

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Categories: cancer, creation, environment, health, inspirational, nature, planet,
Form: Ode
Ramen Noodles
:) now this is what Im talking bout .... nothin iz 2 uncommon when all you got 2 eat iz Ramen 
noodles 4 all y'all poodles
 seahorse sonar struggle with senses 
far beyond the realm...

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Categories: ode, dad, mother, relationship, spring, spring, winter, senses,
Form: Lyric
ODE DE Purge
                             Not too long ago

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Categories: ode, judgement,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Translation with Commentary of MAIS QUE DIEU ME PARDONNE by T Wignesan
Translation of Kendji Girac and Claudio Capeo's Que Dieu me pardonne by T Wignesan 

Lyrics by Kendji Girac and Renaud REBILLAUD

(The two young French songsters' duet, now, yo-yo-ing in the upper echelons of c-Star...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ode, courage, dance, encouraging, god, heart, poetry, song,
Form: Couplet
Regretless of Yesterday
**the lyrics in parenthesis is family-friendly rap without piano**

For your sake of distress
Of our lives' endless progress

(I stay inside my own space 
Stray outside with vast grace)
If I stay here without a trace, 
I will...

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Categories: ode, angst, hope, loneliness, longing, pain, poetry, stress,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member MiMi and Mary T
Mimi and Mary T.

M P Walsh

It was 25 December,
And a snug-warm Christmas day.
The temp was over 50,
The weather: bright, not gray.

But a sadness on this Sunday fair
Perplexed me...what was wrong?
As I left the cape with...

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Categories: celebration, death,
Form: Ode
Ode To A Wretched Robot
“You meddling mechanical moron,
you’ve ruined everything,
the thingamabob is running amok,
can’t you hear the alarm bells ring?
You clinking, clanking cretin,
you demented digital dunce,
you never do what I tell you,
and I’ve warned you more than once.
You’re a...

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Categories: ode, humor, science fiction,
Form: Light Verse
After the creation of things
They where all created
But in the world of imagination
Many live as creators
Existing in weird

The created creator,
The poet, I've never imagine 
As a child
I've ever thought of treasure

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Categories: age, art, best friend, universe,
Form: Ode
This Wasn't the First Time
You gave me peace once in a while…
All your silly sayings got out of style…
Getting a little more weary, living in a nightmare
After being awfully teary as it may appear, my dear
It’s due to the...

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Categories: ode, betrayal, change, deep,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Was Born at a Very Early Age - Part 2
That's my dad for you... getting his hands deep into the knitty-gritty, when most others would just back off a safe distance away saying, "No thanks! Maybe when Armageddon comes a'knocking we can talk religion,...

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Categories: ode, dad,
Form: Bio
Flying With Wax Wings
Is it time again
Is this another day again
where I sit up once more
waste my fingers to the bone
to describe my grievance with the Sorceress
named Sarah...
No...not this time
Is it time again
is this another day when
I sit...

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Categories: ode, anger, anxiety, betrayal, depression, devotion, sad love,
Form: Free verse
Childish eyes all bright and new,
all encompassing,alive,
unending days,years ahead,
sleep comes easy in our bed;
Taut skin,strength of vibrant youth,
old age remote and unthought,
the future is tomorrow;
Our seed into another
soon springs forth and generates
rings to the...

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Categories: ode, life,
Form: Verse
Premium Member SHE - Epitome of Erotic Love
An Ode to Femininity and Romance -

The background music of this delicate poetic arrangement is intended to be played softly as you sit back and reminisce on romantic memories while creating new ones - Perhaps...

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Categories: ode, love, romantic, sensual, sexy, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Oh! African child, the temple
A redient beauty of nature
Thou are the cradle capital
 Of humanity and creatures
The founder of patriarchal

Oh! African child,
The coy the toy of the wife
Beauty of nature and life
The belike of Bowie...

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Categories: ode, africa, baby, birth,
Form: Rhyme